Best Tetra Fish to Keep

Best Tetra Fish to Keep in 2021

Best Tetra Fish to Keep in 2021

Tetras are numerous beautiful and actively colorful freshwater aquarium fish. They belong to the characin family Characidae.

They are tiny, active, and charming fish with sharp color combinations that look extremely beautiful.

They are lively and hardy. These fish are sturdy and do not get stressed up easily. But living alone can be a significant stress factor for them.

Always keep these fish along with their fellow species because they love to live with their colonies. They are tiny and can comfortably live in a small aquarium or fish tank.

They move in their group and look stunningly beautiful while swimming. They are available in multiple catchy colors, shapes, and species.

They have an unaggressive temperament and live with all other different species with their calm nature. You should not put them with some considerable aquarium fish so that they may not eat these little and weak creatures.

If you are also searching for gorgeous small tetras, then you were landed on an exact right page. Because here we are discussing about the best Tetra fish is to keep in a home aquarium.

Not all of their species are available at online stores and the aquarium fish market because some of them are rare and do not found easily.

So here, we will provide you the links for getting access to the best Tetra fish available online, which you can order by just sitting on your sofa. So let’s begin;

Best Tetra Fish to Keep in 2021

Here are those beautiful fish available for which you are waiting anxiously to buy.

Best Tetra Fish to Keep Characteristics Nature Price
Black Tetra Fish Amazing shade, elegant looks, omnivorous Peaceful and civilized Check price
Cardinal Tetras Tiny, beautiful colors, compactly packed fins Civilized Check price
Neon Terra Very responsive, blue and red color merge Very friendly nature Check price

Black Tetra Fish 

First of all, let me introduce you to a charming black tetra fish. Not everyone has access to this beautiful fish.

It has a black shiny long streak on its body. The entire collection has a black shade, and it looks exquisite. The fins and tail are very compact and beautiful and the black skirt tetra size is around 3 inches.

You do not have to take care a lot because it has small fins and float freely in the entire tank. It is known to be the best and easily maintained community fish.

It’s peaceful and civilized nature gives a real comfort of seeing fish enjoying the aquarium life. You can feed the essential flake foods to them as well as the other foods.

You will see this species with the most unusual and beautiful coloration. Its body is an elegant blend of deep obsidian black with different colors like yellow-green, skin, or other bright colors.

It’s distinct coloration make it the most unique looking fish. They can easily accept the varieties of food you give to them. Like they love to eat daphnia, bloodworms, freeze-dried food, micro pellet food, tubifex, flake foods, and many others.  

You can provide the calm water conditions for their living by setting the temperature at 72-77° Fahrenheit and the right pH from about 5.5 to 7.0.

They are omnivorous, so that’s why you do not have to care about their food a lot. The addition of rocks and driftwood can help increase the natural habitat and let the fish play in these things.

They are small and can pass easily through holes of driftwood and other things. It looks very pleasing, and fish is also happy to clean in their natural environment.

You should care that their feed is small enough that they can take it easy in their mouth. If you want to increase the family of tetras, then place the male and female partners together and provide them a little bit of private space in the tank.

Tetras lay eggs and take great care of them, and soon you will be enjoying the baby tetras in your home tank.

Cardinal Tetras

It comes in a combination of blue with red or maroon color. This combination looks very perfect and attracts the kids very much.

You can buy it in pairs for your little kids so that they can also enjoy seeing the cute, small, colorful fish. They have neat and densely packed fins that look perfect.

Because of their small fins, they have fewer chances of getting the fins rotting diseases. They can grow more than 1.5 inches long, depending upon the aquarium conditions and the health.

When sunlight hits their body, their color combinations look breathtaking. They are also civilized and do not fight with other fellow fish. Many people get confused between a neon and cardinal tetra.

They can survive on simple flake foods without any discomfort. But it is good to give them a variety of foods to maintain their proper health.

Keep this fish species in warm water to avoid the outbreak of white spots on the body and different other diseases. Their scientific name is Paracheirodon axelrodi.

They can survive best at a pH of 5 to 7. The optimum temperature range for the living is 24 to 30 degrees centigrade or 75 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. They can live up for about five years if proper living conditions are available for them.

Neon Tetras

They resemble a lot to the fished discussed above. They also have the same blue in and red color combination.

They have a light blue color along with the merged dark red color. It has a little bit of wide-body and compact fins.

They have a shiny surface and blazing looks. They are peaceful, lovely, and very responsive when someone tries to play with it.

What Kind of Habitat and Tank Conditions Should be Available for Tetras?

So many people ask me about the living condition requirements so that they can care for their Tetra fish. Every fish needs some suitable requirements for their decent living with any stress and discomfort.

So, Tetra fish feels comfortable at the temperature ranging between 75- 80.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Never let the aquarium water to become cold because it can lead this fish to extreme stress conditions.

It requires the tank water with a pH of 6 to 7and a hardness of about 12-15 dGH. Keep the water level at normal to avoid any issues, and for this purpose, you can use auto top off systems.

The important thing is to keep the aquarium environment extremely natural so that get feel comfortable and relax.

You can decorate the aquarium with some live plants and rocks so that it can give a natural look. Make sure that you should change the water in fewer amounts, not too sudden.

This technique will keep the water levels balanced and do not create a specific new environment. Water changes are every time done on small scales.

Read this guide completely, and you will be the perfect owner and caretaker of your pet fish soon. Feed them the right amount of food twice a day or more as required but do not make a food list inside the aquarium.

What to feed your Tetra fish?

Too many people are also worried about the field of these small fish. Let me tell you that you do not have to get worried about their area also.

Most of that, these fish species are omnivores. It means that they can eat any of the food which you provide to them. They can eat animal food as well as plant food.

Like there are many varieties, including fish flakes, manufactured food, plant leaves, bloodworms, etc. you do not have to get worried about their food, yet you should care a lot about time to time feed.

Do not let this little fish to starve and feed the whole group together. It will be more attractive to them and will take more interest in eating when they see their fellows catching the food quickly.

Benefits of Keeping a Tetra Fish In Aquarium 

  • It can be the best pet for a beginner.
  • It is perfect for school training and entertainment for your kids.
  • It can be a great learning model for your little ones.
  • They are active and enthusiastic and swim freely all around the tank.
  • Their beautiful colors will refresh your mind and make you feel happier.
  • The most important thing is that you can easily take care of them and they require a little cost or their survival, you have to spend on their food and a particular heater for keeping their water warm.
  • They are small and colorful.
  • They can live in groups in small tanks comfortably.
  • They have a very relaxed and calm temperament and do not fight with any of the other fish species. Thus the aquarium environment remains silent and peaceful.
  • They are cute and lovely and the best fish for your school, going kid.
  • The easy to breed, and you can let them increase their family quickly.
  • They beautifully add grace to your community tank.

Final words 

These fish species are tough to find and buy, but we are glad to provide you with some of these best species. Very few of them are available for the people who are interested in buying them.

But if you are reading this article, order your Tetra fish soon and enjoy their presence in your home aquarium now.

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