My name is Jordan and I am doing fish keeping since I was 16. I enjoy and love this hobby too much. Now, after the experience of about 20 years, I have started my own shop where I sell fish and their equipment.

Whypetfish.com is based on fish facts, fish food, fish-related equipment, fish tanks, live fish, and accessories. We are committed to our customers to provide them with the best.

Our team includes fish veterinarians and highly qualified professionals in all aspects and related to any queries related to this. All of our staff hold degrees in fish management and their related issues, water biologists, and other professionals.

We provide all of the information for beginners and experts who have fish aquariums in their homes for years. You can face any problem related to fish health, food, cleanliness of fish tanks, and related things like these.

We have started with the following categories:

How To:  In this section, we have answered thousands of questions that we receive on a daily basis.

Best Equipment:  In this category, you will find high-quality products, we have added detailed reviews to top-rated items.

Best Live Pet Fish:  You can buy live fish from this section. We have added hundreds of fantastic ideas and you can choose according to your requirement. Many people also add aquarium shrimp in their tanks and they look amazing.

Fish Facts: This is a detailed section where have added details and real facts about these cute pets including snails.

Aquarium Plants: Everyone wants to have plants in their aquarium. These articles will help you choose suitable aquarium plants for your home.

We are always here to provide you with the correct information and responding to your questions. We would love to know your queries and reply to them in a detailed article.

Furthermore, you can give any useful suggestions for us if you want. You can read the latest articles on our blog.

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