How Much Does a Fish Tank Heater Cost?

How Much Does a Fish Tank Heater Cost?

If you are planning to buy a fish tank heater, you should know about its average price and cost of running. In this article, we have added 107 aquarium heaters along with their price and watts.

How Much Does a Fish Tank Heater Cost? A fish tank heater price ranges from $10 to $70 in terms of purchase, on average you can buy an aquarium heater for $20. Usually, the cost depends upon heater size, tank size, and watt usage, and you have to choose it considering these factors. The average running of a fish tank heater is around $15 per month.

How Much Does a Fish Tank Heater Cost?

A heater is a necessity of an aquarium to maintain the water temperature in the tank. To keep fish and plants in the aquarium, you have to provide them environment similar to their natural habitat.

Water temperature impacts tremendously on fish and plant health and survival. So, you have to choose a high-quality heater that may be expensive, but it will give you long-term benefits.

Any temperature change may result in shocking, stressing, and damaging fish health. 

Drastic or sudden change and fluctuation in temperature lead to the death of inhabitants in the tank. Therefore, you can not buy a low-price heater to save money. You should purchase an appropriate heater if you want to maintain the tank environment.

The heating capacity or heating power of a heater depends on its wattage rating. 

107 Examples of best and popular fish tank heaters with price and watts

Heaters Watts Price
FREESA aquarium heater 50W, 75W, 100W $20
PULACO small 25W $16
Orlushy submersible 100W, 150W, 200W, 300W $15
Mylivell submersible auto thermostat 100W $12
Aqueon flat 7.5 W $7
Aqueon preset 75W $11
Bnzaq adjustable dish tank heater 100W $15
Tetra fauna 100W  $15
Eheim jager thermostat heater 150W $17
HITOP adjustable submersible 25, 50, 100W $14
FREESA submersible 25, 50, 100, 200, 300W $14
Fluval submersible 300W $25
Uniclife with thermometer 50W $14
Titanium tube thermostat 300, 500W $29
daToo small flat 20, 30W $10
Marineland precision 50W $15
VIVOSUN titanium 50 – 500W $20
Boxtech exlposion proof 50, 100, 300W $18
Orlushy mini heater 50, 100, 150W $16
MQ auto thermostat 200, 300, 500W $15
K & H bucket heater 80 W $30
Marine submersible fish tank heater 50W $8
SALUTE auto thermostat heater 50, 100, 200, 300W $12
Anti-explosion submersible 100, 200, 300W $10
Adjustable submersible 50, 100, 200, 300W $12
Hygger with digital temperature controller 500, 800W $20
Cobalt aquatic flat neo-therm 25W $60
HITOP PTC aquarium heater 200, 300W $47
EHEIM thermostat 100W $25
Fluval marina submersible 100W $18
Via aqua glass submersible 200W $20
Hydor slim 150W $10
PASTE glass submersible 300, 500W $20
Datoo mini submersible 25W $10
Aqueon PRO 100W $23
Inkbrid heating thermostat 100, 150W $27
GMsound submersible 25, 50W $14
MUCH auto thermostat 500W $24
Uniclife 300W $15
Ipower terrarium 100, 200W $27
Uniclife submersible 200W $12
Fluval mini 50, 100W $17
Mylivell auto thermostat 100, 300W $10
Aqueon glass adjustable 200W $20
Uniclife preset submersible 50, 250W $10
LEDGLE submersible 100, 200W $15
Hygger titanium saltwater and freshwater heater 200, 300W $60
Inkbrid controller with submersible probe 500W $30
IOAOI shatterproof 50W $15
Penn-plax fully submersible 75W $15
Aquatop quartz glass submersible 50 – 300W $13
Aqueon pro adjustable 50W $40
Lifeguard aquatics bi-metal 50W $20
Ceramic aquarium heater 50, 100W $15
Elite thermostatic 50W $10
Finnex hang-on controller 100, 200, 300W $30
Tetra aquatic 100, 200W $15
Fluval tronic 75, 100W $30
Aquatop premier glass 50, 100, 200W $25
Deep blue professional 100W $15
Lemonbest waterproof submersible 100W $15
Lifeguard construction 100W $22
Lifeguard aquatics construction 75W $20
S.T. international microchip 100W $40
Therma-flow PC plus 200W $15
Hydor glass theo 100W $20
Via aqua quartz glass 200W $19
Hydor in-line external 200, 500W $55
Guardian gear 200W $20
Eco plus titanium 200W $30
Petco submersible 200W $25
Ehm heater 300W $45
Aquatop digital external control 200W $45
Finnex digital deluxe titanium tube 100, 200,300, 500W $80
IST micro temperature controller 500, 1000W $55
Marineland visi-therm submersible 300W $30
S.T. international quartz 100W $18
Sunsun submersible 300W $28
Petco heater 300W $30
Azoo tiotanium 300W $25
VIBIRIT small 25W $15
Orangelight submersible 50, 100W $25
U-picks submersible 100, 300, 500W $27
Inkbird ITC pre-wired electronic 200W $30
Boxtech explosion proof 50, 100, 300W $18
Zacro submersible digital display 200W $15
LUYS heater  300, 500W $33
Auomii mini submersible 50, 100W $35
AQQA 100, 200, 300, 500W $20
NICREW preset submersible 100, 200W $15
POPETPOP titanium 400W $14
PERSUPER submersible 100, 200W $18
FEDOUR adjustable 30, 50, 60, 120W $30
AQQ submersible 15, 25, 35W $25
SZELAM smart mini 25W $18
NICREW controller 100, 200W $20
ZEETON heater 25W $25
Yuki halu small submersible 50, 100W $15
Zacro submersible 300W $30

Why are the aquarium heaters expensive?

A tank heater can be more expensive and less expensive depending on watts. Usually, they are costly because they have to supply heat consistently and need proper machinery that serves the purpose. It also depends on the type of aquarium heaters.

The most common placement of a heater in a tank is submersible to distribute the heat properly. For this reason, a heater should be waterproof and energy-efficient that can work consistently without stopping.

Also, a larger tank requires more heat, so you have to choose a heater with more wattage rating, and it will cost more.

What is the running cost of an aquarium heater?

A fish tank heater has a moderate cost of the run, and you can determine its running cost per month by calculating the used wattage. Generally, heaters consume considerable electricity to run efficiently, as they supply heat in the fish tank.

Mostly freshwater fish require a temperature around 78 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The continuously working heater increases your electricity bill.  

Per month cost of an aquarium heater

Fish Tank size Watts of heater Running hours per day Running hours per day Watts usage per day

6 hours

Watts usage

Per day 24 hours

Watt usage per month 6 hours Watt usage per month 24 hours Cost per month


Cost per month when running 24 hours
10 gallons 50 watts 6 hours 24 hours 300 watts 1200 watts 9000 watts 36000 watts $1 $4
30 gallons 100 watts 6 hours 24 hours 600 watts 2400 hours 18,000 watts 72000 watts $2 $8
50 gallons 200 watts 6 hours 24 hours 1200 watts 4800 hours 36,000 watts 144000 watts $4 $16
100 gallon 400 watts 6 hours 24 hours 2400 watts 9600 hours 72,000 watts 288000 watts $9 $36

How to reduce the running cost of a fish tank heater?

Usually, the running cost decreases in the summer as the atmosphere is already warm and you can turn off the heater at night.

The running cost increases too much in the winter where you can not turn off the heater due to cold, freezing temperatures.

You can reduce cost by turning it off for a few hours but make sure to stabilize the temperature inside and rendering heat release or escape out of the tank.

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