Best Auto Feeder For Freshwater Aquarium 2021

Best Auto Feeder For Freshwater Aquarium 2021

Best Auto Feeder For Freshwater Aquarium 2021

Automatic feeders are helpful and time-saving because you do not have to feed the fish manually. 

These kinds of gadgets are helping if you have a hectic schedule and do not have time for extra things. You have to put the feed in the automatic feeder and set the timings.

This gadget automatically feed your fish right on time. It is beneficial to maintain the health of your pet because sometimes you are not able to adjust its proper food timings.

If you work 24 hours a day and have a pet fish in your home, then buy an auto feeder now. Just put the fish feed in it once, and it will supply food to your pet on proper timings.

It can also make your pet punctual in their eating habits. If you don’t have this equipment in your home, then here we will help you to buy some highly demanded auto feeder.

Products Features Timer Schedule Price
KUIENSI 1 to 3 portion food, ventilated system, 6.4 ounces capacity 3 meal portions daily Check price
Uniwood Quite, stylish, 100% reliable, Avoid food damping 3 portions a day Check price
Zacro Different design, power saving, Power saving 4 meals Check price
Mylivell 2 feed boxes, Secured fixing, work all-day 2 portions only Check price
Torlam 360-degree rotation of feeding box, Lightweight, 200mL capacity 4 feeds in a day Check price
Wieppo Perfect timer adjustments, Additional base funnel 3 meals for each day Check price

Best Auto Feeder For Freshwater Aquarium 2021

Auto feeders are the best to give the right amount of food to your fish on the correct timings. They keep your fish healthy and active by supplying food at the proper time.

In manual feeding, a mess create inside the tank, which is hard to clean up and promotes the growth of algae and bacteria. 

So this equipment is perfect for the daily feeding routine in a fish aquarium. 


This equipment can dispense food by the adjustments of 9 gears. It can give at least four meals that your schedule for every day.

Every meal has 1 to 3 portion control in this feeder. Your pet will develop a proper, timely eating habit. 

It allows you completely to adjust and test it that how much food is getting dispense without waiting for hours. 

It is also having a with a built-in ventilation system. This system keeps the food dry always. Otherwise, the fish do not like to eat wet food.

Fish food always remains fresh and tasteful. No matters how much that turns it has, the Feed adjustment gap remains oriented upwards.

It prevents the water vapors from spoiling the food. This unique drying design is perfect. It has a large capacity to keep the whole week’s food inside it.

It can work for years like a good machine and comes with 2AA batteries. The maximum capacity is 6.7 ounces or 200mL. 

It comes up with the 12 months warranty. This brand has a 24 by seven online customer service which helps their customers and resolves their queries. 

It also has a manual feed button. Like if you feel that your fish is hungry again, you can press that button to feed your fish separate from the scheduled meal timings. 

You can put manufactured fish food in it. The other food that you can put in it is granulated flakes, other small or crushed food items.

It is effortless to operate and have intelligent control. The design is unique and straightforward. It has an LED screen that shows timings and battery life.

It is also available in two color variations. The dimensions of this feeder are 5.9 x 3.9 x 2.9 inches. The overall weight is even less to handle. Buy it now. 


Now, this is a quiet and stylish auto fish feeder. It is a little bit larger to give you a big comfort.

You can put a lot of fish food in it and feel comfortable going on a vacation. Do not worry about giving food to your fish when you have this equipment for your aquarium.

It works perfectly with 100% reliability. In measures the same amount of food that you have set in it. 

It helps to avoid overfeeding your fish. You can set the feed pouring in the aquarium four times a day or for specific times.

The moisture-resistant to put in it keeps the food dry. The menu remains fresh and cannot get jammed or hard by getting wet. 

It can accommodate too many different types of food in it, which includes flakes, crumbles, pallets, etc.

The stylish design makes it look more decent. You can also give it to your friends who love to keep a pet fish in their homes.

It saves a lot of energy and a perfect choice for an aquarist. It has a limit set to the micro-level power consumption. 2AA alkaline batteries make it work efficiently. 

These batteries consume only 1.5 volts. It is easy to place it anywhere without any plug issues because it runs on a battery.

