Best Glofish for 10 Gallon Tank

Best Glofish for 10 Gallon Tank

Best Glofish for 10 Gallon Tank

Glofish are super beautiful and colorful fish with a bright glow in their bodies. They are the common fish species that scientists genetically modify with different fluorescent colors.

Do not get into the misconception that they are artificially colored or injected with a dye. Its body produces a unique fluorescent light when the aquarium lights are completely off and even in daylight.

They look stunning; it seems like the colorful balls moving in the water. I have six Glofish in my aquarium, and my kids are literally in love with them.

There are a variety of glow fish available on pet stores. They have genetically modified these fish with some specific colors like green, blue, pink, orange-yellow, bright red, purple, and some other fluorescent colors. 

They have a screen inside their body, which carries transgenes. It allows them to express the high levels of different fluorescent proteins. 

These proteins are responsible for the visibility of bright glow from their body, even in the standard room light.

When their body absorbs a specific wavelength of light, they start glowing. It looks breathtaking and make your mind fresh.   

Here you will find some best Glofish species to purchase for your fish tanks. About five Glofish can live together in a 10-gallon tank.

Best Glofish for 10 Gallon Tank

Here are your fishes, buy and enjoy.

Glofish species Characteristics Temperament Price
Fluorescent Glofish Beautiful colors, brilliant, omnivorous Very calm   Check price
Danios Highly active, best tank mates Normal Check price
Barbs Ray fins, schooling fish Aggressive Check price
Tetras Tough species Normal Check price
Sharks New species, mate colors Aggressive Check price


Glofish fluorescent species are born brilliant. Let me tell you that the Glofish are the result of an experiment. 

They are the typical simple fish but genetically modified to produce a glow from their bodies.

This feature does not let them stay pure and like the other fish but makes them exceptional aquarium fish. They are available in multiple colors.

You can choose the one which you like the most. But prefer to buy its one species altogether in a pair. 

When you have a 10-gallon tank is, it is advisable to put five of these fish in it. If you want to buy an extra five fish, then you should go for a bigger tank than this.

As well as their food is concerned, they can eat live food, manufactured food, flakes as well as frozen meals. 

But make sure that before serving them the frozen food, you have thaw first. The water temperature should be warm for these fish; it can be about 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. 

A simple Glofish survive at this temperature, and the s other types are a little bit strong and bear the heat of about 62 degrees Fahrenheit. 

They can live for about two years and more than three years if proper conditions are available.


There are about four different types of glofish. Danios is one of them, and it is incredibly active. It might disturb the other tankmates. 

They can grow up to two-inch-long, but most of the species grow less than this because they are small fish.

They belong to the family Cyprinidae and are known as the best schooling fish. Few of its types like Danila and giant danios can grow 5 inches in length. 

They are active to an extreme level but barely cause an injury to any other fish. If you place them in a small congested aquarium with lots of fish, then they will fight definitely.

You can keep 3 or 4 fish of this species in a 10-gallon tank. They can live with different types of fish species and do not have a specific behavior towards any particular fish species.

They are excellent tank mates with a variety of fish. Do not keep them with large, aggressive fish species. 

They can only breed within just 24 hours and protect their eggs from other fish. There is a further 6 type of this fish.

Like zebrafish and others. The fish which are more active need a large aquarium to swim freely. Its living habitat requirement is cold water. 

They are the small freshwater species. They have a very beautiful pattern of horizontal stripes, rows, sports, or sometimes vertical bars. 


Barb fish belongs to genera Barbus and Puntius. 

They have ray fins, which means that its fins are stable by a web of skin and bony spines. 

They have so many beautiful colors that attract the attention of people. These are the lively and hardy fish which can be in groups but only five. 

Their aquarium water should have appropriate oxygen and cold temperature. It can bear so many worst companions and live happily.

It can grow up to 2.5 inches in length is proper nutrition and care is available. Their average lifespan is five years or more depending on the living conditions.

They are the peaceful schooling fish become but start fighting if too many fish are around them, and there is a competition for space.

Its different types have different lengths and different life span too. Besides this, these things also depend upon their living conditions.

Tetra fish

These are the tiny freshwater found most commonly in home fish aquariums. They are strong enough to be bear the slight water changes. 

They are aggressive toward other fish species and have a very calm temperament in every situation. 

Just do not leave them in stress condition or making an environment which can lead them to stress. 

I have written a detailed guide about tetra fish, their care, living conditions, and feeding guide. You can get complete guidance from that article on this site. 


The very newest variety of this fish is the shark fish. They resemble a lot with the rainbow sharks. 

They have a semi-aggressive nature and can grow up to 6 inches in length. They are omnivorous and love to eat everything you offer to them. 

These are the non-fluorescent version of glofish, but they have stunning body colors. 

They are easy to maintain community fish and feed on the basic flake food. They are commonly available with other names like a rainbow shark; redfin shark, and ruby shark.

Their fins are incredibly vibrant, and it looks superb. They only get aggressive with their territory is less.

Why Prefer a 10 Gallon Tank For Glofish?

Glofish are the schooling fish that need comfort in living together in a group and swimming freely in the tank.

It is never allowed to keep them in a tank of fewer than 10 gallons of water. These fish can’t live alone, so that’s why live in a group.

For a group, I will not suggest using a small living area for them at all. Do not overcrowd 10 gallons of the tank with lots of glofish. 

You can keep only five glofish in a 10-gallon tank, but if you want to buy a bigger group, then prefer to choose a bigger container than this. 

These species are super active and love to swim in the whole tank, so the area should have sufficient space to let your pet enjoy freely.

You should also keep in mind that aquarium decorations in place also take up space. So these things are not included in a 10-gallon tank. 

If you have to decorate the home of your pet, then prefer a bigger tank then 10 gallons. They swim together in the same direction swiftly. 

And congested space can make them stressed. So that’s why so many people ask about the tank size for keeping these pet fish.

They are very social and interactive; a big tank will be an excellent support for you and keep them with a lot of fish species.

What Do You Need to Know About GloFish Care?

First of all, you should know that glofish are the pure freshwater species that are just genetically modified to create a new variety.

Some of its species have a fluorescent glow, while others do not glow differently from other fish. 

Make sure that their aquarium water is properly clear from all bacterial and fungal colonies. The water levels should be maintained on their tank so that there may not face any problem.

A filter, lights, and a heating system should also be there to support a proper living environment for them.

Keep an eye on water parameters because glowing fish get into stress when exposed to sudden changes in water parameters.

Feed your fish twice or thrice a day to make it healthy and active to fight with diseases. You should not give less than two feeds per day to these fish. 

You should feed them right at healthy food to enhance their immunity because they are not so keen to face the bacterial and viral attack. 

Final words

If you prefer to have colorful fish in your aquarium and, most of all, the fluorescent glow, then these fish are the perfect choice for you.

You can also prefer their non-fluorescent species depending upon your personal choice and preference. 

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