Best Chiller for Planted Aquarium 2021

Best Chiller for Planted Aquarium 2021

Best Chiller for Planted Aquarium 2021

Hey guys! Looking for the best chillers for your aquarium. You will definitely need a chiller for an aquarium that has live plants in it.

Here, the team has chosen the best products for you people in 2021. The water temperature is not only important for the aquarium but also for all the aquarium living things.

These living things definitely include live plants, snails or any other thing that you have placed in it. The water temperature is very important for the aquarium living things to thrive properly.

You also need this equipment in extremely hot weather conditions. It can give you multiple benefits and you will need no other equipment for cooling when you have a chiller.

Plants are a great addition to your home aquariums. They provide a healthier environment for the inhabitants.

They are the natural food sources, best hiding places and a great shelter for your pet. So it is a must to keep the plants healthy, alive and providing all the necessary living conditions that they need.

Otherwise, plants are delicate and vulnerable to damage and death because of unfavorable conditions. so take great care of your planted aquarium which will benefit your fish and plants both.

So these are some of the best products which we have selected for you;

Best Chiller for Planted Aquarium Features User-friendly Price
Hydrofarm Anti-corrosive pure titanium material, environment-friendly, highly efficient Yes Check price
JBJ Chiller Quietest, ozone friendly, highly effective condenser Yes Check price
Mophorn Consume just 12 Volts, bug LCD screen, aluminum alloy, the temperature range is 10 – 40 degrees. Yes Check price
Teco Connects with Wi-Fi Controller, High performance Yes Check price
Active Aqua Freon-free, High flow rate Yes Check price

Best Chiller for Planted Aquarium 

Here we go;

Hydrofarm Active Aqua Chiller

The first problem that our team has selected after spending so much time and effort is a Hydrofarm chiller. It has a large refrigeration capacity indeed.

It is recommended for the aquariums with the volume of water 26-80 gal/100-300 L. It can be used for freshwater and saltwater both.

The rate of flow that this equipment is having is 1/4 HP (264–660 GPH, 1000-2500 L/hour. It is made up of high-quality material with anti-corrosive pure material.

The overall dimensions according to its length, width and height are 17.6″L x 13″W x 17.3″H. It is important for you to know the dimensions so that you can select the best one according to the size of your aquarium.

Yet it is perfect for every size of the aquarium. The product description is given along with the manual. You can get information from there if you need any usage instructions.

This product is really very demanding because of the successful hydroponic growth. It keeps the nutrient solutions at their ideal temperature ranges.

It is a user-friendly control system that works very quietly and smoothly. The rate of flow of chilled cooling really very high in this equipment.

Aquarium stem plants will stay healthy and live a longer lifespan because of this item. The best thing is that the cold temperature remains constant because of it.

It will not only benefit the plants but also your pet fish. Live plants will be able to anchor their roots in the substrate because of this right temperature.

Cool solution temperature means more oxygen will dissolve and it is beneficial for plants and pet survival.

JBJ Chiller

Another top best chiller in the market is here. It is the quietest chiller among others available in its comparison.

It has a highly effective condenser which utilizes very little energy. Another feature of this best-featured product is that it is corrosion-resistant.

It contains a highly safe ozone-friendly refrigerant that is named as R-134A. Its manufacturing material is high-quality titanium which makes it reliable for many years.

Its smart memory chip has the ability to restores to last set temperature after power failure. The digital LED temperature controller will keep on telling you about the temperature situations.

You can read the temperature anytime in day and night with great ease. This equipment can also be installed really quickly along with a hose.

You will definitely have to have this amazing chiller in your room for your aquarium. It is really of compact size and it will not consume so much space.

It has impressive reliability and is really easy to install. Get this chiller now and benefit using it.


It is the best energy-saving chiller for planted aquariums. Its’ rated DC voltage is just 12 Volts. It is equipped with the microcomputer and semiconductor For highly efficient cooling with less power consumption.

It has a big LCD screen which tells the temperature and LED lights are equipped in it for a clear indication. The microcomputer chips are responsible for intelligent temperature control.

It is really fast to operate and you can adjust the start and stop of temperature really quick. It’s usual temperature ranges from 10 to 40 degrees.

It is made up of a high-quality aluminum alloy which is in the anti-corrosive and highly durable. You can also easily switch from Centigrade to Fahrenheit.

It has an elegant design with no noise. It’s good design also dissipates the room’s heat fast. It is used with a water pump and hose.

It is best suitable for all types of cold water tanks. It can be used for freshwater as well as saltwater tank.

It takes the power of 70 Watt only. The circulating water pump flow is 1 -3 liters per minute. The inner size of its hoses 8mm. Product weight is also just 1.6 kg.

While you are going to assemble this equipment, you should shut off and unplug all of the electronic devices that are used for the tank before you put your hands inside water.

You should also keep its sockets above from the aquarium water so that the water flow shouldn’t go inside the sockets.

Teco WiFi

It is the latest technology chiller now a day in the market. It is designed to work with TECOnnect WiFi Controller. It has the ability to work with your smartphone and swiftly control and adjust the water temperature levels.

The controller sounds like an alarm you are adjusting the temperature that is out of its range. The 9-degree temperature can cool up to 260 gallons.

While 39 degrees can cool for 55-gallon aquariums. Amazingly, these temperatures pull-down the ratings in ideal situations.

It does not have a pump inside it. The usual flow through the chiller is between 132 gph and 211 gph. It’s complete dimensions are 12.2″ x 12.2″ x 18.03″.

The tube diameter is 5/8 inches. It is a TK-1000 tank chiller that features an internationally recognized high-end compressor.

It is also having a titanium coaxial heat exchanger which has an amazingly high performance. It utilizes extremely low energy for running and is completely free for noise.

Active Aqua AACH10HP

This chiller is having an amazingly large refrigeration capacity. It can cool down the recommended volume 10-50 gal/100-300 L.

It is completely Freon-free, that’s why considered the environment-friendly product. It has an anti-corrosive pure titanium evaporator that can be used for both freshwater and saltwater.

The rate of flow that this chiller has is the 1/10 HP (400–1060 GPH/1500-4000 L/hour). Its rated BTU per hour is 1020.

It is the perfect solution for temperature for your planted aquariums. Cool temperature means that more oxygen will dissolve inside the water and will benefit your aquarium plants and fish.

Product dimensions are 18.2 x 11.8 x 18.2 inches.

Final words

So these some of the best chiller for planted aquarium which you can prefer to buy first. You do not have to spend so much time finding the right one but you can quickly choose from here.

I have explained each and every detail of these products to you guys. Now it’s time for you to choose a chiller.

Good luck.

Team –

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