How to Make Baby Fish Grow Faster

How to Make Baby Fish Grow Faster?

How to Make Baby Fish Grow Faster?

Aquatic animals grow faster because there is a competition in their survival. Big fish and other animals eat the smaller ones. They usually grow fast and make their selves, able to live and survive in a better way. Yet their life expectancies change when people keep them in their own aquariums.

It depends that how the owner is feeding and treating his pet fish. It really has a great impact on its growth. There are different time periods of length and body increment of different fish species. Every fish needs love and care for better health and nourishment.

Baby Fish Growth Chart

Here’s a baby fish growth chart of most of the fish’s commonly growing babies. It is not specific for any single fish species. It will just give you an idea about the common growth patterns in a little fish.

Baby Fish Growth Chart

Time Period Length Description
One day old 0.1 inches The tail doesn’t develop at this stage properly. At this stage, it is called as baby fish.
One week old 0.2 inches  Called as Baby fish
Two weeks 0.25 inches Able to feed itself. At this stage, it is named as fry.
Four weeks 0.45 inches Called ad fry
Six weeks 0.85 inches Called ad fry
Eight weeks old 1.3 inches Called ad fry
Ten weeks old 1.7 inches The size of a small finger, at this stage fish, is named as a fingerling.
Twelve weeks old 1.9 inches Adult fish

Every fish species growth varies a little bit from each other. Just read this chart to have an estimation that your little pet growth is fine.

Otherwise, their growth also varies according to the proper food, space and environment provide to them. Also if you have a very small fish species in your aquarium, then definitely it will grow according to their family length increment stages.

How to Make Baby Fish Grow Faster?

There are so many people who are excited to grow their fish faster. They cant wait to see them growing up. They are literally asking every minute how to make baby fish grow faster.

“Growth, health and life expectancy of a baby fish depends on the proper food given, enough space, clean water with the right temperature, proper aeration and light”

Every living organism has some requirements to live a healthy life and grow accordingly. As a good pet fish owner, it is your responsibility to take care of your fish and help them grow well.

It will take a duration of a few months for a fish to grow bigger which also depends on which species your fish belongs to. There are some of the following factors which will let your fish grow faster. Here they are;

Stress-Free Atmosphere

A stress-free atmosphere has a great impact on the growth of a baby fish. Just like you can raise a good human in a peaceful environment, the same thing applies to every living organism. The noise and pinch sounds disturb a baby fish and even a big fish too.

The fish are afraid of extreme sharp noises and sudden lights on and off. So, you must take care that you are providing a peaceful environment for your fish as a good owner. It will help a baby fish to grow fast with great health and social behavior.

Strange or sharp noises can lead a fish to stress conditions, a baby fish is greatly affected by it. Stress in a baby fish can be a great reason for its death. You should have some plants and pebbles or anything else for your baby fish to hide.

Because when fish that they are not secured or any kind of fear, they hide behind some object. Gravel can be the best thing for them to lay, sleep as well as for hiding.

Extra space

Your aquarium should be large to give every fish a proper place to swim. Aquatic animals have a vast world below water and it would be injustice with them to prison them in your home small aquariums. They must be given a proper and vacant space to let them feel that they are in the sea.

A large space will help them gain confidence. They will not feel shy to swim freely and enjoy the place they are living in. Some of the baby fish also fight for their space and die.

Enough space is key to their growth and well-being which many people don’t understand. A baby fish living in a lot of space will grow faster and will be more active than that of the fish living in a congested area.

Some people don’t understand this thing but it is the biggest secret to baby fish growth. Practice it and must inform the world about your experience. Also, a bigger fish aquarium will not become dirty earlier.

As space is large and the fish nitrogenous waste goes aside. While in smaller aquariums, obviously, space is less and waste accumulate earlier in a smaller area more. Even if waste gets settles down in a small tank, it comes up floating with only a slight disturbance.

The nitrogenous waste is very harmful to baby fish and they have a life risk because of it. So, either you want to have a small amount of fish in your aquarium or large, the aquarium should be of a medium or a bigger size.

It will not only benefit the baby fish but also you would not have to buy another aquarium for your future pet fish. Take a big aquarium at once and spend multiple years with different pet fish.

Proper temperature

You know that a little baby is vulnerable to temperature extremes. Every living body can live on specific temperatures with slight ups and downs. Although their body is designed for bearing the low and high temperatures but to some extent.

But as for as a fish baby is concerned, a proper temperature should be controlled. Otherwise, baby fish can’t grow and survive. Proper temperature maintenance is a must for the steady growth of a baby fish.

