How to Use Gravel Cleaner in Aquarium

How to Use Gravel Cleaner in Aquarium?

How to Use Gravel Cleaner in Aquarium?

A gravel cleaner is really great equipment for aquariums, especially when you have to change some water portions. They are best to remove dirt from water, clean gravel properly, and change water portions.

It is really hectic to clean the water manually. Substrate cleaning seems to be almost impossible without a cleaner. Gravel is small and numerous in number, and it is impossible to clean it without a cleaner.

How to Use Gravel Cleaner in Aquarium?

First of all, you should need to know that what is a gravel cleaner. It is equipment which people use to siphon the waste material from the aquarium substrate. It is also used to remove the messy water for water changes. You should buy the best gravel cleaner for your aquarium.

It consists of a plastic siphon that is attached to an airline tubing. It is a simple equipment, but it works really great.

It actually works by using the force of gravity and hydrostatic pressure. It has a special physics behind its simple and unique design, which works really great.

The process creates a pull upwards on the suction cup, and the mess goes down from the pipe on the tubing. The process goes on and cleans all of the waste from gravel.

How to use the Gravel Vacuum?  

First of all, take out the cleaner and wash it properly. You have to make the siphon process started. First of all, remove all the air bubbles from the suction cup. You must prepare to use a gravel cleaner in the aquarium.

Don’t insert the suction cups upside down into the aquarium because it can create bubbles and stop functioning. Hold it straight and let the liquid fill inside it slowly.

Do it thrice, and all of the bubbles will remove, and your equipment will be ready to use. You can also place the big tube or suction cup horizontally to remove all the air bubbles.

Put the air tubing’s end into a bucket for drainage of dirty liquid. The water will start going out of the aquarium through the cleaner air tube.

Now put the suction cup on the substrate and move it; all of the dirt from gravel come up and go down to the pipe into a bucket. Do the same for the entire mini stones placed in your aquarium.

Make sure that the little fish are not coming in that siphon. In case any little fish mistakenly come inside, you have a bucket where the water drained water is coming out. You can take out the little fish from that dirty water with the help of a net.

Clean up all of the anywhere waiting with the help of this cleaner. If it is not pumping the dirt up, fold the air tubing slightly and release, repeat the same, it will act like a pump pulling the dirty water.

Before you start this process, make sure that the glass walls of your aquarium are clean. If they are not clean, the dirt from the glass and dirt will mix in the water, and the cleaner will remove the dirty water.

The cleaner will not only remove the dirt from gravel but also suck the wasted food lying there. Then your aquarium will be the best place to live for your fish.  

Safety Steps to Take While Clearing Gravel

Here I’m going to share some of the safety tips to take care of while doing your aquarium’s deep cleaning.

  • Make sure you unplug all the heaters, pumps, and filters.
  • Make sure not to disturb all the fish cleaning.
  • If your aquarium has floating plants in it, then remove them first.
  • Make sure that the drained water from the bucket does not overflow.
  • You can do an extra thing to get the siphon tube with the safety valve so that you can on-off it to keep it from flowing extra large quantities of water.
  • Otherwise, you can also take a tube clip that can stop the water from the end. It can also protect a little fish from getting flowed out of the tank.

Benefits of Using an Aquarium Vacuum

The benefits of using this equipment are so much to describe. Here, we will tell you some of the main benefits of using it.

  • First of all, an aquarium vacuum cleans the main dirtiest part of your aquarium, the gravel.
  • It removes all the dirt, debris, waste, and extra food from aquarium water.
  • It is best to change some portions of water daily. When you change water slightly, its pH and temperature will remain perfect, and pet fish stay protected from stress conditions.
  • You don’t need to take all of the aquarium accessories out and cleaning them then. You need to put the water cleaner inside and clean the entire aquarium.
  • You can clean any of the single corner or area of your tank.
  • You can remove water-dirt rather than scooping the recently filtered clean water on the above of the tank. You can clean the specific areas that you want.

Final words

This is how you can use a gravel cleaner in your aquarium and clean it completely. We have given some of the best products for you in this article. Also, benefits and safety tips are given here for using a gravel vacuum. Read the guide completely and clean up your aquarium using a gravel cleaner now.

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