Best Fluorescent Light for Freshwater Aquarium

Best Fluorescent Light for Freshwater Aquarium 2021

Best Fluorescent Light for Freshwater Aquarium 2021

Light is an essential part of your aquarium to keep the fish active and healthy. Fluorescent lights are the best ones for freshwater aquariums.

Light adds a little bit of heat in your aquarium and keep the temperature of water balanced. Fluorescent bulbs are best to produce bright light without consuming enough energy.

They also have a long operational lifespan. The heat dissipation off fluorescent bulbs is extremely less. They will not change the temperature of your fish aquarium but keep it maintained.

What is Meant by Fluorescent Lights?

Fluorescent lights are those that have low-pressure mercury vapors or gas in it, which used the fluorescence to produce a bright light.

When the current passes through a fluorescent light bulb, a short wave ultraviolet light glows in it. This light is fluorescent. It is also called a CFL, which stands for compact fluorescent lamp.

Best Fluorescent Light for Freshwater Aquarium

There are so many benefits of using fluorescent light in a freshwater aquarium. Let’s check out the best fluorescent lights for your aquarium.

Best Fluorescent Lights Features Colors Price
Aqueon T5 8 watts, highly efficient, long and cylindrical White Check price
Bluex Light Energy-saving, 12 inches length, 5000K power White Check price
Sunlite PL9 9 watts, 10,000 hours life, pin switch system Blue   Check price
Spotlight 38 8000 hours lifetime, lightweight Green   Check price
Helios F20T8 6700K effect, long length, good for all aquariums Purple, pink, white, and blue Check price

 Aqueon T5

This product belongs to the United States. You can use it in your freshwater aquarium very quickly. Just unbox it and install the long and cylindrical bulb in your aquarium.

It is highly efficient in its working and consumes only 8 watts of power. Its light is just natural daylight and extremely friendly with the aquarium environment.

This product transfer it’s light in all corners of the fish aquarium. It makes your fish healthy and active as well.

It is an excellent light for your aquarium plants as well as fish and other life in it. Its fluorescence is exceptionally natural and friendly for fish eyes.

Make sure that this is the daylight, and you have to turn it off during the night time. You can turn on your room’s dim light in the night time.

Bluex Light – F8T5

It is a pack of two fluorescent lights with 5000K power. These lights consume only 8 watts of electricity, which is extremely less and money-saving.

You can turn this light on all day long. It is a long, cylindrical light bulb with a height of 12 inches.

It has a superior long life of about one year, and the company has made it highly durable. It is even not pricey at all.

The weight of this product is extremely light; it is just 2.40 pounds, while the dimensions are 12x2x1 inch. 

Sunlite PL9

The best feature of this product is that it can be in your aquarium during the nighttime. It has a blue color which looks fantastic at night.

This color relaxes your fish and makes them sleep well. This color mostly uses during the night do you have a peaceful and calm sleep.

The wattage consumption by this product is 9 watts. The average life of this bulb is 10,000 hours. It has a pin base, which is most common, and its switch is found in every home very quickly.

These lamps use external electronic ballasts. It is available in various color temperatures, sizes, wattage, and pin configurations, which is a real comfort.

It has the color rendering index of value 80. Its blue color is great for signs. It also features the quick on and off the system.

The voltage consumption is 120 volts, and the shape is T4. The weight of this product is 3.2 ounces, and dimensions are 6.9 x1.5×0.9 inches.

Spotlight PAR 38

It is a powerful fluorescent bulb of beautiful green color, which you can also use at night time. The average life of this but it is 8000 hours.

It is weatherproof, which is a fabulous characteristic. It saves watts and energy. It is non-dimmable and for outdoors and indoors both.

The light rays of this product go to 38 degrees. The size is just 7.7 ounces, and the estimation of the dimension is 21 x 20.8 x 9.1 inches. It has got four stars out of five from the customer ratings.

Helios F20T8

This product fits all of the standards of good light. This light is up to 30% brighter than that of the other views. It is of high-quality glass material.

The shape and size of this light are unique and elegant. It consumes only 20 watts of power. This bulb is very long, having a capacity of 24 inches.

It is having that daylight effect with 6700K. It is ideal for freshwater aquarium and saltwater aquarium, both as well as for planted hydroponics.

You are going to love this high quality, versatile lamp. It provides you everything you need for the aquarium plant growth.

It is also excellent for indoor gardening applications. It is available in a variety of colors, which are pink, sky blue, purple, and white.

What are the Benefits of Fluorescent Lamps?

Fluorescent lamps are incredibly beneficial to be used in the fish aquariums, and we will let you know how they are useful.

Energy Efficient 

Fluorescent lamps are much more energy-efficient than that of any other light. These lamps can produce the same amount of light, just like incandescent lamps, but use less energy.

It can save a lot of electricity in your home even when you are using it all day long. They can produce about 50 – 100 lumens per watt.

While the other bulbs can produce 16 lumens per watt by consuming the high-energy, so you can estimate how beneficial the fluorescent lamps are.

Less Heat Emission 

As compared to other lamps, fluorescent lamps release less heat. While the other lights make the tanks overheated by emitting heat inside it.

This lamp mechanism uses extremely less energy, so that’s why the emission of heat is also less. Other lights consume electricity and just use 5% of it to make the light, and 95% emits as heat.

Fluorescents are excellent in this case and keep the ventilation in your aquarium. They are the real comfort for your fish.

Long lifespan 

Another advantage of this light lamp is its long life. It can last 10 to 20 times longer than that of the other light bulbs.

Fluorescent lamps have an average lifespan of 6000 to 15000 hours amazingly. They also require low maintenance and replacement cost.

Broad Range 

Their rays of this light are not limited to a specific place. But they have a more extended range to brighten every corner of your tank.

They are a significant source of light and spread its rays in all corners of the aquarium. You can also say that they have a better distribution of illumination within a particular area.

Final words 

So these are some best products for you people that we have found after a great and tiring effort. Read the entire article and get your desired outcome in your home now.

Your fish is going to love this fluorescent lighting. Now, you are also well aware of their benefits. Install a fluorescent lamp in your aquarium now and enjoy the view.

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