If you don’t have any heater for your aquarium, then it is better to buy one before establishing an aquarium. Care for your baby fish and help them grow up fast. You will see incredible results in their growth after adopting these things.

Feed high energy, balanced food

Daily feeding of good and healthy fish food has a great impact on baby fish growth. Proper food is very essential for the growth and life of every living creature. You can feed a few drops of Infusoria to your baby fish several times a day when they are newborn.

After they grew a little bit more, you can set up the feeding schedules of your fish. Don’t overfeed your fish. Feed little fish with fish food, crushed flakes, and other varieties. Food should be of high quality and crushed finely if it is large enough for their little mouth.

You can feed with the help of a dropper or you can use a toothpick also. After that, you can leave doing it when the fish understand to pick and grab their food.

Feed a baby fish three times a day as they need food frequently. A baby shrimp can be a good, tasty, and healthy feed for little fish. It can also help in the proper and fast growth of your pet fish.

If you are feeding them with fish flakes, then try feeding several times a day instead of putting so much food at the same time. The baby fish will not eat food like that. Instead baby will prefer that you feed them small frequent food several times.

This can help in proper feeding and also there will be no food mess inside the aquarium. Also, the fish don’t eat the softened fish flakes. So, it is useless to put so much food all at once.

You can put some spinach leaves or some other in your aquarium. So that the baby can eat it if required.

Provide light

A proper light is very important for the aquarium plants which are the best hiding place for a little fish. They shouldn’t be too much light inside the aquarium. It should have the options to dim.

The lights will not only keep the plants from decaying but also keep the fry active. Light can be one of the things that can help a little fish to avoid getting infectious diseases.

Because one of the suitable conditions for infectious microbes to grow is the dark place. The fish which is mostly kept in dark also develop spine issues.

When there will be enough light and proper cleanliness, the infectious microbes will not grow. Ultimately the weak baby fish will also remain protected from infectious disease. Indeed, when there will be no disease the little fish will grow fast and with good health.

Must Consider Aeration

An aquarium should be at a place where there is proper aeration. Aquatic animals live in water and this doesn’t really mean that they didn’t need any oxygen. Every living organism needs oxygen to breathe and survive which is a fact.

There is oxygen in the water that’s why fish live there and sometimes come up to take oxygen from outside and release a CO2  bubble. If there is no proper air going to a fish aquarium than think yourself that how can a living creature survive there.

So, always place the aquarium at the airy place and let fish live comfortably. You can also use mild air stones in a fish aquarium. It will benefit your little fish to breathe and stay in the comfort zone. Good aeration promotes growth too. You can add an oxygen pump too.

Take Care of Their Health

You should also take great care of your fish. By doing all of the above steps you are taking good care. But if the little one is constantly at the bottom of the aquarium, then this is the indication of poor health and bad water conditions.

Water should be clean and clear from impurities. You can maintain proper water quality by checking your aquarium’s water condition using the water test kit.

Change water every week and keep it clean. Besides this, keep on doing the slight water changes as well. Don’t grab the fish baby in your hands many times. If you want to play with them, wash your hand and then you can touch the baby with slight hands.

If you have to change the water and you practice taking out the little fish with your hands, then stop this thing from now on. Try scooping them out with a small bowl like equipment or any other available thing like a net.

Provision of Clean Water

Clean water is a must because fry has to live in it. No fish can grow properly if it is living in the water contaminated with their own waste in a large amount. Water can be contaminated by other things like dead plants, harmful compounds, etc.

Usually, people use a filter for aquarium cleanliness. But you have such a little life in water than it is dangerous to use a filter. Because strong flow or suction can damage the fins of little ones. Even in some cases, their little body gets stuck and they become dead.

Don’t afraid, you should know that there are many simple types of filters which can be used in an aquarium with small animals. You can use the sponge filter for a little pet and everything would be fine.

It cannot harm the little fish at all and also keep the water clean o if you are have some other type of filter for the aquarium then you should cover it with some piece of cloth.

The best way to keep the water clean to change it after time to time. There is even no need for any big filter for your aquarium water with small fish babies.

How long does it take for baby fish to grow?

It depends on different species as they reach their maturity level at different stages. Yet, I have given a  growth chart of the most common aquarium fish in the very first heading of this article so that you can get a convenience.

According to an estimation, it takes about 4 to 6 weeks for the fish to become an adult fish. At this stage, they have gained maturity in feeding their selves properly and defend for their own. At this time, fish is also ready to be introduced to any tank with other fish.

Final words

I am just loving to write about the growth information about baby fish. I hope you guys also liked this detailed information. Take good care of your pet fish and help them grow bigger fast.

Caring a little one is always lovely. Now, apply this guide to your little baby fish in an aquarium.

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