Can a Goldfish and a Turtle Live Together?

Can a Goldfish and a Turtle Live Together?

Here are 5 real facts about keeping a goldfish with a turtle. Both of these are cute pets, and you will enjoy their company.

Can a Goldfish and a Turtle Live Together? Yes, a goldfish and a turtle can live together. If you keep them together, you can enjoy many unforgettable moments of their companionship. They can live together in an open and wide place, but it is difficult for them to live in a small place.

So it means that if you are keeping them in a pond or pool, they can live with each other while keeping them in an aquarium is difficult for both because both can harm each other.

Can a Goldfish and a Turtle Live Together?

The place in which you are keeping them together must be wide and open so that both can live freely and independently.

If you have less space for them, you must compromise on the quantity and keep only that number of both that can easily live in the specialized space you occupy for them, whether it may be a pond or aquarium. They can not live in tap water, so you must add a filter.

The place where you are keeping them must have special filters that can filter the water properly because both are present in this water excretory material.

That is necessary to filter on a priority basis because this waste material can disturb the life of both as they are in that water so they can inhale it or can eat it.

The area of their living must be near to you so that you can keep an eye on them. If they fight or feel uncomfortable with each other after noticing, you can change their living place.

They can only stay together if both are compromising and habitual to live in a community, but if they are alone, so it is difficult for them to be with each other.

What kind of turtles can live with a fish?

It can live with turtles but not with all of their kinds. But it can live only with a few particular types that are friendly.

Redbelly turtles can live with fish, these are friendly and courteous to others, but more importantly, they are shy because they take some time to adjust to other water pets.

Once they are used to this situation, they can become friends in the same aquarium and pond and even share their food.

Another kind that can live with them in the same task is Peninsula Cooter. They like to live in a community, but conditions must keep in clear view and properly follow when you try to keep them together.

Fewer species can also live with them, but they become aggressive more often, so there is a great chance to keep them with other pets.

Goldfish and Turtle in the same tank

Keeping both at the same place is an interesting task, so to perform this task, the area must also be exciting and beautiful, either small or large. So to build a beautiful combine living for both of your pets, you need to follow the below-mentioned strategy:

The tank you choose must be of the highest quality; if you choose an aquarium made of glass, you must check the glass’s quality.

Turtles are reptiles in nature; they love to live under the mud, so for their comfort, you have to spread it in such a way that it can completely hide in it.

Soil becomes cold due to continuous water over it; that’s why this kind of reptiles live in it. The soil you spread must be clean and pure, then grow plants that attract the water pets. After that, add stones in it that gives a natural look to your tank.

There must be proper space for both pets; the tank must be wide enough to entertain both of them for water and food.

If you fear that they may fight with each other, you can also make a wall that can divide the tank into two halves. This wall could be of glass or bricks, which you like the most, but if you made the glass wall, then there is a chance that you can remove it after some time.

From the wall, both can see each other and get familiar with each other, so if you remove the wall after a few days, they will accept each other heartedly.

If you are separating the tank, then you have to add a water filtration system on both sides. So the atmosphere could remain good on both sides. When you plan to remove the separation, you should not do this immediately.

At first, you remove this for one to two hours and then gradually increase the time, but when you notice that they get attached and compatible with one another, can it permanently.

So you need to add the ideal amount of food that is enough for both and try best possible to give them fresh food after every 6 to 8 hours that is good for their immunity. They can eat similar foods, as they both are aquatic and similar choices.

Will a turtle eat my goldfish?

Along with advantages, there are also a few disadvantages to keep them together. The main disadvantage is that if they do not adjust, they will kill each other or the fish can have a heart attack.

Not only can the turtle kill it, but the fish also kills it with her bones pinching in his head. If the fish becomes aggressive, it is more dangerous than the turtle and it can also bite you.

Turtles are not aggressive; it becomes rude due to continuous disturbance from the other side. So, in other words, it is risky to keep them together, and without precautions, risk enhances much more.


If you keep together, you can enjoy the naughty acts of both at the same time. They can adjust to a small place and give a beautiful look to your house.

They provide an attractive look to the place where you keep them. Keeping both at the same place is cheap for you because both can survive in a similar environment and eat the same type. So in the expense and space of one, you can enjoy the company of both.

They are not too rude and noisy, so become your best companion, and the turtle is active than others, so it gives you an extra favor that is guarding your house in your absence. So keeping both is useful and advantageous for you.