How to Dispose of Dead Fish in a Respectful Way

How to Dispose of Dead Fish in a Respectful Way?

How to Dispose of Dead Fish in a Respectful Way?

Every living organism deserves to be buried in a respectful way. Even if you do not care about non-humans, at least you can give respect to your pets.

All of the people are very attached to their pets, especially fish. Kids are very sad about their beloved fish death.

Morally, we should treat the animals after death like the way we treat them in their life. Death is the phase that everyone has to go through at any stage of life, mostly in older age or accidentally.

Throwing or flushing the dead fish is terrible behavior, and lots of people do this. You should take care of the dead fish body because once you have loved it a lot.

You can dispose-off a dead fish very quickly by taking it out from the aquarium first. Then, pack it in a plastic seal bag and then bury it in the garden soil about 10-12 cm deep. In this way, you can respectfully dispose of a fish.

How to Dispose of Dead Fish in a Respectful Way?

There are so many ethical ways to dispose-off a dead fish without hurting it. Here we are going to share a step by step guide to dispose off the dead body of your pet.

Remove Dead Fish From Aquarium

First of all, you have to remove the dead fish from aquarium water as soon as possible. Because shortly after the death, the dead body becomes stiff and begins smelling.

Take out the fish with the help of a net and never use your hands for this. Later on, throw away that net in the bin or disinfect it with a cleaner.

Because dead fish have germs on it, and even it can cause diseases in other fish. The bacteria on dead fish can harm other fish by joining in their action.

So it is always suggested to take out the dead fish body as early as possible without wasting any time. If you picked up the dead fish from its fins, you still need to wash your hands thoroughly.

Put the Dead Fish In Zip Lock Bag

Now, put the dead fish in a plastic bag with a zip lock so that no smell can come out of it. Lock the zip tightly.

It makes it easier to transport the dead fish without any discomfort, irritation, and smell. It also protects all others from the spreading of germs everywhere.

This is a comfortable way to handle the dead body of your fish. It can protect your hands from getting dirty as well.

Place Bag In A Freezer

Now, put the bag in a freezer so that you get enough time to manage for the place where you have to bury your beloved fish.

Another benefit of freezing fish bodies within the plastic bag is that it will remove the smell altogether. You might have noticed that dead human bodies are placed in a cold area until they are buried.

Similarly, when every living organism’s body is cold, it stops smelling. It becomes convenient for people to handle the non-smelly body.

Bury Fish Deep In Mud

Dig the soil with the help of a scraper, knife, or any of the other things available to you conveniently. Make sure to dig the mud at least 10- 12cm deep.

You should not just put the fish into the soil because it can come out by any person’s kick, and it would be disrespectful too.

So, when you are done digging the grave, put your fish into it with or without the plastic bag, according to your choice.

Why Should We Not Flush Out The Fish?

In some counties like the US, flushing out the fish is not only disrespectful but illegal as well. The reason behind it is that the dead fish transmit so many different diseases in waterways.

They transmit harmful bacteria in the water, which is bad for the community and other animals as well. It will be an honor for your beloved pet if you give them a proper burial.

It is also a good thing to teach your kids about life and death and the respectful burial of their close pets. It can be an excellent lesson for your kids, as well.

If you flush away the fish in front of your kids, they will learn to throw away and forget those who are once close to them and are dead now.

It would be an unethical lesson in front of your child. So always respect every living organism even when they are not alive.

You can also buy a grave box for your fish to dispose of it in a significant way. A proper place for your dead fish funeral is your garden or backyard.

You will be surprised to know that the fish body becomes an excellent fertilizer for your garden plants. Within a few days of burying the fish, its body starts decomposing, and nutrients are absorbed in the soil.

Plants utilize those nutrients from the soil and grow healthy and long within no time.

What Precaution Should We Take When Fish Die in a Tank?

Whenever you see a fish corpse in your aquarium, you want to change the water to a large extent, which is a good measure.

The gravel cleaner or siphon proves best for changing the large quantities of water. It also depends on that how much time the dead fish is lying inside the water.

If it was in your community tank for an extended time, then change the large quantity of water, but if it has just died and you have taken the fish out of the water, then there is no need to worry.

Just siphon some old water and add some new in your aquarium. The purpose behind it is to remove the germs and toxins released by the corpse.

It helps protect the other live pet fish from diseases and harms. The next thing that you can do is to use the probiotic bacterial supplement to get rid of harmful bacteria from the aquarium water.


Seeing your beloved fish dead is exceedingly sorrowful and heartbreaking. The only last honor you can give to it is to bury it respectfully.

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