Best UV Sterilizer for Planted Aquarium

Best UV Sterilizer for Planted Aquarium 2021

Best UV Sterilizer for Planted Aquarium 2021

It is essential to sterilize the planted aquarium with UV rays to avoid the growth of algae and harmful bacteria. Not only it makes the environment suitable for plants but prevents different fish diseases and infections.

If you are also researching about best UV sterilizer, then we will present you with the top picks here. UV sterilizers remove all of the unnecessary biological forms from the fish tank. 

It can make your fish aquarium crystal clear from algae, bacteria, fungal, and parasitic issues. It is an important system to keep your aquarium plants and fish healthy and maintain the water life.

Let me tell you that any of the aquarium, even salt water, can have the harmful microbiological growth in it. So, never think that there will be no need for UV sterilizer in a saltwater tank. 

It is an excellent addition to your aquarium. You can consider it as a technical solution to any troubled aquarium. 

Best UV Sterilizer for Planted Aquarium 2021

Here are the best products for your planted aquariums. 

Best UV Sterilizer for Planted Aquarium Features Price
AquaUltraviolet Max efficiency, effective Check price
Coralife Turbo 6X working, mounting brackets available Check price
AA 4pcs pre-sponge filters, bulb surrounded with housing Check price
SunSun 9 watts, suction cup included Check price
Jebao 36 watts, 22 feet long cord Check price
Aqua Slim, lightweight, effective Check price


It is an ideal solution for cleaning up your aquarium, tanks, and other hydroponics from fungus, bacteria, and viruses, etc. 

To remove these microorganisms is very important to keep a healthy aquarium life. UV sterilizers can protect your fish from different kinds of strange diseases.

It can help to avoid algae growth to protect plants. Otherwise, the algae consume all of the right nutrients for plant nourishment.

In those aquariums which have algae growth, the plants die soon and become yellow or nutrient deficient. This sterilizer is proven for its best results and certified for its functioning. 

It is a product of the United States. It has a slim and lightweight design with maximum ultra-violet efficiency.

Its effectiveness is guaranteed if you use it according to the instructions given on it. Use the user manual book to get assistance from it and using this instrument properly. 

Coralife Turbo

It is specially designed to remove the unwanted algae from the fish planted aquariums along with floating parasites and bacteria. 

It has a twist flow design, and it is perfect for delivering an increased exposure to UV light radiations. 

Mounting brackets are equipped in it so that you can hang it or adjust properly with convenience. It also has a light indicator that tells you that either this device is working or not. 

You can use it in any of the aquarium, including saltwater and freshwater aquarium both. But it is usually recommended for the tanks having more than 250 gallons.

It is available in a variety of sizes for different sizes of aquarium. You can use the smaller ones for a small-sized aquarium and a bigger one for a large tank.

It is a 6X ultraviolet sterilizer. The increased exposure to ultraviolet light radiations treats water from microorganisms like bacteria and viruses, even fungi and algal blooms. 

The bulb is constructed with the quartz glass so that it can emit the maximum UV energy. 

The high intensity of output and the unique design increase the dwell time of UV radiations in aquarium water. 

The side by side dimensions of this product are 16 x 9.2 x 3.2 inches, and weight is only 5.6 pounds. This item never allows the aquarium water to become yellow or wrong colored.

It also deals with cloudy water because of any reason. You can feel relaxed after using this product on your aquarium. 

AA Aquarium Green Killing Machine

Get rid of green water and germs from your aquarium now by using this instrument. It has a pure germicidal nature with a patented sealed UV bulb.

It gives you a complete crystal clear water and a healthy environment for your fish. It is equipped with high technology and is a safety-tested internal UV kit. 

So you can easily use this environmental friendly instrument anytime. Never touch the glass of the UV bulb, and do not overexpose the light in the fish tank. 

You can use it when the water is filthy and messy because of germs and algae. Yet this bulb delivers an outstanding efficacy and keeps a high dwell time in water.

You can easily change the bulb when needed but do this by turning it off and unplugging it. Even no tools require for it, and it is just 10 minutes of installation.

Follow the simple and easy guide to get clear water within days. The control box LED tells you clearly that when you need to change the bulb. 

A three years of warranty is available for this product so that in case of any misbehavior by the product, you can send it to resolve the issue.

Four pcs sponge pre-filters are already available in this device. This pump rates 440 liters per hour. It is perfect for aquariums having 120 gallons.

