Why Do Fish Poop So Much

Why Do Fish Poop So Much?

Why Do Fish Poop So Much?

Every digestive process includes the process of breakdown of food into small pieces, and then it comes out of the body in the form of poop.

Fish also poop and pee, which is the form of solid ammonia and nitrates. The amount of poop depends on how much food it is consuming daily and how fast the digestive system is working to digest it. 

If there is a very little or excessive quantity of poop, there are definitely some problems persisting with your pet. The digestion process is greatly affected by the food it eats. 

If your fish is pooping every time, it means that there is something wrong with its digestive system. The issue can be overfeeding, some digestive problems, extra high amount of fibrous food, etc. Sometimes the poop is long and stringy, while sometimes it is reddish-brown or white, which is a result of some serious health issues.

Why Do Fish Poop So Much?

There are several reasons for excessive pooping a lot, which will be explained here. 

You are Overfeeding Your Fish 

One of the main causes of excessive pooping so much is that you might be overfeeding your pet. When she eats more than its requirement, then definitely the problems will arise. Excess and deficiency of food both are bad for animal’s health.

It also depends on the food that your pet is consuming daily as their main meals. There are several human foods which your pet can eat, but people give them everything to grab in their mouth. They are not supposed to eat everything which humans eat. It also depends on different species and their eating behavior. 

Like goldfish is the only one that can eat lots of human foods but not each thing, and these are not to be eaten by every one of their species. You should make a feeding schedule for your fish so that your pet does not always seem hungry to you. When their feeding time is fixed, they will become familiar to be fed at a specific time, and then there will be no issues of overfeeding. 

The amount of food should also be decided according to their requirement. You should not serve a high quantity of food to them if it is eating aggressively. Because some keep on eating the food you give to them. There must be a specific portion of feed at a specific time of day. 

You can increase the number of meals to be served several times a day but do not increase food quantity. You should feed three to four small meals per day to your pet without increasing the quantity. 

High Quantity of Fibers Daily

Fibrous food like peas and leafy green vegetables are good but not every day. This food should be given only once or twice a week. You can use Small Granules Fish Food (Amazon) for better results.

Feeding more than normal amount of boiled peas make their digestive mechanism fast and make them poop again and again. They cannot retain the heavy poop for a long time because they do not have a proper stomach and other systems; they poop immediately. 

So, do not feed the extra high quantity of fiber to your pet and take care of its diet. Serve them a variety of feeds, and they will be healthy and perfect. 

Digestive Problems

If your pet is eating some non-fish food from time to time or some dangerous things like algae, then it can face some digestion-related issues. You should not let your pet eat the green or brown algae, and for this purpose, you have to clean your aquarium completely. 

Keep on scrapping the algae from the tank glass with time and wash the rocks and ornaments with fungus. If she is consuming such things, then they will cause issues in them. You should not feed her with bread and other things like this. Other things that disturb the digestion of fish are uncooked human-related foods like peas, etc.

Is it Normal for Fish to have Long Poop?

Some of the foods are responsible for the long poops, which is completely okay. It does not indicate any of the health issues. If your pet animal is eating flakes and bloodworms, then usually, its poop is longer. So if your water animal’s poop is long, then do not get worried; they are still healthy and strong.

Long poop is never a problem; instead of it, short and broken stools tell that there is some problem with your pet’s stomach. They always find a hidden place to pass out their stools because they do not publicly do this.

They are seen pooping behind the plants, so check them out when they are pooping if there is some issue with it. 

How many Times a Day does a Fish Poop?

Poop is an urgency and needs to eliminate as soon as possible when pressure comes from the bowels. A healthy fish poops one time every hour. If your fish pooping so much, they might be there is overfeeding, but healthy fish do not do this. 

The reason for not pooing in the entire hour is constipation while pooping more than thrice in an hour means that its tummy is full or she is suffering from diarrhea. 

They can not hold their waste for a long time; they immediately release it from their bodies when the pressure comes. Feed your fish four to five times a day so that its poop rate can become fine.

Why does my Fish have Poop Hanging from it? 

When a normal fish poops, it sinks immediately to the tank’s bottom because it is heavy. If your fish’s poop keeps on hanging on its back, then it means that it has constipation. 

Some infections also result in a hanging poop and many feces that make a mess in the entire tank. 

You can get rid of these feces by cleaning up your tank daily and siphoning the water. Most importantly, treat the infection, and they will not make a mess then. It can be a serious health condition which needs to be checked as soon as possible.

How Often Should I Feed My Fish for a Healthy Poop?

You should feed either two heavy meals a day or four to five small food servings per day. It also depends on the type or species that either it is herbivorous, omnivorous, or carnivorous and its size as well.

Besides the routine feed, you should also provide some fibers to them like boiled peas, etc. Peas can make their internal system better and efficient. But make sure you do not overfeed the peas. 

You can feed them with a variety of foods at different meal times. Like peas, some plant leaves and bloodworms, and other things like these. 

It keeps the proper bowel movements, and all of the issues do not appear. Like manufactured one, flakes, etc., the other food is also good and can be a part of their everyday feed. 

Why the Color of Fish Poop is Reddish Brown?

Normal and healthy animal poop’s color is brown or greyish brown. If it appears red, then the first reason might be excessive bloodworms in their feed. If you have not fed her with worms and its poop is red, it is a sign of some serious infections in their later stages.   

There are more chances of a viral or parasitic infection. Use the infection treatment medications and consult some vet. Another reason for bloody stools is the bleeding skin because after a severe type of constipation and starts bleeding. 

You should quarantine such animals and treat them as soon as possible. On your own, the things you can do are to feed her some worms so that stools become soft and pass out easily. 


Poop is just a part of the digestive process but tells a lot about fish health conditions. You should keep checking your pet’s feces for getting an idea about their health, and believe me, doing this can sort out so many issues before they happen to some of your pets.

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