Can Aquarium Snails Flip Over?

Can Aquarium Snails Flip Over?

Here are the 8 main reasons that can make a snail flip over. If you are keeping aquarium snails, you should take good care of them.

Can Aquarium Snails Flip Over? Yes, aquarium snail can flip over. Snail keeps moving in its surroundings all the time. The problem arises when they fall off from the surface and cannot flip over, which can cause severe complication for it and sometimes leads to death. Snails flip over due to several reasons like improper water quality, insufficient diet, and predator involvement.

Can Aquarium Snails Flip Over?

An aquarium snail is best for your aquarium because many aquarists prefer to keep them as a pet. You can maintain the tank parameters, water quality, tank mates, which are essential components for tank snail survival.

When you introduce the new snail in your aquarium, they are not familiar with that environment and do not adjust themselves, and then they can go towards the upside-down.

Some snails can turn upside down and then flip over. Aquarists maintain the environment as to the snail’s health requirements. It increases your aquarium appearance but some cause problems.

They fall off intentionally and unintentionally on their back and do not move around until you help them but some flip over in a natural manner.

Snail flipping is not suitable for them, and fall of on its back is not best for their health. It is quite adventurous for you to keep avoiding these worse situations and make some adaptation for them. 

If the aquarium snail is not to turn up themselves, you have to encourage and help them. It is not a big problem if it occurs often, but it makes frustration for you when these processes occur in repeated form and frequently. In this worse situation, you have to identify its causes and then how to handle it carefully.

Aquarium snails can flip over when fish attacks them

Snail is a refreshing and most peaceful creature in your aquarium and cannot protect itself from predatory fish. Predatory fish like betta, goldfish, angelfish, and clown loaches love to eat the snail because these are small enough to fit in their mouth.

The aggressive fish species eat them, and if they escape, they move upside-down and die. You select the fish with other inhabitants for your aquarium, do some study, and choose the appropriate fish and snail combination.

You have to choose the peaceful and best fish creature that suits the snail habits and live a healthy life. 

Betta fish cannot eat the whole snail with its shell. They attack it and suck and pull the snail inside of its shell body.

Climbing accidents

Some snail species are active climbers and enthusiastic about it. They climb on different objects like plants, rocks, aquarium walls, and the lid surface. If these are going up on the tank lid, it happens that it becomes slippery.

Another reason is that they are getting old, like 4 to 5-year-old snail become weak and poor muscle ability for holding the surface.

You have to check the lid surface if any reactive thing present on it loses its holding ability, falls off, and is not to flip over. These are not a problem for the aquarists and tackle it with ease and thoroughly.

Poor diet

Starvation and nutrient insufficiency makes them vulnerable and fragile. In the aquarium, feed the algae, but add some other food sources in their diet plan that fulfills nutritional requirements.

Flip over is a normal thing for your snail sometimes, but back on its shell occurs due to their weakness and improper diet, so they do not stick to the object, which they choose for climbing. When they are hungry, they flip over to pick up the food floating on the water surface.

Sleepy snail

Snails can remain inactive for prolong period and sleep whenever they want. They can sleep over for various reasons like water parameters, a hearty diet, or dead condition.

Some snail species, like the apple snail, have a sleepy behavior and have a climbing capacity. Assassin snails can retract themselves into the shell and show sleep behavior for 2-3 days approximately.

Snail attempt to float on the water surface

It is common for your snails to float onto the aquarium water surface. It mostly occurs in the flowing streams in which they swim.

They swim faster to catch some air in the shell, which gives them energy and becomes upside down and reaches the target site where they want. Snails have gills so they can live in the water.

They sometimes float to avoid the affected water condition. It is not a leading problem for you as floating can results in a flip over.

Types of snails cannot turn themselves right from upside down

These snail species, once they are upside down in the aquarium and then make the struggle to turn over themselves. It includes Turbo, Nerite, Trochus, Astrea, Margarita, Nassarius, Bumblebees, rock snails.

Turbo snail contains a heavy shell, and not right up against them flip over frequently and make aquarists problem.

Nerite snail sticks to the surface very well and flips over often, but it cannot cause any problem for the aquarists. The main problem for you starts when they try to move outside of the tank.

Trochus snail contains the con shape body, but for it upside down or turn themselves over is not a big problem, and they can get up or flip over.

Astrea snail is dangerous in the climbing sense. You have to keep an eye over here when put in the aquarium. If they overturn, try to make them right upside or flip over because they face difficulty for themselves.

Margarita snail faces difficulty in flip over if they fall off from the climbing surface.

 Nassarius snail feels no flipping difficulty because they have the long nibble feet and easily garb to the climbing surface.

Types of Snails that do not climb and flip over

It includes Conchus species like the Strombus, Lambis, and many other species that do not face this type of problem like fall on their back and flip over.

They have no interest in climbing, so they do not have difficulty in such cases. They are in trouble due to their heavy shell and get stuck and face problems in their movement. 

How to stop a snail from doing a flip over?

You can determine the snail type from their flip overcapacity. Some snail tends to right themselves up to more frequently, and few have the less flip over frequency.

Snail species like the Turbo and Margarita species have heavy shell bodies, so they flip most of the time during the climb on the aquarium wall.

Some species like the Nerite and Trochus snail face this type of issue because they have the best climbing capacity and not upside down with ease.

In this case, when you buy the snail, choose the best type having no problem like these and have the capacity to the right upside over easily in an efficient way.

Snails population increases with time due to rapid reproduction, so it becomes problematic for you if you choose the wrong type. You can easily get rid of snails from aquarium plants.

 You have to maintain the optimum water condition. For this, you have to keep the water change after 2-3 days or weekly.

Maintain the optimum water temperature, stable the pH and check the water parameters and nitrogenous waste such as ammonia, nitrates, and phosphates. If the parameters are disturbing, it affects the snail’s health and goes toward stress. 

Mostly snails love to eat the algae, so you have ensured that the proper amount of it present in the aquarium makes them healthy and active and provides the best light that helps the algae grow. You keep ensuring that each snail gets the desired amount with proper care and guideline as per instruction.

When you choose the snail species, then confirm that the other aquarium inhabitants and fish are according to their nature.

A snail is a peaceful creature, so you choose the fish that is not aggressive to attack the snail because the fish attack can turn upside down to prevent themselves and not turn over. You keep assuring that key point for the snail’s sake of snail life.


It concludes that snails can flip over if you provide them the suitable quality food and maintain the aquarium water temperature and other parameters.

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