How to Make a Betta Fish Tank in a Vase?

How to Make a Betta Fish Tank in a Vase?

Here are easy steps to make a betta fish tank in a vase. We have added the required tools and explained all the techniques in this step-by-step guide.

How to Make a Betta Fish Tank in a Vase? You can make a betta fish tank in a vase by selecting a suitable sized vase, add the plants and stones in it, mount a filter, add a heater, and add lights. Betta fish can live in a vase if you maintain the temperature and water requirements.

How to Make a Betta Fish Tank in a Vase?

Betta fish are tropical or small fish that can live in a vase. People like to place them in the bowl because of their beautiful colors and appearance.

Fish vases look attractive, delightful, and amiable and, they take less space than an aquarium. You can place the fishbowl anywhere and can change its place when you need it.

They are retail in small jars or cups, so it is vital to keep them good in a vase. Placing in a smaller bowl is a serious procedure, so you have to know about making a vase.

Material required

  • Betta fish
  • Colored stones or marble
  • Peace lily or other plants
  • Blue Gatorade
  • Vase
  • Rocks
  • Lighting
  • Filter
  • Heater

Select a suitable sized vase for betta fish

You should know about the accurate size and glass type of bowl before making a vase. You would buy a vase that is larger and looks charming. The large size vase will good for your pet fish.

If you get a larger vase, it helps the betta fish to move or swim around more conveniently. Your betta fish feels comfortable, which makes the betta a happier, healthier, and long life.

Your vase size ought to about more than five gallons. It would have space for plants, filters, and other accessories. You should get the vase that has a neck, and make sure it is not too slender.

Choose the plant

Choosing an aquarium plant for your fish vase is the utmost essential step. Plants not only use for charming but also is to increase water quality and struggle with algae.

Use the right plant that can grow in a tank and that; is not harmful to the fish. Some plants are large, have long leaves and, some plants have pointed flowers that can damage the fish epidermis.

The peace lily is the suitable plant for your betta tank. Not take a large peace lily, but it should have the best toot structure. The lily should take around 20% space of the bowl and have a smaller diameter.

It should allow enough oxygen or air to the fish. You should wash or clean the soil from roots with massaging and tap water. If any of the origins get damaged or break, then it is not a problem lily will not expire. The other plants that you can use in a vase:

  • Java fern
  • Alternanthera reineckii
  • Anubias barteri
  • Java moss
  • Brazilian pennywort

Wash marbles, stone, and vase

Wash out thoroughly all the materials such as stone, marbles, and vases with tap water. Any dirt or debris can harm the fish, so remove it properly.

If you want to add plants, prepare and clean sparklingly the roots and stems. Make sure to get ready the plant length according to your vase and trim additional leaves or roots.

Fix the plants in the vase

You can make a hole in the center of the plastic saucer, slide the roots of the lily from it. Roots or stems require to tie with string.

It will fix the aquarium plants and correctly manage them. So the plants and stones will not fall or slip into the bowl. These aquarium plants can grow without the soil.

Place all things in the vase

Place all the rock, colored marbles, and plants in the bowl. During filling the vase, should leave enough space for fish swimming. Fill the bowl with non-distilled or dechlorinate water.

You have to fill the bowl below from the neck. You must change about 25% of bowl water per week without upsetting the betta.

Add a filter

Like all other fish species, betta fish also like to live in an aquarium with a filter. They use to mount at the tank side by suction cups. You can fix filters horizontally or vertically. These filters take little space and use 1, 2, or more gallon bowl or fish tank.

They have a flexible flow rate, and betta does not live well in rapid moving currents. There are mini filters available in local stores and these filters are not expensive.

If you do not want to add a mesh, you must change the bowl water per week. You should avoid overfeeding to betta and must remove water crystals.

The Microorganisms aids in breaking down excess produced by fish and by remaining food. Your fish should add a filter cleaned water helps to create tiny ecosystems and microorganisms.

Mount a heater

Though the fishbowl is too small. It is difficult to add a heater to a vase. So you should maintain the temperature of the vase water.

Usually, a vase temperature is administered by the surrounded environment or air. Betta swims in warmer water because they are tropical fish.

You should maintain room temperature around 70s to 80 degrees. If your area temperature falls into the 50s to 60s, you require to add a heater in their tank.

Add lights to betta fish vase

Lighting will keep the plants fresh such as Anubias alive and java moss. It will assist in the flourish and evolution of the new plants.

I suggest LED budget lights for this purpose. A desk lamp style light with LED is the most affordable and effective option.

These desk-style lights have a long neck that can act in a better way than other vase lights. You can attach this light to the next or behind the fishbowl and, they are easy to mount.

Lighting not only gives the tank a gorgeous look but also increases plant growth. These lights are mostly practicing for square and rectangular fish bowls.

Is it harmful for betta fish to live in a vase?

There are a few disadvantages of making a betta fish vase:

Fish vases are smaller, and it is tough to add a filter and heater in a mini tank.

When you add a heater in a bowl, sometimes they heat too much the vase that causes severe health issues or may cause fish death. If you do not mount the heater, the low water temperature will make the betta stressful, which leads to premature death and cause health problems.

When you keep them in a bowl, it becomes necessary to do water change weekly and, you have to maintain water temperature for the life of betta fish. Whenever you miss the H20 changes for two or three, this will trouble the fish.

Choosing plants for the fishbowl is a crucial step; because the right plants can increase their life span and, the wrong planting can kill or destroy them.

Possess betta fish in a vase requires some knowledge and understanding. So you have to first learn about how to preserves and care for betta fish in a vase.

Small jars can be dangerous for the fish because the water level in a small vase rapidly becomes toxic.

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