How to Heat Up Fish Tank Water Quickly

How to Heat Up Fish Tank Water Quickly?

How to Heat Up Fish Tank Water Quickly?

Hey guys! Chilling weather outside there and you are worried about your fish in tank water. Yes, the weather is extremely cold sometimes especially in winters that coming out of a blanket is not possible even in your room.

Here, you realize about the little creatures living inside a water tank. They must be provided with a suitable warm environment to live in. In winter’s chilling weather you should look for the things that instantly heat up tank water. Also, read about dealing with cloudy aquarium water.

Warm water is the basic need of your fish in such conditions. You should try to keep the tank heated up all the time and adopt the quick heating methods first. That’s what today’s topic is dedicated to. 

How to Heat Up Fish Tank Water Quickly?

In order to quickly heat up the tank water, you will need the tank heaters. There are different tank heaters available online which include submersible and hang-on water heaters. All of these heaters are thermostatically controlled and can easily be set for some particular temperature.

The hang-on heater’s price rates are different than that of the submersible heaters. Yet the submersible ones are also highly affordable. The titanium and stainless steel heaters are more preferred by customers now a day because of their unbreakable designs.

You can quickly raise the tank water temperature using a submersible heater that has a thermostat on it. It means that you can set the required temperature on it very easily.

You have to attach this heater inside the tank using suction cups and its cord runs out to be plugged in a power source. It needs to be turned off when the temperature reaches its desired levels.

Again you can turn it on when the temperature again needs to be stabilized. You should also keep a thermometer in your fish tank to keep an eye on the temperature.

Which are the Best Fish Tank Heaters for 2021? 

Here are some of the best fish tank water heaters for quick heating of water for your fish.

Penn Plax Heater

This heater sets the temperature in your tank and maintains it within 1 degree of accuracy. It features both of the temperature scales for Fahrenheit and Celsius both of which are a great convenience to read.

You can place this heater horizontally or vertically in the fish tank very easily. It is fully submersible inside the tank, just its cord goes outside to some power supply.

It has a preset temperature of 76 degrees Fahrenheit and it can be easily programmed. Its 100% satisfaction is guaranteed by the full money-back guarantee.

You just have to dial the desired temperature and this heater will automatically adjust the temperature in your tank. There is no need to buy a separate thermometer along with this heater because the temperature scale is available on it.

It is made up of excellent insulation that’s why provides an amazing heat distribution in the entire tank. Its heavy-duty shock-resistant glass gives it a long life.

Its strong glass also protects the tank fish from any harm and makes them safe. It can be used for both freshwater tanks and saltwater tanks both. It also gives a 3 years warranty.

The length of this heater is 6 inches while it consumes 25 watts of power only. 

Tetra HT

This is another best heater for quickly heating up your aquarium water. It is having a light indicator to tell you that it is on. There will be a red indication when the heater is doing its work while when it’s done and the required temperature will be achieved, the indication would be green.

This heater used a built-in electronic thermostat which can automatically maintain the water temperature at 78° F. It is the ideal temperature for most tropical fish.

No adjustments are required to fix this heater inside a tank. It is ideal to be used for 2 to 10 gallons of water. It has a small footprint on it which makes it easier to conceal behind plants or some other décor.

It is made to fully immerse in water and it can be installed either horizontally or vertically in a fish tank. You should not plug this heater in an electric outlet until its rod is inside the water.

Fluval Marina

It is a mini 25 watts submersible heater for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. It is really easy to read the temperature settings on this heater’s temperature display area.

It is having an impact-resistant glass design with a waterproof sealing. It also includes brackets with suction cups for an easy and secure installation.

Its length is about 6 inches. Although it is small yet it is powerful enough to heat up the tank water instantly. It provides complete safety for its users because it has a bumper guard which keeps fish safe.

Now, using any of these best heaters can quickly give the required heat in your tank. You can cover your tank a little bit to retain this heat because you have to turn the heater on and off when the water loses its heat and when the max temperature is attained.

How to Raise the Heat Level Naturally?

There are some ways that can help you to raise the temperature of your aquarium water without using a thermometer in it. These natural methods don’t let the aquarium water to get heated quickly yet it can help a lot.

Raise room temperature

The simple thing is to raise the temperature of your house. If not then at least raise the temperature of the room where the fish tank is placed. In winters, you will be definitely using some heaters in your room or you must have a fireplace to keep the warmth.

These things when raising the temperature of the room, the tank water temperature will be adjusted according to the room temperature. Although it is not a quick method to clean the aquarium water, yet it is a great thing to keep the water temperature maintained at the required levels.

The recommended heat levels are 78 – 82  because tank fish can easily survive in this temperature in a comfortable way. Always move the fish tank in the warmest place of your house.

Use a warm plastic bottle

You can use this method too for keeping the tank water temperature warm. First of all, take a plastic bottle that fits completely in your fish tank. Boil some water now and put it in this bottle.

Now close the cap of the bottle and put it in a fish tank. The warm plastic bottle will make the tank water warm too. It can be a great solution when there is no power and you have to do things manually.

Try lightening warmth

When lights are on, they generate heat. You can turn on all the aquarium lights to create warmth. Be careful that lights are not sharp too much.

You can do this thing for some time but not every time. Don’t expose your fish tank in lights for a long time because it can let the algae to grow there.

Use Heating Pads

A great thing to use is the heating pads on your fish tank to keep the water warm in a cold atmosphere. A tank got an instant heat from the heating pads.

They provide heat much better than other sources you use for heat production. Not only they will heat the water but also retain the present heat in your tank.

Heating pads are reliable and long-lasting. They are effective in their functioning as well.

How to Retain Heat in a Fish Tank?

According to my opinion, “Heating Pads” are the best solution to retain heat inside the tank water. But if you don’t have a heating pad available, then you can use these things which are;

Use an Insulating Material Around Tank

You can use an insulating material around your fish tank so that the inner heat may not escape out. A newspaper is a good thing to cover your entire tank with. It helps the inside heat to retain and shouldn’t escape so much earlier.

When you wrap up the entire tank with a newspaper then the tank’s heat will not rise up. Hence, it helps to keep the fish in comfortable water temperature for some time.

Use Canopy/ Hood

Using a canopy or hood can also work for retaining the heat of an already heated tank. But make sure you have a proper oxygen source inside your tank so that you may not block the complete oxygen.

Proper aeration is a must otherwise fish can’t survive. You should use air stones inside the tank and there must be an oxygen pump in your fish tank, then you can cover it with a hood and there will be no issue.

The hood will not let the heat vapors to go out in the air by escaping the tank. Even if the heated vapors rise up and try to go out, they will be condensed back into the tank water because of the upper covering.

Use Towels/ Blankets

If you do not available with heating pads and there is a sudden weather change outside and it is really cold inside the home too, then first raise the room temperature and use a towel and blanket around your fish tank.

These accessories also help to maintain the fish tank’s water heat. So, for instant covering material for the fish tank, you can consider towels and blankets from your home, otherwise, if you have heating pads with you, then use them.

Final words

After reading this detailed article, I am pretty much sure that you can easily manage your fish tank from cold and provide proper temperature to your fish to live in.

You must know which temperature is required by your pet fish species. Because every fish species has different requirements for high temperature. You must have proper knowledge of what your fish actually wants and then provide them with the temperature they need.

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