Choosing The Best Water Conditioner For Your Aquarium

Choosing The Best Water Conditioner For Your Aquarium

Choosing The Best Water Conditioner For Your Aquarium

One of the most important points in keeping fish as a pet and taking care of them is the quality of water they live in. It is not such a thing that can be ignored. It is essential to maintain the fish tank water quality for its nourishment, proper care, health, and long life.

When buying a water conditioner for your fish aquarium look for 

  • High-quality products
  • Affordable price
  • Read the reviews
  • Its ability to remove toxins from water

Bad water can lead to your fish’s death, and many of the people don’t even know what has happened to their fish.

Toxin gets accumulated in a fish aquarium, and these poisonous materials can lead a fish to death. Even the plants in the aquarium get decayed.

Too many people are just really confused in choosing the best water conditioner for your aquarium. They are literally confused about too many other questions related to it, like either the water conditioner would be safe for my fish or not. My fish may pass away if I add a water conditioner to the aquarium.

We will clear all of your queries related to water conditioners and will definitely help you select the best water conditioner for your aquarium.   

Choosing The Best Water Conditioner For Your Aquarium

Actually, filling up your aquarium with tap water is the basic key for disaster. But don’t worry; everyone uses the tap water in an aquarium but with special care like water conditioner. I am using API Betta Fish Freshwater Conditioner (Amazon) at my house. It is just amazing and works perfectly.

Chlorine and Chloramine are found in high quantities in tap water, which is fatal for your fish. Chlorine is not fatal for human beings, but it is highly dangerous for your aquarium fish.

We should be thankful for the water conditioners to remove high amounts of such toxicants from water easily. So, get ready to know each and everything about choosing the best water conditioner for your aquarium.

First of all, you must know that what is a water conditioner actually and what it can actually do, then we will proceed further. 

What is a Water Conditioner for an Aquarium?

A water conditioner is generally present in a liquid form. It actually breaks the bonds between chlorine and ammonia and makes the aquarium water safe for your fish to swim and breathe.

Water conditioners are inexpensive, and everyone can buy them for their fish care. The best water conditioners (Amazon) have the ability to remove the heavy metals and other toxic chemicals from the tap water that you have put into the fish aquarium. 

It makes the water habitable for your fish. Some of the conditioners also add the protective slime in the water to make up a protective layer over the surface of fish scales to protect it from the water contaminants.

They are extremely helpful in maintaining the quality of water and keeping your fish healthy. Water companies add chlorine in water for disinfection. It does not harm human beings, but for the little fish, it is hazardous.

That’s why we use it for an aquarium, and there are no questions left that either it will harm your fish or cause any damage.

These are real life saving for aquarium fish. So, you can easily add this to your aquarium without worrying about your fish. It also removes nitrates, and save your fish from ammonia poisoning.

What Is The Best Water Conditioner For Fish?

There are many water conditioners available to choose from, and a beginner can be completely overwhelmed at first.

People who love fish and care for them want to buy the best product for their fish safety. 

Some of these are of really very high quality and are proved best for the aquarium for cleanliness.

Seachem Prime

Our top selected product is the Seachem Prime water conditioner. It has been the best water conditioner for many years. Its consistency is neither too high nor too low. You can use it without any worries.

It removes the toxicants like ammonia, nitrates, chlorine, chloramine, and nitrites from the normal tap water and creates a slimy layer over the fish surface.

Ultimately, the slimy layer acts as a protection layer over the fish surface and protects them from the harmful chemicals and heavy metals in water along with their nitrogenous waste.

It is a powerful treatment against harmful chemicals and heavy metals. It highly increases the quality of your aquarium water and keeps the fish healthy.

It acts immediately and permanently as you add it in water and make it clean completely. It successfully allows the biofilter to remove all of the toxicants while they are detoxified for 48 hours.

You can easily use 1 capful (5 mL) of Seachem prime for each 200 L (50 US gallons) of an aquarium. It gives you the best resource then you have freshly added the new tap water.

If you have a small gallon, then two drops of it will be enough. In case of further help, all of the instructions are written on the product very clearly.

API Stress Coat

If you’re going to set up a quarantine or a hospital tank, then the API conditioner would be the perfect solution for aquarium water cleanliness. Click here to buy this now.

It has the same functioning as the Seachem Prime, but it is slightly better when it comes to a hospital tank. It protects your fish from the available contaminants in water.

It has a dual-action formula with amazing results. It has the healing power of aloe Vera extract to protect the fish when it hurt each other while fighting.

