Can a Goldfish Live in Mason Jar?

Can a Goldfish Live in Mason Jar?

Here are real facts about adding a goldfish to a mason jar. You have to add all the required items in the jar for your fish.

Can a Goldfish Live in Mason Jar? Yes, a goldfish can live in a mason jar. A fish cannot live in a close pot without providing a proper diet plan. You have to set up a filtering mechanism, growing aquatic plant, and excellent oxygen supply to make it healthy and happy.

There are different sizes of mason jars available in the market. You can buy a suitable size and shape of the container according to your need. These are available in many colors; you have to buy such a jar that your pet likes the most.

Can a Goldfish Live in Mason Jar?

You can put a single goldfish in a mason jar to avoid any disturbance. It should have a large surface area so that your fish can get a proper supply of oxygen.

Your pet excretes a massive amount of ammonia so, the large size of the vessel is best. In this way, your pet can get the required oxygen and not go out of its little house.

For building a small tank, you have to require air stone, plants, a filtering machine, food color (blue), ornaments for decoration.

First, you have to put an air stone in it and then fix the gravel’s aquatic plant roots. Add water and food color for beautifying the pot. After completing the material, place the pet in it.

Maintaining Water Quality in Mason Jar

As we know, clean water is an essential component to maintain the health of your pet. They excrete a lot of waste material in the form of ammonia. This ammonia then converts into nitrites and then nitrates that are harmful.

These two components then reduce the level of oxygen and make the water unhealthy for your pet. In this case, you have to test the nitrogen level regularly to maintain the quality of water. You can buy a nitrogen testing kit from the market.

The regular changing of container water will help to strengthen their health. You can use cleaner to remove the waste material lying at the lower surface of the container.

Nowadays, every pet lover is installing an RO plant in their house to look after their pets. You should supply the water treated with the RO plant.

It will help to lower the level of the nitrogen cycle. Also, remember to check the temperature of water to avert stress and causality. This is a must otherwise, a black goldfish can turn orange.

The attractive environment in the jar

Recent researches revealed that aquatic animals remain happy to see its beautiful decorated container.

You can add art design texture to the pot to increase its excitement. Adding something like an artificial plant or duck will improve mental health. Goldfish can live with guppies in this environment.

She will actively swim around the pot. You cannot make a drastic cartoon around the container.

You can spend time with your pet to make her happy. Touching and clapping in front of it will make her active and smiling. Tropical fish can live in cold water but different species have different temperature requirements.

You can install a small flexible tube light around the pot. It will make her happy. You have to set the timetable for switching on and off the light.

It will help them to complete their sleeping time. You can set up another container to make the environment lovely for them. You can give popular names to your fish.

Add food for goldfish

Its diet mostly consists of a high level of carbohydrates. You can feed it twice or thrice in a day. Most of the owners make a food menu for them to maximize their health. An imbalanced diet can cause death.

Not giving them sufficient and healthy food will increase their stress levels. The food menu comprises algae, plant leaves, small insects, and snails. Fresh fruits (grapes, apples) and vegetables (carrots, lettuce) will improve their urinary tract, and goldfish and koi can mate easily.

You should cook and chop the hard food so that they can digest normally. Some protein-rich ingredients may cause severe problems.

You can make different recipes like gelatin and feed them according to a diet plan. When you give food to them, you should keep your eyes on them to notice their activity. A variation in the diet will make their internal metabolic system balanced.

Adding aquatic flora in the jar

Aquatic flora is a vital source of the exchange of gases in the container. It provides oxygen to and minimizes the level of nitrates in the pot.

They use less amount of oxygen than other large fish. Consuming less oxygen will help it to digest its food on time. It will also help in fast swimming. 

For planting, add some air stone that holds the root of the plant. First, you have to clean the air stone and make a suitable layer in the container. The air stone can lower the toxicity level of gases in the pot.

You can sow different types of aquarium plants like Hornwort, Java Moss, and Anubias Barteri. These different kinds of aquatic plants need no extra care and can grow at room temperature.

Cleaning Mason jar on time

You have to clean the pot every four to five days that will help to maintain the environment. The dirty look of the container and the increasing level of nitrates can cause stress.

A filter machine is not enough to clean the pot. If you notice your pet starts misbehaving and swimming slowly, you should clean a vessel. You can use a sponge to suck the dust or debris. Use a vacuum cleaner as it can clean the fungus and bacteria.

You should follow the guidelines while cleaning the container else your pet can die. You have to remove the filters and artificial plants using a sponge to clean the vessel’s inside.

Now replace 25 percent of the old water and add new water. You can add aquarium salts to improve the habitat. Complete this process slowly because sudden change may affect their health.

Size requirements

It needs a large area to live a happy and healthy life, making some changes to make it possible.

The diameter of the jar’s mouth should be large enough to install a filter machine. Because of its small size, you can easily carry it with yourself. You can also place it in your car.

Due to large space availability, you can grow plants and add ornaments in it. It can find enough space to swim regularly. You do not need to clean the pot every day because the available space can keep the waste material for some time.


The bad quality of water will increase the chances of its death, so you have to test the water quality. The pH of the water should be neutral.

The increasing level of ammonia can be toxic for your pet. It can cause gill injury. You can minimize it by only cleaning the pot regularly.