Can Goldfish Eat Cabbage?

Can Goldfish Eat Cabbage?

Here are the pros and cons of feeding cabbage to goldfish. In this article, we have added easy methods of giving cabbage to a fish.

Can Goldfish Eat Cabbage? Yes, goldfish can eat cabbage. You should clean the cabbage and cut it into small pieces, and boil it before giving it to your fish. Goldfish like to eat raw cabbage in tiny amounts.

Feeding your goldies a healthy and delicious diet with proper planning makes them healthier and happy. You make a nutrition plan for your aquarium fish to keep them strong and provide a healthy life. It is easy that your goldfish gets its food from the pellets and flakes.

Cabbage is a rich source of fibers, water, and other components. It is useful for their delicate digestive process helps remove the waste material from their bodies.

If their food does not contain fibers, it is difficult to remove the waste. You can give cabbage to fish frequently whenever they needed. Feed them the tiny chops will be sufficient to meet their nutritional requirements.

Can Goldfish Eat Cabbage?

Goldfish are omnivore aquarium fish; this indicates that they like to eat plants such as fruits, vegetables, and meat.

Cabbage is a good source of vitamins, minerals, and fibers. It is suitable for your fish when you give these veggies the proper amount and a fixed duration with better guidelines. 

Pros and Cons of Cabbage for goldfish

Cabbage belongs to a family Brassica having a leafy or oval appearance. Goldfish contain a delicate digestive system, and this vegetable is good to maintain their digestive tract healthier. 

It also acts as a laxative/ purgative if you give it to the goldfish, then use the proper quantity at frequent intervals. You make sure that not to feed them daily. If you present the wrong amount without due care, it may upset their digestive tract.

How to feed cabbage to a goldfish?

Cabbage is also a good food source for fish because these are rich in nutrition and going toward the bottom of the fish tank.

Selection and cleaning of the cabbage

When choosing the vegetables, you make some observations on them. The cabbage is a beneficial diet for goldfish and helpful to relieve if your Goldies are constipated. You select the fresh, greenish, and attractive cabbage for your goldfish.

The most important point while feeding this vegetable to your goldfish is to make clean them. Most of the vegetables you buy from the market are unclean full of dirt, bacteria, and pesticides.

Avoid the cabbage from any pests and diseases and have a blemish mark on the leaves. If you have a leafy vegetable such as cabbage, you can easily clean it with water. You fill the bowl of water, put the vegetable in it, and wash or place it under the tap water.

You assure that after cleaning, dry it thoroughly for the chlorine content accumulation.

Prepare the cabbage

When these are thoroughly clean and dry, then prepare them according to the suitable instruction. These are serving in different forms, such as raw form or cooked form.

Cut it into small pieces and provide it to your goldfish. The large pieces can stick in the throat or intestine tract of the fish causes them to choke to death.

You always prefer the small fine form of the cabbage as compare to the large-sized form. You can give it in the form of raw, cooked, or microwave it.

 Goldfish can eat cooked cabbage

It is an opportunity for you to feed soft and smooth food to your goldfish to facilitate their digestive system. It is the best point for you to understand while giving it to your pet fish.

You can break the leaf and then boil it and offer it to your goldfish. It is a convenient, easy, and less time-consuming process. 

Microwaving is also a preferable method to soften the food that helpful for your goldfish. Put the small amount of water and cabbage in it and then microwave it for a few seconds to soften it facilitates your Goldies feeding. 

Raw cabbage for goldfish

The raw form is also a suitable method for your goldfish. You can cut them into finely chopped shapes and place them into the aquarium. Goldfish has a small mouth and a sensitive digestive system. You chop the cabbage into fine bits that can fit in the mouth of the fish.

How much and how often to feed cabbage to goldfish?

Goldfish have a good appetite and feed anything which you provide at that time. You should make sure to offer the food twice a day in proper amount containing the flakes or pellets with the fruits and vegetable blend with it.

It is essential to know that you cannot add any spices to spice up the diet anyway. You take enough food to drop into the fish tank like a pinch. Sometimes, you put the one leaf of cabbage into the tank, which sinks in the water, but it may cause overfeeding problems.

You can follow the rule of thumb for them. You make pieces of one life in such a form that goldfish finish it around 2 minutes and put it into the tank or chopped cabbage into small pieces or the size equal to the goldfish size of the eye that is sufficient for them.

It has laxative properties give them frequently, not daily. Fish like to eat bananas and they are good for digestion.

Points to Remember before Feeding Cabbage to Fish

  • You use fresh cabbage for your aquarium pets always.
  • These are free of pesticides and any microbes that harm your goldfish.
  • It should be soft and smooth by the warm water or by boiling it.
  • You can also give it by microwave the cabbage.
  • Use the proper amount, otherwise cause digestive issues.
  • You need to clean the cabbage thoroughly and dry it.
  • Present it to the goldfish in the finely chopped form

Nutritional value

It contains favorable elements that are good for the health of a goldfish. It has a high nutritional value and a complete balanced diet for the fish. Cabbage contains a bulk of fibers, vitamin K and C, all with few calories that are effective for your fish.

It also makes their bones strong and enhances bone development. One cup of chopped cabbage contains around 50 to 53% of vitamin C nutrients. Red cabbage is the best source of beta carotene.

Prevent them from overfeeding

Overfeeding is a life threat for goldfish because they do not have a stomach and have a digestion problem. Goldfish overeating causes some serious digestive issues such as dysentery problems. You can give garlic to your pet fish for better results.

You make the aquarium clean even after the chopped form of cabbage, some amount of food remain in the uneaten shape and sink at the bottom. To keep the water neat and clean, you have to remove that from the fish tank. If you cannot remove it at a time, the tank water becomes murky. 


The final remarks are that cabbage is also a good diet for your aquarium fish. You provide care to the fish while feeding and use according to the instruction, and the proper amount is suitable to them. You can give it frequently, not in its daily routine.

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