What Fish Can Live in a 1.5 Gallon Tank?

What Fish Can Live in a 1.5 Gallon Tank?

Here are 8 examples of fish that can live in a 1.5-gallon tank. However, it is never recommended to keep them in such small tanks.

What Fish Can Live in a 1.5 Gallon Tank? The fish that is one inch or less than 1” can live and survive in the 1.5-gallon tank. You can settle guppies, catfish, and goldfish in these setups. The accurate water conditions and the right amount of feed keep them alive.

Settle them in a 1.5-gallon tank in their immature phase, and it is not advisable for a lifetime accommodation. It makes them retarded and inhibits their breeding sessions. 

What Fish Can Live in a 1.5 Gallon Tank?

There are few fish that can survive in such minor water conditions. They do not live comfortably in the 1.5-gallon tank, but they have got that much strength to survive.

These fish are powerful than others and can accommodate themselves in every water environment. People prefer these fantastic fish species for home aquariums and business. 


A goldfish is one of the most famous species that can live and survive in small containers.

People like to keep them in their small bowl-type aquariums, and these are suitable for a water tank of 1.5 gallons. 

They are fast swimmers and present a mesmerizing view to the audience.

They have easy mechanisms of maintenance, and that’s why people prefer them.

They cannot live in the worst water condition, and changing the tank’s water is essential. 

They are selective in their patterns of breeding.

The goldfish are schooling species, and you can settle three to four together. In a smaller container of 1.5 gallons, it is impossible to adjust their numbers. 

You can adjust the goldfish at their early age when they are small. We do not advise using these small containers or tanks for any of these fish.

If fish begin to grow in a 1.5-gallon tank, and fish consider its habitat without being aggressive. Always provide the quantity of feed in this small setup.

Observe and balance their lifestyle, and you can add one more fish of the opposite gender. In this way, you can get a breeding session in these small arrangements without much effort. 

Betta fish

You can settle them in one and half gallon water setup, but they belong to larger tanks. The small Betta fish are easily adjustable because they are immature.

They find the tank familiar when they grow with time. The changeable water conditions are one of the most suitable environments.

It stays healthy and happy due to regular maintenance. Cleanliness of the one and half gallon arrangement is also essential. 

The Betta fish also belongs to the schooling category. Add them in the group of 4 to 5 in a 10 to 15-gallon tank.

In a small layout, the management of this group is impossible. They are fast swimmers and keep the water alive. It is easier for one fish to swim in a 1.5-gallon container. 

The group of these tiny creatures cannot swim rapidly, and it makes them frustrated. They stop eating and show inappropriate signs.

It is unfortunate to such a level that the fish may die. You can increase its lifespan with proper food and care techniques. 

Tetra Fish

Tetra fish has an excellent capacity to live and survive in these water tanks. They are also swimmers and want to keep the water activities.

The tetras are community fish, and they feel lonely in the absence of relevant species.

The less accommodation space of one and a half gallon water container does not allow this pattern. 

Despite all the comforts, they require excellent water conditions and a particular amount of their feed.

You cannot leave them without any check and balance, and the proper maintenance increases their life span and growth occur.

You can lead the setup towards breeding. They are fantastic breeders but selective. 

They never breed with any other species than tetra.

You can add different species to the same tank without any fear of cross-breeding. They are aggressive and can harm other creatures in the same water condition. 


These are fun living and entertain their views, and most of the people love them for their versatile colors and unique features.

Many store owners present them in small water containers. 

They use them as an appealing factor of the fish store and people attract. These are swimmers and like the variable water condition.

You have to change it regularly because it spread dirtiness. The amount of feed is essential for them in these small arrangements. 

They are small in size, and you can add 3 to 4 of these without any free. The only problem with these tanks is that guppies are not selective.

They are one of the significant cross breeders. They change the species with this type of interchange.

It is not a suitable condition for those who want to enhance the breed of guppies. Always take appropriate guidance about their lifestyle and breeding patterns. 


The catfish is also another survivor of a 1.5-gallon tank. It is easily adjustable due to its small size, but it grows.

The catfish can reach 1.5 inches to its maximum size. It is not advisable to add more than one fish due to the negligible size difference.

They require alternative water changes and a proper diet and are attackers and can kill the other species. 

They never cross the line of the breeding pattern. All of these are selective and school fish. 

You can add 2 to 3 fish with a catfish in a 1.5-gallon tank. It initiates a critical competition, and they try to kill each other.

The only Catfish remain happy and keep on swimming all day. They are also entertaining tiny creatures with beautiful colors and body shapes. 

How can fish survive in a 1.5-gallon tank?

The fish survives in this tank with few essential parameters. All of them are necessary for their life and growth. 

Excellent water conditions

It is one of the most significant parameters in these arrangements. You cannot neglect the water tank due to the small space.

The volume of water is approximately one gallon, but it requires a regular check.

Change it every day with fresh water and keep them in the best possible state. The new water is active than the old one, and it keeps them alive thoroughly. 

Their growth increases due to these water changes.

Always keep the container in its best form in terms of water type. Never compromise on the quality and protect them in this challenging environment. 

Fish care

Take care of the fish in the tank, and remove any harmful matter.

Never add excessive material to the small container because they hinder the swimming speed.

The artificial rock and plants congest the internal surrounding. The injuries may happen, and it is not suitable. Observe them and provide treatment in case of health issues. 

Enough food

Every fish has its food choices and growth dependence. Add the feed and use infusion techniques. 

Never harm them during the feeding process. It makes them terrified of the owner, and they stop eating.

It is not advisable to add the excessive feed to the water tank. Few of them keep on eating despite full appetite.

It destroys their digestive system, but everyone blames the small space of one and half gallon water tank. 

Similar species 

Always add similar species to avoid cross-breeding. The aggressive fish attack the opposite species and kill them.

It is a condition of loss, and you should avoid it in these arrangements. The external species may be a non-selective breeder.

They change the breeds without even any significant indication to the owner. It is a loss for the business person, and then they stop breeding with a relevant community. 

Keep one fish

Always add one fish at one time in these small tanks. It lives happily and swims with multiple techniques.

It becomes an entertainer with time, and people find it attractive. They add them in various small setups and memorize the audience.


The cleaning of the internal environment is essential for the better lifestyle of a tiny creature. They grow best in clean water conditions.

The additions of harmless chemicals for cleanliness are beneficial for these layouts like vast tanks.

Add minor quantities and take maximum advantage. Never show any discrimination in regards to the small size of the water source. 

How to place a fish in a 1.5-gallon tank?

Always follow the same process to keep a fish in a 1.5-gallon tank like for the mega setup.

Use the specific water bags and keep the fish inside them for at least three to four hours.

You can leave it in the bag for one day for better familiarity. Fill the small tank with one gallon of water before adding fish. Add the bag to the tank and keep the movement slow. 

Unlock the zip of the bag and allow them to swim freely, add the bag water to the water container, and it provides the same water conditions.

They cannot survive sudden water change, and the old water offers them familiarity.

Never throw the bag from the tank’s top due to less height, and it is enough trauma for them to die. 

Follow the same pattern of the mega tanks, and consider the breeder. Take notice of the aggressive fish and combine the peaceful creatures. 

Always consider their activities of boredom because they live alone.

If they stop swimming, then change the container location and settle it in front of the mirror. You can add one same species of fish in the water setup. 

Provide them feed in a precise way using various feeding techniques.

The thread method is one of the most suitable ways due to the lesser height difference. Never leave the food in the tank because it leads to obesity and allergic reactions in these species.

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