How to Clean Aquarium Bubble Wand

How to Clean Aquarium Bubble Wand?

How to Clean Aquarium Bubble Wand?

It is essential to keep your aquarium bubble wand clean so that it can work at its best. The large amount of bubbles look very beautiful in a fish tank.

There are so many impurities in the fish tank that can clog the bubble wand holes. For the proper working, its holes should be clear from dirt.

You can easily clean the aquarium bubble wand using different methods and techniques. Scrub your bubble wand using a brush and vinegar solution. Soak it in liquid soap for some time. Use salts and other tactics as well. This is how your wand can become clean easily.

How to Clean Aquarium Bubble Wand?

To clean equipment with holes is a little bit difficult task, but we will make it easier for you. Today, is going to share a complete guide about cleaning your aquarium’s bubble wand. 

This equipment is highly useful in reviving your aquarium with oxygen and keeping the water moving. It helps your fish to stay active and enjoy their home aquarium. Moving water keeps your fish happy.

The bubble wands lose their effectiveness when they get exposed to a high amount of dirt and fish waste. It can stop the bubbles and make the wand look dirty and decrease the beauty of your beautiful aquarium.

Keeping things clean not only make your tank worth looking at but also keeps your fish healthy and wealthy.

Here are some of the useful ways of cleaning your tank.

Scrubbing with Liquid Soap and Brush 

First of all, take out your equipment from the fish aquarium. Rinse it with fresh water. It will remove the excess dirt on the wand. 

After doing this, hold a small round brush and a liquid soap for proper cleaning of your bubble wand.

Apply the liquid soap what dishwasher on the round toothbrush is. Then use this toothbrush to clean the holes of the bubble wand.

Glass wands are sensitive, so do not apply full pressure on them so that they may not break. Use the toothbrush gently to clean the outside of the rod.

Also, insert it inside with slow motion. Clean the circles with gentle hands pressure. The brush bristles will remove the clogged dirt effectively.

Only in some cases, this method remains less useful when the wand gets clogged with dirt for several months. 

Otherwise, the brush can remove the clogged debris, algae, and other impurities amazingly. If this method is not working for your bubble wand, then go for further purposes.

Use Vinegar Solution 

Take the pure vinegar bottle or the edible one with from your kitchen cabinet. Take the vinegar solution in the bottle cap and pour it into a cup. 

Now add some water to dilute it. Gently pour or apply the solution on the bubble wand. Leave it for about half an hour.

After this time, again, use the roller brush to remove the sticky dirt. Not only will the earth remove, but it will also eliminate the fishy smell from the tube.

You are equipment will be perfectly clean after doing this method. Take care not to put the original and concentrated vinegar solution on the bubble wand.  

Using Bleach Solution 

You can also use the bleach solution instead of the vinegar for cleaning the tank equipment. Take the concentrated bleach and make the solution with water to dilute it to some extent.

Now, soak this bubble wand in this solution for about 10 minutes. It will remove the sticky residues inside the bubble tube.

It will also clean the pits in the bubble wand. If it has suction cups attached to it, then take care not to soak them along with the tube.

Because they can lose their elasticity and sticking power to the glass. Never let any acidic solution to fall over the suction cups.

Boiling Method 

If you have nothing available in your home and you have hardly some time to clean your fish tank, then put the bubble wand in boiling water.

Boiling water will remove the algae, kill the fungus bacteria, clean fish waste, and remove bad odor too.

After it, you can wash it with water pressure coming from the tap. It will simply and easily clean up your desired equipment.

Use Soaking Method 

Put some dishwasher in water and soak the thing you want to get clean. It will remove the sticky fish poop and algae.

Hence, a transparent bubble wand will be in front of you within half an hour. Make sure to use the top quality dishwasher, which will not have the chemicals mixed in its ingredients. 

Try Using Cleaning Tablets 

Also, there are some cleaning tablets available which you can get online. These are the aquarium denture cleaning tablets.

These tablets not only clean the water but also effect on the equipment to make them clean from bacteria germs and dirt.

These tablets are quite efficient and helpful for the quick and easy cleaning process.

Apply Simple Salt Solution 

Take one tablespoon of table salt and mix it in a cup of water. It will be your concentrated salt solution. 

Pour this solution on your fish tank’s bubble wand and then clear it with some cloth or brush. If this method is not working, then soak it in this solution.

You should give about twenty minutes to it for proper and accurate cleaning. After that, wash it with the tap water and again set it inside your aquarium.

What are the Precautions for Cleaning Bubble Wand?

  • Make sure to clean the wand gently so that it may not break or get damaged by cracks.
  • In the boiling method, never boil it in the microwave oven because it can crack the glass.         
  • Always use diluted acid solutions for cleaning this equipment because it is sensitive.
  • Apply less pressure while handling it in your hands.
  • If your bubble band wears suction cups, then make sure not to dip them in any solution. Otherwise, they will lose their efficiency.
  • Never insert your finger in bubble wand holes, use a toothbrush or a small object instead.
  • A plastic bubble wand can get damaged in the microwave or excessive boiling. So, always take care of this thing.
  • Follow the precautions and never neglect your safety while cleaning a fish tank.
  • Wear gloves while cleaning any equipment, especially bubble wands. 

That is how you can clean your aquarium bubble band easily at your home without any stressful effort.

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