The LCD shows a clear image of the timer and battery life of this device. Below the screen, there are options of play, settings, on and off. 

You can take great care of your fish using this machine. It is reliable with the warranty timings. Because of lightweight, you can use it anytime swiftly.


It is a uniquely designed, intelligent feeder. It has two different types of power supply in it. 

A USB or a battery can charge it. There is no need to spend money on batteries. 

Just one battery can make it to work for several months. It is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Because of its quiet nature, it does not disturb the fish. It can do work for a long time with its lithium battery, which has a large capacity indeed. 

This fantastic battery can be charged and discharged at least 800 times, which is enough and surprising. 

It can be used for 3 to 6 months a single charge, don’t you think it is excellent. You can set different feeding time potions for each day. 

If you want to feed your fish manually from this feeding device, then you can press down the manual button, and it will not release the food itself on the adjusted timings but according to your demand.

But make sure you do not forget to feed your fish on time by pressing the manual button. You can experience the fun of feeding your pet and see them getting happy to see their food.

So you can also spend quality time with your pet with this automatic feeder. It is also perfect for a 600-liter tank. So, it is also able to handle a big container having lots of fish in it. 

Just set the proper timings of food in it and forget to worry about feeding your pet. It may dispense off certain portions of food equally to all. 

You can adjust the block settings by buttons given below its screen. Just press the power button for 3 seconds to switch the feeder ON.

For the feed in the given space and adjust the upper cap so that the moisture cannot enter inside. After that, change the discharge hole according to the food need of your fish.

The feed will discharge from there, depending on the size of that area that you will adjust accordingly. 

You can install the feeding device anywhere on a fish tank. The size and thickness of the tank glass do not matter. 

You have to adjust it using the rotating knobs and tighten it completely. It is swift and easy to operate. You can also change it as the size and shape of the fish food.

Select the power on and off button for at least one second. When all of the time, settings are completed, press the manual key to save all of the adjusted parameters.

If you press the button for five seconds, all settings can get delete. The manual feeding button is also available if you want to feed your fish according to your desire. 


Select the feeding method, either manual or automatic, and schedule the feeding timing for everyday food. 

By using the manual button, you can also initiate the feeding at any time. It is an accurate choice for you if you are on vacation and do not have any time to care for your pet. This machine will take great care of your little pets. 

The feeding box come in two styles one is of 50 gram another one is 100 gram. If you have a big aquarium with too many fish in it, then you can use the bigger size of feed discharge; otherwise, prefer the smaller one.

It can easily get fixed to any of the equipment with two different fixing methods. You can fix it by using a knob or clip at the edge of the tank.

You can also use a double-sided Velcro stick to fix it properly. It also connects with the fixing knob, which you can tight adequately.

It has a moisture-resistant hopper that keeps the meal always dry and remains free from moisture damage.

The best thing is that you can put any food in it, including flakes, crumbles, pallets, manufactured food. But do not put any live food like blood worms in it, because they can create a horrible decomposing smell there.

You can adjust the size and feeding quantity of the food by using the adjustment switch located on it. It is beautiful and convenient with high quality.

It can work at least 12 to 24 hours in a day. But you can only select one or two feeds in a day. You can see that it is its limitation because it cannot give 3 to 4 times feed to your pet. Yet it is the right choice.


You can program this fantastic device to discharge food day and night. Even you can set up the single double and triple feeding in it.

It has two secure fixing methods; one method is to fix it on the tank wall with the help of a holder. 

Another fantastic method is to paste this automating feeder with a double-sided sticker on the tank cover.

The preventable moisture design keeps the food dry and crispy. The food did not get soggy at all. The small quantity of air keeps coming from the hopper to keep the food fresh.

You can easily add any fish food inside it from the top side. You can easily set the food release area for large and small quantities of food. 

You can rotate this feeder entirely at 360 degrees in a satisfying position. It has a pedestal inside it, which helps it in a complete rotation.

It has a capacity of keeping 200mL of food inside it. It makes your fish healthy and fit. You can set the number of meals for 3 or 4 times a day. It also depends on how many fish you have in that aquarium.

