What are the Different Types of Aquarium Heaters

What are the Different Types of Aquarium Heaters?

What are the Different Types of Heaters – Which one to Buy? 

An aquarium heater is the most essential equipment. You cannot deny its importance And must have to value this great device.

So many people were asking me about different types of heaters and confused about buying one heater for their aquarium.  

Now a day, you have multiple options for gadgets. Similarly, there are different types of heaters as well. Like there are submersible, immersible, substrate, and filter heater types.

We finally decided to write on this interesting topic. So, let’s begin;

What are the Different Types of Aquarium Heaters? 

There are four different types of aquarium heaters which are;

Submersible Heaters 

As it is clear from the name, these heaters can be submerged in aquarium water completely. These are long, slender tube-like heaters that you can stick to the inner aquarium walls through suction cups.

You can also attach them with the help of a few clips. This heater entirely submerses in water, so it is more effective than any other type of heater. 

You can put this equipment at any angle, but it is better to place it horizontally so that its thermostat can work at its best level.

You will be easily able to read the actual temperature of the heater and switch it on and off at the right time. 

Immersible Heaters

The second type is immersible ones. These heaters consist of a glass tube with a heating coil in it, wound in a ceramic or glass insert.

Some of its types are submersible having sand in it, while other types are hanging heaters. They have one side of the aquarium and heat the water.

While some are just immersing in the unit’s waterline mark, they consume about 50 to 300 watts.  

Substrate Heaters

As it is clear from the name, people bury this heater beneath the substrate of the aquarium. Either it is sand or gravel, but this heater beneath them and obtain a high-temperature result.

They come up with a flexible cable with a heating material that you place beneath the gravel to achieve the desired results.

The cable produces heat radiations to increase the temperature of the aquarium water. This equipment is best for the planted aquariums yet not sufficient for the fish aquariums.

It is not so effective in providing a high or warm temperature. It is only useful when the fish keep sitting on the gravel, which is warm enough because of the heated wire.

But every fish is not so intelligent, even if they are; they will not sit at one place all the time because fish love to swim all around.

Plant roots get real comfort when the substrate is warm; they grow and nourish well in this situation.      

Filter Heaters  

These are not proper heaters over time mixture of filter and heater both. However, they are two in one but not so much the best in providing sufficient heat.

They are like the canister and power filters. The mechanism of this heater is; it filters water in the aquarium along with the heating process.

So, the clean water comes out of the filter, but it is warm as well. In this way, this heater works in double action. 

These are all four types of water heaters. You can choose any other one which you like the most. In my opinion, submersible heaters are the best ones.

They give us the best results as well as indicate to us about everything. They are modern and fits safety standards as well. I also use submersible heaters in my aquarium rather than the other ones.

Are Aquarium Heaters Waterproof?

Definitely Yes, so many of the aquarium heaters available at online stores are waterproof. In addition, some of the types of heaters are immersible to a certain level of water.

But yes, they are also waterproof. Submersible heaters are the best because they can completely submerge in water without any problem.

They have a high safety level for your fish, as well as the tank decorations and plants. You should also choose a submersible heater for your aquarium.

If you want to select another one, then choice Is significantly a personal matter, and of course, you can choose other ones.

How Does Aquarium Heater Works?

An aquarium heater converts electrical energy into heat energy. The generating heat causes the water to become warm.

The water must be in proper circulation while the heater is working so that the entire stream can become warm.

The best place to put the heater is near the filter. The warm water distributes all the way around in a fish tank because of the screen.

This product is essential for the tropical tank ecosystem because tropical fish cannot live without it. The other thing you should do is cover your aquarium.

Keep your aquarium in a warm place or cover the insulating material around it. The other thing that you can do is to keep your fish in a small tank when it is cold outside.

How Much Watts a Fish Aquarium Heater Consumes?

Before purchasing a heater for your aquarium, you must know how much watts it consumes. You will surprise to see that it also depends upon your tank size.

You must have an estimate of how much watts a heater should consume for your fish tank according to its size. For example, you will need 2.5 to 5 watts of power to heat each one gallon of your tank.

The watts consumption by the heater can vary depending upon the size of your aquarium. For example, in a small tank of about 10 gallons, the heater needs 25 to 50 watts of power.

In a large tank of about 70 gallons, the heater requires about 175 to 350 watts of power. The wattage consumption also depends upon the temperature of your room.

If your aquarium room is warm enough at about 75 degrees, then you will need just a small heater to increase the temperature of your aquarium water.

What is the Importance of A Heater in a Fish Tank?

Nobody can deny the importance of water heaters in an aquarium. The proper right temperature is essential for the health and, most of all, the survival of your fish.

When the temperature of aquarium water becomes cold, tropical fish can’t survive in this situation. They get into trouble with swimming and eating as well.

The cold temperature of the water can kill them. Fish are the most delicate species, and their care is critical.

That is why you install different types of aquarium heaters in your fish tank. A stable and warm temperature is quite difficult to maintain without the help of a radiator.

It allows your fish to stay alive with a happy life and free of diseases. So many fish diseases already eradicate when the temperature of water in which they are living is right.

How to Choose the Best Heater for Your Aquarium?

Take into consideration just a few things, and our best heater will be in your hands within no time.

Heater with the Equipped thermometer 

I always prefer to buy a radiator with a thermostat because this kind of heater has an alarm sound in them.

They beep when the temperature fluctuates. It also notifies you when the heat is going below the normal ranges.

It helps you not keep an eye on temperature fluctuations manually but to get a notification for a quick turning ON of the heater. This is a must if you are keeping a fish tank outside in the cold.


Ensure that the aquarium heater you are going to buy is durable enough not to get a break. Because sometimes the glass types of heaters break when they become warm.

In such cases, a heater protector/ guard is essential to use. Some of the radiators are strong but not efficient enough to heat correctly.

Submersible heaters are the best in strength and heating the water at safe levels without harming your fish, plants, and even decorations.

While there are some other heaters other than submersible ones which are highly durable and efficient, you can choose any of the ones which you find useful, but the thing is, it should be permanent.

High quality 

Quality should be the best when you are spending your money on some products. For example, make sure to buy a high-quality brand heater to prevent overheating.

Because the right products always last longer, and people praise them as well. An excellent product is truly a blessing for what you have paid. You should know the average price of an aquarium heater.


Using a water heater in an aquarium is extremely easy. You just have to understand the things that I am explaining to you in this article. Buy a heater by keep clicking here. Good luck.

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