It creates a better underwater living environment. With this product, you can spend more time with your fish and less time scrubbing the tank.

Tetra AquaSafe Plus

It is the third product which we have selected. After the above two best ones, it is the next. It also works within seconds and neutralizes the chlorine mixed water. It also gives protection by the help of a slime coat and helps in healing the fish wounds.

AquaSafe Plus is one of the leading brands in the market. It’s one teaspoon can treat 10 gallons of aquarium water. It is completely safe for freshwater fish and marine fish both. Buy it now and make your fish safe and happy.

How Much Water Conditioner Should I Use in Fish Tank?

This all depends upon the type of water conditioner you are using. It is actually the concentration of the conditioner, which decides it’s the quantity to use.

SeaChem Prime is actually a highly concentrated one; that’s why you can use it in a small amount. That’s why it is the first recommendation for our dear readers. 

The dose of the conditioner to be used also depends upon the amount of water to be treated. A single bottle of the Seachem Prime can treat about 5000 gallons of water.

One teaspoon, which is about 5 ml, can treat about 50 Gallons (189 liters) of tap water. However, the best amount of usage is written on the product itself.

The best way is to follow those given dosage instructions if you are confused about how much water conditioner you should use in the fish tank.

How Often Should I Use Water Conditioner in the Aquarium?

Just because one thing has too many advantages, there doesn’t mean at all that you should use it daily.

The highly concentrated water conditioner should be used less while a diluted one can be used easily in a normal amount twice in a week. The most concentrated one has stronger effects, so that’s why it should be used only once in a week.

The best time to use a water conditioner is to change the aquarium water with the new tap water at first. Then add the conditioner in that new water and make the tap water safe for the fish.

Otherwise, it would not provide the best results in the fish excretion polluted bad water. So, use it once a week and take great care of your fish.

When you set up the aquarium for the very first time, then use the conditioner must. It will keep the aquarium clean and clear and maintain the high water quality for your fish by clearing it from heavy metals and toxins.

Is Water Conditioner Safe For My Fish?

Absolutely ‘Yes,’ a water conditioner is surely safe for every fish. There is no risk of life for fish by the water conditioner usage. Not only is it safe, but also it is life-saving for your fish. Its work is to remove the fatal compounds from tap water that you have used in your aquarium. It helps to improve the resilience of the fish. 

Fish with a weaker immune are vulnerable to different diseases from nitrates, ammonia, nitric acid, etc. The water conditioner does not let your fish become ill because of these substances.

Even its slimy coat on the surface of the fish protects it from nasty diseases. So, never get afraid of putting your fish in the aquarium water treated with the water conditioner.

When to Use a Water Conditioner?

There is not as such a proper time to use a water conditioner in your fish aquarium. Yet there is a proper specific duration when you should use it otherwise, not every time.

Like when going to start a new aquarium. It can be said that before the beginning of the nitrogen cycle, you should treat your entire aquarium with a water conditioner.

You should use the recommended dose given on the water conditioner bottle as all of the instructions are given for its usage.

Every time a new batch of water gets entered into an aquarium, it must be treated properly before putting the fish into it. It will treat your sick fish too and does not let the fish get fungal or bacterial infections.

When you have to treat the sick fish, you will need to set up a Quarantine fish tank. Even if you are going to set up another tank for any breeding purposes or as a home aquarium, you need to treat the water to make it able for the fish to survive.

If your fish have died because of no reason as per your opinion, then undoubtedly you have now understood the reason for it by reading this guide. So, take great care of your fish by keeping their water clean and survivable.

Why a Water Conditioner Can’t be Used in a Saltwater Aquarium?

As I have promised you to give a detailed guide, I thought that why not tell you the answer to this question too. Because some of the people have a saltwater tank in their home, and they might be wondering that either they can use it in their aquarium too or not.

Let me tell you that a water conditioner can’t be used in a saltwater aquarium or a reef tank. They are specifically for freshwater, which has useful things for human beings like disinfectant, chlorine.

But for fish, it is a killer, so freshwater is only treated with the water conditioner. Saltwater has already high salt,  as clear from its name, so there are fewer chances of uncleanliness than the saltwater.

But still, there are other harmful things in a saltwater aquarium for your fish. Like the existing harmful things are the algae and cyanobacteria, which can cause harm to your fish. So the best solution is the Reverse Osmosis or Deionization of salt water to make it clean and survivable for your beloved fish.

Final words

We have explained to you the best water conditioners for your aquarium. We have also explained to you those most commonly asked questions related to this product because many of the people are so much worried about their fish when they have to buy a water conditioner.

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