The user manual is available in it for customer convenience. By putting the fish feed in this device, you can chill out for about 21 days because 200mL is a substantial quantity to feed your fish for a long time.

When you press the manual button, it will deliver only single feeding on the time when you want to feed your fish. 


It is a unique redesign auto feeder for freshwater aquarium. It has three different timer setting modes for 8 hours/ 12 hours/ 24 hours.

In this feeder, pressing the manual button does not change the automatic feeding adjustments. You have to slide the bar yourself to dispense the food in the water.

It can make one quick rotation while feeding each time. Do not put the large pieces of food in its dispense box. All other small fish food can put in it.

It is perfectly suitable for every size of the aquarium or tank. You can install it in three different ways, which is genuinely facilitating.

Even if your tank is covered, you can feed your fish by the entering area. It has an additional base funnel to get adjusted over the cover.

It has two different types of power supply for getting charged via 2.4 m USB cable and battery. It can get converted into the USB power supply model if batteries are installed and the USB cable connected at the same time.

It has two dispenser boxes available so that if one gets dirty, you can adjust the other one in it. One box is 50mL, and the other is 100mL. 

It ensures a high-quality food provision to your aquarium pets. In case of any issues, you can also return it, and all your money will be refunded.

The food may get jammed in it if and only if the size is enormous. Try to put small pieces of food in this auto feeder. A USB cable and user manual is also available in the package.

Its dimensions are 4.7 x 3.9 x 3.2 inches and are lightweight to use. Never allow the water splashes to come on this electrical feeder.

How to Setup an Auto Fish Feeder?

Here are the step by step methods;

Set up 

First of all, prepare the device to get On and work. It is a must to check the equipment properly so that it may not have any broken parts.

In case if anything is damaged, you can return it immediately. Check out the feeding box properly for any damage.

All the products given here are from Amazon, which has a great warranty and quality. Now, insert the two batteries inside it where required. 

If it is powered electrically, then connect it with the power source. When you insert the battery, the display on the LCD screen will appear. You can check the timer for different feeds all day. 

Put the Feed Inside 

Now open up the dispense entry side and put the food to feed your fish. The fish food is already small and granular.

But if you are putting any other food in it, make sure that it is in small pieces after it closes the area and makes it ready to be installed.

Installation on Aquarium 

Now you have to fix it on the aquarium. With the help of its knob, set it on the aquarium glass edge.

Make sure to fix it correctly so that it may not fall off inside or outside. Never let the water get inside it; otherwise, it will not work.

Set the Feeding Portions

It depends upon the need of your fish that they require food either 3 or 4 times a day.

Set the timer accordingly and also adjust the portion size for dispensing inside the water. Now it is entirely ready to do its work. It will release food on the fixed timings that you have made.

Benefits of Feeding Pet Fish with Auto Feeder

Using the automating time feeder machine has many benefits that cannot be achieved by the manual feeding.

It makes your fish punctual to eat the food right on time. Otherwise, the feed will not discharge until the next mealtime. It improves your pet eating habits and behaviors.

It makes your fish healthy and free from all diseases. Another benefit is that it can avoid overfeeding. When you are giving food manually to your pet fish, the diet drops inside the tank. 

It is the useless food that fish do not eat. When it stays inside the tank for a very long time, it promotes the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. 

These microorganisms cause diseases in your fish and produce an awful smell from food. All of this cannot occur if you have a fish feeder for your tank.

It will feed only the required amount of food to your fish, it will neither be overfeeding nor very less food. it prevents the fish from starving by supplying meals nearly 3 or 4 times a day.

It gives you a pet happy and satisfied. Fish understand gradually that this will machine will discharge food when there is food time. It also eliminates the stress risk in fish. 

You do not have to daily Jack the fish food. You just put the large quantity of feed inside the box, and it will keep supplying this food to your fish according to the scheduled timings.

The aquarium fish loves the way this feeder dispenses the food. They all get excited and start nibbling their food and try to catch it. It is kind of fun for them at meal timings.

Final words

These are some of the top picks by customers. Now, its time for you to select the product which you find perfect for your tank pet fish.

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