Can Angel Fish Live with Tiger Barbs?

Can Angel Fish Live with Tiger Barbs?

Angelfish can live with various other species of fish. On the other hand, tiger barb fish is different and you have to be careful when selecting tank mates for them.

Can Angel Fish Live with Tiger Barbs? No, angelfish cannot live with tiger barbs due to multiple problems that include the difference in the temperature and pH requirements, changes in behavior, and changes in the body structure.

In this article, we have added differences between the angelfish and tiger barb fish along with their features.

Can Angel Fish Live with Tiger Barbs?

Angelfish are common pet fish that we can keep in our house. It belongs to the family of the Cichlidae. It is present in South America in abundance.

You will get it in all regions of the world with little change in its behavior. You should not purchase wild fish for your aquarium as it can create a problem for other fish in an aquarium.

They have wonderful swimming abilities that are not present in all categories of fish. You can also use it on a fish farm as most people love to eat it.

What is Tiger Barbs?

Tiger barb is a beautiful pet fish that is available in different colors. It is one of the best choices to keep it in your aquarium. They are widely present in the rivers of Cambodia and Borneo.

You can get them in all weathers and regions. They love to live in groups while reluctant to live with any other species. It is of aggressive nature that can create harm for others.

If you keep the same species with them, then they will not create any problem for you.

Angel Fish Vs.Tiger Barb Fish

Features Angelfish Tiger Barb Fish
Size 6 inches 4 inches
Life span 9 years 5 years
Food Preference Meat foods Vegetable foods
pH level 7 Less than 5
Temperature 750F 800F
Behavior Normal Aggressive

Different temperature requirements

You cannot provide different temperatures for both of them while living in the same container. They require different levels of temperatures, and that cannot achieve.

Tiger barbs will grow better in warm water, while angelfish needs less water temperature. Tiger barbs need 800 F, while others need less than it. You must note these limits while keeping them under your supervision.

You cannot maintain the temperature of the aquarium at both numbers. It is one of the common problems you will face while keeping both of them in one tank. You cannot make the water hard by keeping the same water for a longer time, otherwise, the fish will stay at the bottom of the tank.

Aggressive nature of tiger barbs

The behavior of the tiger barbs is too harsh. It is not possible to stay with others. You will start seeing a problem as they will attack the angelfish. It can kill angelfish when you do not separate it.

You can create a partition if there is any problem with the availability of the tank. You can treat both of them separately while feeding and adjusting the temperature of the water.

You can keep both of them in the same tank if they are young because they will not be rude to each other at that age. You can take this risk at that time as angelfish lay eggs every 2 weeks.

Different food requirements

There is a simple way to feed the fish in the water by putting their feed in the water. If you put some feed in the water that contains both of these species, then both will eat the same food.

You cannot give different food to them while using the same container. If we consider the preference of foods for both of them, then angelfish love to eat meat foods while barbs eat vegetable foods happily.

You must note these things while planning all these things for them. You can use a few common foods like bloodworms for some time, but they cannot eat them all the time.

You will switch the food to something new that will create a problem for you. You must put the fish food in water before feeding it to them. These foods will absorb water in a much larger amount that can cause great trouble for it.

Angel Fish and Tiger Barbs have different pH requirements

Every water in an aquarium has a specific level of pH in it. You must note the requirements of the pH while choosing any species of fish.

Tiger barbs need acidic water, while angelfish require freshwater. You cannot manage the different concentrations of water in the same water. If you keep both of them at the same hydrogen level, then the growth of one species will cause a problem.

Both of them need a different level of the environment in the aquarium. You cannot achieve multiple things at one time in the same place.  

Different sizes

Both of them have a different structure of the body and sizes. If you keep a stronger pet with a weaker one, it will cause great trouble.

You may see their fight, and it can lead to a dangerous end. You can achieve a suitable environment for some time while training it. They will need a different type of food and the environment.

You will see problems in the fins of weaker fish that can lead to their death. Barbs want to live in the group while angelfish want to live in fewer numbers. You cannot fulfill their body needs by keeping them in one water tank.

You should check the body structure of these fish also while deciding on it. You cannot increase the number of fish from the limit that may create a problem for you.

Angelfish is larger than the tiger barb. The size of angelfish is around 6 centimeters, and the size of a tiger barb will not be more than 4 inches.

There are few variations in the size of the fish according to the environment they are getting. You may check that the products that you are using should be beneficial for pets.