How to Help Fish Regrow Fins

How to Help Fish Regrow Fins?

How to Help Fish Regrow Fins?

Most of the aquarium fish have the ability to regrow their fins but to a very small extent. You can help your fish to regrow their fins. You can just provide the optimal conditions for regrowth of tail and fins.

But it also depends on how much the fin is damaged. Sometimes the fins are damaged because of fighting or sometimes they are rotten.   

How to Help Fish Regrow Fins?

If you also want to grow your fish fins back to make it as good looking as it was before. First of all, keep it in your mind that fins growth is not really quick.

It will take a proper time for the fins to regrow back and you have to patiently wait for it.

What are the Causes of Damaged Fish Fins?

There can be different causes of fish fins damage which are;


Sometimes, the is the fish tank is so small that fish fight for their space. This fight can also because of any of the reasons like space, food or any other reason.

Some fish fight so much worse than they nibble each other and bite on weak areas of their bodies. During this fight, the fins get damaged and fish gets hurt.

To avoid this fight, you should provide your fish with an ample amount of food, so that no fish has to fight for their tummy. The space given to your pet should be enough to give them the freedom to swim and live.

Sometimes the sharp aquarium decorations or sharp edges of some plants can also damage the weak fins.


Infection can also be one of the reasons for fins damage. In case of any bacterial infection, the fins become ragged and fuzzy. You might have seen the red streaking or slimy mucus on the fish’s fins.

This also damages the fins. The bacteria cannot attack the healthy fish but will attack that one which is already stressed because of aquarium conditions and are vulnerable to be attacked.

Fin Rot

Fin rot is caused by a special type of bacteria named Pseudomonas or Vibrio bacteria. Actually this condition is difficult to cure and it damages the fins completely.

In these kinds of cases cannot be grown back but for the exceptional cases. Its earlier stages can be treated with complete care.

This kind of fish must be quarantined as soon as possible. You can and definitely you should take care of your fish with rotted fin but it does not really grow back like other damaged fins.

How to Promote Regrowth of Damaged Fins?

There are different ways to promote the regrowth of the damage fins of your pet fish.

Provide Clean Water with Salt

A damaged fin can never be regrown if your fish live in dirty water. The aquarium water with high concentrations of ammonia doesn’t help to heal the fin and grow more.

When you will provide completely clean water to your pet, the health conditions will improve more and fin will start to grow more from where it is damaged.

It is good to add 1 teaspoon of aquarium salt in one per gallon of water. It can also help your fish fins to become healthy like they were before.

Give Nutritious Food

A proper amount of food at the proper time which must be nutritious to maintain the standard health quality of your pet.

High-quality food items with variety will give different kinds of nutrients. These nutrients will maintain the health of your fish and increase the natural healing and regrowth ability.

Slowly but steadily it will affect the growth of damaged parts of the fish body. Just like humans need good and healthy food to stay fit, protected from diseases and healing of wounds, in the same way, fish also need a portion of high-quality proper food.

Use Antibiotics for Healing and Regrowth

You will also need some of the antibiotics to allow your fish to regrow her fins. Consider buying some antibiotics for your nearby pet store or online.

The dosage and other detailed instructions are given on them already. You can use the drug accordingly. You can keep your pet observing over a period of months.

The drugs along with other proper health conditions will help you to achieve the required results.

How to Take Care of Your Fish Delicate Fins?

All of the fish have fins and some have bigger and beautiful fins like beta fish. You should take care of your fish so that it can remain protected from troubles like hurt fins, etc.

Keep Smooth Decorations in Aquarium

Make sure that all of the decorations that you have placed on your aquarium, should be smooth. Because there are some of the toys and rocks which have their sharp edges.

These sharp edges damage the fins of your pet and it faces the troubles. So make sure that the environment you have provided to your fish may not hurt it in any way. If any of the decoration pieces have sharp edges then rub it with some other hard material to make it smooth.

Provide Enough Space

Provide enough space for a year each and every fish to live their lives in freedom. When every fish will live in a proper space provided to it, they will be happy.

In this way, no fish will fight with each other for space and did not damage their body parts. Because fish bite each other while fighting and in this way, their fins get damaged.

But then there will be no fear of living territory, every pet will spend its life with happiness and no fights.

Keep Compatible Fish in Aquarium

You must know which type of fish can never be friends with each other. So that you can put them away from each other because they will never be ready to live with each other anyway.

It is a must to keep the compatible fish in an aquarium so that they can respect their fellow fish and live peacefully with them.

Otherwise the fighting fish we always fight because of their nature, and it will be difficult for you to cope with the situation. So taking care of this thing from the very beginning can prevent the later issues.

Final words

Fins are an important part of the fish body. So take care of them and help your pet look beautiful and complete. If you fail to regrow the fins of your fish because of any rotten fin conditions, then you should never stop loving your pet.

Accept your pet in the situation it has, the looks it has, no matter how it looks, after all, it is your pet that needs love, care, and support from you.

However, the other cases of fins damage can be cured easily, so don’t worry if your fish has such fins, juts read and apply this guide and get your desired results, your fish will be all fine within no time.

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