How to Keep Koi Fish Alive in Winter?

How to Keep Koi Fish Alive in Winter?

The Koi are rapidly growing tiny creatures. They have different behavior during various seasons. 

How to Keep Koi Fish Alive in Winter? In general, you can keep Koi fish alive in winter through deeper tanks and heating devices. Adjust the solar covers on the fish tank and build a greenhouse. Use the indoor tanks and keep them healthy with a de-icer and a balanced diet. 

They are vulnerable to Koi during the winter seasons. All of them require maintenance in all types of water tank setups. 

How to Keep Koi Fish Alive in Winter?

I have explained 11 easy methods with which you can keep a Koi fish alive in winter. 

Use a Deep tank setup

The deeper tanks are excellent for the living experience of a Koi fish in winter. However, it cannot survive in less water when the temperature is below 49 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, they require proper shelter to live without any problem.

Ensure that the tank is deep; you can select the water tanks that are at least 3 to 5 feet deep. 

These water conditions are suitable for the fish, but they also require maintenance. You cannot ignore them because it can lead to other issues.

The swimming conditions slow down in Koi during the cold seasons. This is because they have a slow metabolism, and few of them stop eating. 

The survival becomes convenient due to deep water conditions. 

Bigger tanks are better for Koi Fish

This fish grows fast than the other species. The pattern of growth increases their living demands. 

They require big water tanks at particular growth limits. You cannot adjust the bigger fish in a small tank.

They feel alive in these water circumstances. The average size of the big tank is around 200 gallons to 900 gallons of water.

They have more space for swimming and remain alive. Therefore, the survival condition is supportive in such tank situations.

Water heating

In winter conditions, the tank water gets cold. In addition, it has less oxygen due to low swimming conditions. 

The system becomes vulnerable, and it decreases the lifespan of Koi. In such situations, water heating plays a vital role.

Add a heating device to the tank. Allow the heating of water for at least 3 to 4 hours regularly. You can also install and adjust the aquarium heater inside the system.

It keeps the water warm inside the tank. As a result, the lower layers and middle portion remain warm.

Indoor Koi fish ponds

The indoor ponds are the best ways to keep them alive during the winter. However, they require maintenance and controlled conditions even in the indoor container setup.

These indoor ponds are expensive, and they have more capacities. The water containing ability of such koi fish indoor tanks is around 3000 gallons to 4200 gallons. As a result, the Koi get more space for swimming.

The internal concrete and urea provide them a place to rest. The filtration system allows cleaning of the eater, and overall the conditions are suitable for the Koi. They live longer than the outside water tank setups. 

Cover the fish tank

First, select the sides and edges of the already existing Koi pond. 

Make layers of the rocks and adjust the pipelines. Cover the lid with these objects that have enough weight.

Cover the whole pond with this solar covering. Never leave an open side and run the air pump. The degassing of the water system is essential during such conditions. 

Feed balance

The balance of the feed is necessary to keep the Koi alive in cold weather conditions. The temperature falls, and it has a direct impact on the health of a fish.

It stops eating more frequently, and the metabolism slows down. Then, finally, it goes into the resting phase, and swimming declines.

The oxygen of water enhances, but it does not distribute. Therefore, you cannot feed Koi on the regular patterns. 

Feed them once a day when the temperature falls from 40 to 50 Fahrenheit. The storage of fat inside their bodies keeps them healthy and alive. 

The wheat food is digestible, and the expert recommends these items. 

Add a de-icer

The Koi gets lazy in the winter and lies down in one corner of the tank. Less swimming also occurs due to fewer metabolisms that enhance the tank’s air. 

The presence of such bulk air is not suitable for the lifespan of Koi.

As a tank owner, it is your responsibility to remove the gases the degassing is usually happens with the help of a de-icer.

It makes holes in the ice cubes and results in the evaporation of harmful gases. The system gets stable after such removals, and you can keep them safe.

The placement of a de-icier is a challenging process. Take professional help during such activities. 

Add a holding tank

Sometimes, the temperature of the water gets cold inside the pool. Therefore, the adjustment of a fish-holding structure is beneficial in these conditions.

They have installation abilities for heating devices. The device can keep water warm inside the premises. 

The installation takes expertise, and you should consult an expert. They can hold a few fish, and you can add your favorite tiny creatures.

Keep them alive in the cold weather conditions with excellent swimming. Then, retain them in the holding tank for the hibernation period. As a result, the living conditions improve, and it survives for longer times. 

Medication for Koi Fish

The parasites can attack the Koi in winters more than in any other season. This is because they have less immunity in cold water conditions.

The attack of parasites is not beneficial for such tiny creatures, and they may die.

You have to add the medications to the tank to save them. Always put medicines, and the Koi is waking up in the water tank.

Add the material at the temperature limit of 50 to 55 Fahrenheit. These temperatures are beneficial to get parasite-free living circumstances. 

You can also provide medicated feed items to these tiny creatures, and they can live and survive in such conditions for a long time. 

Circulation of air

The circulation of air is necessary to keep the Koi alive during cold conditions. They become lazy to swim due to low temperatures. 

The inner body of the Koi does not respond to the water of the fish tank. Therefore, they remain in a still state for long periods during the day. Unfortunately, these conditions are not suitable, and eventually, they die.

You can add air pumps to the tanks. These air devices provide high levels of pressurized air. The water moves due to such instruments, and it also attracts the Koi.

The oxygen level enhances in the water tank and fish, and the tiny creature swims in this warm water effectively. It keeps them alive and happier inside the tank.

Make sure you add the air devices in the indoor tank systems. 

Greenhouse adjustment

Purchase a high-quality greenhouse cover for the tank. You can also cover the tank with polyvinyl sheets. 

The wood material also plays the same covering role. You can cover the wood with plastic sheets. It decreases the chances of water freezing inside the fish container.

They remain safe inside the tank due to the addition of a heater. It keeps the water warm, and the greenhouse cover is suitable for them.

The heavy materials keep the cover in one accurate position. As a result, the swimming efficiencies of the koi fish enhances.

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