Without using the chemicals, you can make the water clean and clear using this sterilizer. It can fight with green water with great ease.

Free-floating bacteria, algae masses, yeast, molds, and other pathogens eliminate using this device.

This instrument is already pre-assembled, and you need a quick and straightforward installation.

You can place it and horizontally and vertically, both. The bulb is sealed all around so that there is no chance of anything wrong or leaks.

There is a housing around its bulb and housing should be replaced In every bulb change. Turn the sterilizer on when the water is not moving so much, or the water pump is off.

Because in smooth water receives a maximum UV sterilization. It consumes a maximum of 24 watts. You can also replace it LED if you need a safer level.

SunSun JUP-01

It is perfect for the aquarium up to 75 gallons. It’s bulb release 9 watts of ultraviolet light.

The total flow rate is 210 gallons per hour. The dimensions are 12″ L X 3.3″ W X 3.75″ H. It gives a simple and effective control for microorganisms floating freely in the water. 

It is compact, versatile, and easy to install. No, any additional tubing or circulation pump is require.

Because this unit amazingly comes in a built-in pump and a UV ballast. A mechanical pre-filter sponge is also available in it. 

The suction cup mounting brackets are present on it so that you can adjust it properly. Change numbers yearly for optimum and efficient performance.

It can clean up all The Dirty water of your tank within three days, at least it is great.

Never allow the UV bulb to get exposed to water splashes and get disastrous. You do not have to use it every time.

When the water gets clean, Then run this instrument twice a week for cleaning your time environment. 


Now it’s time to permanently get rid of algae blooms with 36 watts of UV lamp. It has a 2G11 base, and all of the units have fitting of 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″. 

It is complete with its 22 feet cord and a sealed transformer. The maximum rate is 4440 GPH. It is only for external use, so never submerge it inside water.

For attaining the peak performance, you should replace the UV bulb every 6 to 12 months. 

You can also use it for a fish pond when it is filtered already. Install this instrument in line in a lake and get the best sterilization results.

Single-celled organisms are quickly born insider water with some living species. To sterilize the water to make it clean from these organisms, it is a must to use this product. 

Make sure that the water is adequately filtered because the fish poop in water Inhibits the proper UV transmission.

It alters or disrupts the DNA and RNA of the microorganisms present fish tank. The filtered water will get sterilized in 3 to 5 days. 

While the unfiltered dirty water will be UV sterilized with-in 7 to 10 days, never use any abrasive material on the quartz sleeve. 

Aqua UV

It is mainly for fish aquarium, ponds, and tanks. This fantastic product proves for its best results.

It is a very slim and lightweight unit for delivering a useful UV light. Its high effectiveness is guaranteed if only if you install, size, and operate it correctly according to the given instructions. 

It is premium for the aquariums having 200 to 500 gallons of water. It is perfect to use for saltwater and freshwater aquariums.

You can use it if your aquarium water is becoming yellow, green, or cloudy. You can install it anywhere on the tank like I used to install it on the back of the tank, and it works pretty amazing.

How a UV Sterilizer Works in an Aquarium?

Are UV sterilizer is present with an ultra-violet light bulb. This light bulb emitted light radiations, which are the UV rays.

These rays clean the aquarium water from bacteria, viruses, algae, and other microorganisms. 

The UV rays disrupts the DNA of these microorganisms. First of all, these rays burst the cell structure of these organisms and then ruptures the DNA, which kills them ultimately.

When there is no DNA, there will be no microorganism, and in the same way, all of the unusual organisms will get killed. 

The UV lamp keeps on killing bacteria and virus and slowly cleans up the tank within 3 to 5 days. So in this way a sterilizer work.

Benefits of Using UV Sterilizer for Planted Aquarium 

There are so many benefits of using this instrument in your planted aquarium.

  • It cleans up all of the aquarium water from different kinds of microorganisms.
  • It deals with the green and cloudy water and makes it crystal clear.
  • The UV light is also best for aquarium plant growth, but too much exposure is harmful.
  • It protects your pet fish as well as plants from different kinds of diseases caused by different visible and invisible organisms.
  • It decreases the strain of the tank filter and reduces its work, which results in clean and clear tank water.
  • It acts as a medicine for curing or preventing different diseases in living organisms inside the aquarium.
  • Once you sterilize the aquarium with ultra-violet radiation, the chances of microbial growth and spread in the next coming weeks or month reduce amazingly.

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