How to Clean Fish Poop Out Of Sand

How to Clean Fish Poop Out Of Sand?

It is really important to keep a fish tank clean from poop because it adds excess nitrogenous compounds in water and invites bad bacteria. 

The high levels of nitrates are really bad for your fish. They can kill your fish when exceeding a toxic limit. 

Cleaning the aquarium sand manually is a really hectic task. But by the aid of some tools, you can get rid of poop in the sand. 

How to Clean Fish Poop Out Of Sand? You can clean fish poop from the sand by straining it with the help of some strainer. Use a sand vacuum to clean up the fish poop out of the sand without any trouble. Furthermore, setting up the filter in an aquarium for daily removal of toxic compounds will help a lot in keeping the tank clean.

How to Clean Fish Poop Out Of Sand?

Here we are going to share a list of already experimented methods for cleaning the fish poop out of the sand. Here we go;

Manually Cleaning the Sand 

Manual cleaning is the toughest yet a useful method for cleaning the sand. In this method, you clean up the sand by picking up the fish waste by the piece of some cardboard. 

Similarly, you have to pick up all of the solid debris from sand manually. If the small residues still left behind, then you should practice other methods as well.

Aquarium Sand Vacuum 

It is a perfect tool for cleaning up the finely ground sand of an aquarium. When you will vacuum the sand with this device, some of the sand particles will come up and only the fish poop will trap from them and will come back. You can use Laifoo Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner for better results.

This tool is extremely useful for perfectly cleaning up the sand of an aquarium. If You have baby fish in your aquarium then make sure that they do not come in the vacuum device. 

You should first keep the fish fry away from the sand area which you are cleaning or put them in a separate tank for some time, then clean your tank. 

Fish Tank Poop Eater 

You will surprise to know that there exist a few species of fish which eat their own poop without getting any troubles. 

This does not mean that they do not eat their regular meals, it is very important for them to have a proper nourishment. But these few fish try to eat their own poop. 

The name of these species are Corydoras and Plecostomus catfish. They are said to eat their own poop because they are willing to taste it. 

They are curious to see a long piece of shit floating in the water and try to eat it. Actually, these fish try to taste every new thing that they found strange. 

Sand Cleaning by Strainer 

The best way to clean minute particles like sand is to use a strainer. Strain the sand in your aquarium and the poop will separate out.

Even the small particles of poop and the uneaten food will also strain out. Straining the entire sand of your aquarium will take some time. 

But once you are done doing your task, your sand will become purely clean. It is a deep clean procedure for aquarium sand. 

Take a big strainer or according to the size of your tank. Then strain the sand by starting a portion from the corner of your tank.

Use a Filter

The heavy poop always sinks down immediately. But it comes up after becoming softer. Sometimes the fish poop weight is so less that it keeps on floating in the aquarium. 

The best way to keep your aquarium clean during all day is to use a tank filter. The filter will keep on filtering the water by trapping all the fish waste in its media. 

It helps a lot in getting rid of poop out of the sand. When fish move fast and disturb the sand, then also the poop rises up and gets filtered by the filtering device. 

Daily Water Change 

Changing the little portions of water on a daily basis helps a lot for getting rid of floating poop and dirty water. 

This also prevents the formation of cloudy water and the sticky algae to grow somewhere and make its place for survival. 

The leftover from fish feed can also get out of the water when you change it daily or on a weekly basis. 

Keep Some Snails for Cleaning 

Snails keep the sand clean by eating the leftover food and even the fish poop. They keep eating anything they found extra in a tank. 

Although they take a lot of time in cleaning the sand completely but they are quite effective in deep cleaning procedure for cleaning poop out of sand. 

Fish that Reside in Aquarium Sand 

There are some of the species of fish who love to hide their bodies in the sand. Most of these fish have their body color similar to sand. 

Not only hiding but most of the time they are residing in the aquarium sand. While cleaning it, you must make sure that no fish is getting harmed during the cleaning process.

You can keep such fish in a separate tank until you are done cleaning the entire aquarium’s substrate. 

How to make a fish poop less?

If your fish poop excessively, then it means that you are feeding them undesirably. You should give them their required amount of meal on proper timings. 

The fish will poop less if its health condition is okay and it is not facing any kind of digestive problems. 

For this, you need to feed your fish with a variety of healthy diets. Add some fiber food like boiled peas for the best results. 

This will make your fish poop normally; one solid poop in one hour. Your fish will not keep on pooping thrice or more in every hour and its health will also be fine. 


Whichever method you adopt for cleaning the fish poop out of the sand, make sure that daily water change and efficient filtration keep going on. 

Daily cleaning reduces a lot of trouble for a deep cleaning of the aquarium all at once. Sharing is always caring; be sociable. 

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