How to Get Rid of Snails in Aquarium Plants?

How to Get Rid of Snails in Aquarium Plants?

Here are the 14 easy methods to remove snails from the aquarium plants. Some snails are beneficial for your aquarium plants, but some cause harmful effects.

How to Get Rid of Snails in Aquarium Plants? You can get rid of snails in aquarium plants by adding less food to the aquarium, using Alum, frequent water change, use chemicals, add predator fish, using aquarium salt, and snail trap.

How to Get Rid of Snails in Aquarium Plants?

Snails are the best addition to your aquarium habitat under control conditions. You observe that they reproduce rapidly, and the population of snails increases quickly in an efficient way. 

Snails in your aquarium are the best source of your aquarium cleaning and become attractive for aquarists, but some cause a problem for your aquarium habitat. 

They can spread from the plant present in the fish tank, or they lay eggs around that plant. These reach-in the aquarium through the fish when you buy them from the pet store.

Some snails like the Mystery and the Nerite snails are a good addition for your plants, but some reproduce rapidly and cause many problems, such as the Trumpet and pond snails.

The snail population becomes effective in the control condition, but it goes beyond the extent, it can cause problems for the aquatic inhabitants and the plants. They fertilize their eggs and rapidly grow, and it goes increasing day by day, which causes a mess for your tank. 

Add less food to the aquarium

Overfeeding is the leading factor for these snail reproduction and growth. You have to place a sufficient diet quantity that fish eat so that snails do not get the food.

You observe that this problem resolves by that measure, and water quality also maintains in this way. You can control this overfeeding problem by the placement of the air stones bubbler and vacuum the substrate, and it not only affects the food store but inhibits snail growth.

Algae control

Some snails like the Mystery Nerite are scavengers and a good source of algae control and have a good appetite for them because they can eat this plankton, but they also prefer to eat the uneaten fish food.

You have to remove this debris from the water, which cannot become the snacks for the snails. You can eliminate this problem by complete fish removal and cut off the aquarium food and algae plants.

This method cannot remove the snails but becomes an efficient method for your aquarium plants. 

Regular water change

The snail population becomes growing and affects by the water quality. Some snail species are sensitive to abrupt water changes, as the Mystery snails.

The aquarium water optimum condition, like the temperature, pH and minerals, and lightning affects snail growth.

If you cannot do the water change, its growth rate becomes increases with time quality of water also affected by it. You have to change the water regularly so it cannot grow and move toward stressful situations.

Excess aquarium waste

Water quality can affect its health if the aquatic pet wastes become increasing, and you cannot remove them from the aquarium, which affect the growth rate and reproduction of snail. These also affect the healthy life of fish and beneficial for the snails.

Excess aquarium waste includes ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, and phosphates, and these accumulate in the water and do not change regularly can lead to snail death.

It is the best practice to remove the excess wastes, which responsible finish the harmful snails. 

Add Predator fish

Some fish species love to eat the snails. If you place these types of snail-eating fish in the tank, it maintains the natural aquarium habitat.

Puff fish and some loaches species like the clown and yo-yo loaches, and Zebra loach, which best for the small-sized fish tank, prefer the snail feasting, but these fish can also prey the other aquarium fish inhabitants, so care must need for them.

There some fish species includes betas and Labyrinth, which also love to eat that type of food. In the end, you have to eliminate the snail shell from the fish tank. Many people think aquarium snails can feel pain and it is not a good idea.

Use of chemicals to kill the snail in the aquarium

Snail species are sensitive to different chemicals like copper or copper sulfate. If the snail exposes to copper, it affects the health, inhibits its growth, and the population decreases.

Use Snail trap

Another way uses to reduce the snail population is which arranges the different snail traps differently.

In this case, put some food in the aquarium-like cucumber overnight and then observe in the morning that snail flocks will attract toward it and remove out from the tank. You do this frequently, the snail population control in this way.  

Manually remove snails from the aquarium plants

Manual removal is the most natural way to remove the snails by hand carefully. In this process, you do not need to use the purchased product or chemicals or snail predators, and it is the cheaper and most effective way.

You cannot remove all the snail population in this way it uses to control the snail numbers in your aquarium.

Another way is to crush these species along the wall sides, which becomes the food source for your other aquarium inhabitants. It is not a permanent method, which you can remove with the assistance of a hand, time-consuming.

Place lettuce leaves in the aquarium

It is also a useful method, in which you hang a lettuce leaf at the aquarium wall by clip attachment because they attract toward the veggies, decaying matter, and algae, so place a trap for them to collect them.

The next day you observe that all the aquarium snails eat the lettuce leaf and stick to it, and you pick it up and dispose of the lettuce snail leaf.

This method also not removes all the snail population, but it can reduce the numbers of snails. Another way to consume the lettuce leaf by the glass jar fill up the aquarium water and leave it in the aquarium overnight. Snails move toward it and then remove the snail filled jar from the aquarium.

Dipping method

Aquarists face difficulty in aquarium handling, which fulls with the plant because snails grow and reproduce under the plants or on the leaves surface.

The dipping method uses to remove or control the snail population. In this method, you can bathe the plant with different chemicals or poison, which destroy the snails and their eggs. Here are the following chemicals which help the aquarists.

Use Aquarium salt

Aquarium salt is another additive use to control the snail’s population on land as well as underwater.

Pour one cup per gallon of water in the fish tank. Dissolve the salt completely in the water to prepare a solution. Rinse the plants with this salt for 20-30 seconds.

After that, evacuate the tank and wash it and plants with fresh water to remove the salt remnants from the tank and plants. You have to avoid using the table or iodized salt for this purpose, as it can harm aquarium plants. 

Use Alum to get rid of snails

Aluminum sulfate is another day to day use available at homes. Put 2-3 tablespoons per gallon of water in the tank. Keep the plants submerged in the solution for 3-4 hours.

After, wash the plants and tank with dechlorinated fresh tap water to remove the chemical. This method is best to get rid of snails but not their eggs. For getting rid of eggs, saltwater or other remedial measures should use.

Bleaching agent

Bleach is also a common source of snail population reduction in your fish tank. You do not need to use the powder and gel form but use a chlorine-containing bleach agent.

Make a bleach solution(1 part) in water (19 portions) or according to the per-gallon aquarium capacity.

Next, immerse the plant in that solution for 2-3 minutes because plants are sensitive to these agents and soak for more time. In the end, rinse the plants in the water, which dechlorinate removes the chemical. In this way, you can eliminate and kill the snail eggs and their population. 

Use Potassium permanganate

Potassium permanganate uses for parasites, bacterial killing, and a best oxidizing agent. You prepare the pink color solution of potassium permanganate in water in a proportionate ratio because its measurement is difficult.

Now, soak the aquarium plants in that prepared solution for 15-20 minutes. In the end, rinse the plants in that water, which causes deactivation of the potassium permanganate, and the plants are safe for the aquarium inhabitant.


It concludes that snail in little amount do not harm the aquarium plants, inhabitants and they eat the uneaten food and debris. If you neglect them for a while, it can cause a problem for aquarists. 

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