How to Deal with a Mean Fish

How to Deal with a Mean Fish?

How to Deal with a Mean Fish?

Just like some humans, some pet fish are also mean and only think about themselves. They fight with each other a lot. They didn’t respond when you are trying to love your pet and play with it.

But different behaviors are because of different situations. Some behaviors are temporary while some fish are permanently selfish. But there is always a strong and solid reason behind every behavior that your pet fish shows.

How to Deal with a Mean Fish?

If your fish is also behaving badly all the time and you are wondering how to deal with it then read this detailed article.

The mean behavior of a fish includes pushing others, fighting with other tank mates, nibbling their fellow fish badly, aggressive behavior, sometimes or always harming others. is going to help you to deal with your fish in a proper manner if it is also mean. You can’t change your fish behavior so much fast.

Although it will take some time your fish will become loving, caring and will stay happy if you deal with it properly.

Mean Behavior of Fish and its Causes

If your fish shows certain signs or behaviors, then it means that your fish is extremely mean. You have to make your fish behavior well and tame it to be a lovely pet. 

Fighting with Fellow Fish

If your fish is fighting with its fellow fishes then it indicates the mean behavior. The fish fight mostly because of the less space for their living.

If your aquarium or fish tank is small then your pet will fight with each other. If one fish is fighting then check out that if it is having a proper territory to live in.

If not, then definitely it is the main reason for your fish fighting with others. It is the basic necessity of your aquarium pet to get enough space to live in and swim without any problem.

Also, every fish in an aquarium defines their territory to swim freel. But when space is less, one comes in another fish territory then it becomes extremely mean that it ends up fighting and hurting other fellows.

Some fight so much that even one of them reaches near death. This is an extreme state when you didn’t notice any fights between fish and no space is given to them for a long time, then fish tries to fight for what they want.

Some of the fish species are known to fight more as compared to other fish. But if any of the fish species is fighting, there must be some issue with space availability.

Competition for resources

When the resources are low and fish are afraid of their survival, then definitely they will become mean. They will start caring only for themselves. They will try to eat more and store their food when you give small amounts of food for them.

When the amount of food is less and fish are more than definitely they try to fight and eat the food all alone. A fear develops in them that the food availability is less and it doesn’t have to share its food with any of the other fish.

Take care that you are not underfeeding your fish. Besides this keep some of those things that your fish can eat when there is no feeding time but still, they feel hunger. Like some aquarium plants can be the best snack for your pet besides food.

Breeding season

When there is a breeding season of fish, they usually seemed to be selfish for different things. A female or a male fish partner gets aggressive if they don’t have their private space and they fear about protecting their eggs from others.

This mean behavior or aggression is normal and short-termed. But you should separate a fish which has done spawning. A fish should be kept aside with her eggs. In fact, in the whole period, till eggs hatching to baby fish development, the separate aquarium should be given to a fish.

Aggressive behavior

Aggression can be due to some other reasons like over-crowding of fish in a tank. Some fish start bullying each other.

A fish also becomes aggressive when one fish is diseased with some infection. Other fish attack that diseased fish and try to hurt her.

First of all, you should know that whenever you fish get any disease, immediately separate it in a hospital tank. Cure your diseased fish as soon as possible.

When it gets completely fine then you can shift into the tank with other fellows. Make sure that your aquarium’s water quality it’s completely at good levels. There must not be heavy metals in water which can disturb the moods of your fish or make it aggressive.

Aquarium water should be clean from ammonia so that your fish moods do not swing and it should not become aggressive at all.

How to Deal with a Fish Showing Egocentric Behaviors?  

There are some following things that you should deal with for your egoistic and selfish type of fish.

Proper Food Supply

If you want that your fish can become happy and calm, then give all of your fish a proper amount of food to eat. They should not fight with each other for getting enough food.

When you feed your fish at the proper time and enough food, they will be relaxed. Your fish will not become selfish and will change its behavior soon.

Good quality food is also essential. A fish will not eat soft food that is inside water for a very long period of time or decomposed. It will no longer remain selfish if its tummy is full.

Give Proper Space

You must have a big aquarium in your home. No matter how many fish do you have in that aquarium but what matters is the happiness of your fish and its calm behavior.

So, every fish should be given a proper space to live and swim. There should be a proper space for your fish to breed.

Every fish should have their own private territory so that all of them can live in peace. This will bring are any great positive changes in your fish behavior. It will be the most caring, loving, and happiest fish if you provide all the basic necessities to it.

Your fish will never fight and become aggressive it has been provided with all the requirements which it needs.

Spend Time With Your Fish

First of all when you buy a new fish and introduce it into your home aquarium, then give it some time to get habitual to the new environment.

Sometimes fish shows a strange behavior then get place has been changed, but this change is just temporary. When you will provide you want to fish with all that it requires, your fish will become habitual to the environment and start enjoying a new home.

Besides this spend some quality time with your fish. You can take some moments from your free time to spend with your fish.

You’re you will stay near your fish its behavior would be calmer and less selfish. All the aggressiveness and bad behaviors can be treated by love, care, and support. Tips for Mean Behaviors of Fish

  • Don’t make your fish tank overcrowded.
  • Feed your fish at the proper time with high-quality food in enough amounts to fulfill everyone’s needs.
  • Give your pet a proper place to live in which must be spacious and good looking.
  • Make some time to play with your fish.
  • Teach your pet to follow your instructions by using food and toys.
  • Add some hiding places must so that your fish can rest and sleep there comfortably, even egg-laying will become easier and safe for them.
  • Maintain proper water quality levels so that your fish can live healthy and relaxed.

Doing all these things can make a fish behavior loving and soothing. Any of the egoistic fish can be even tamed like this. Now, apply this guide to your fish if it also shows rough behaviors.

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