How to Hide a Fish Tank From Landlord?

How to Hide a Fish Tank From Landlord?

If you want to hide your fish tank from your landlord, follow these 10 simple tips to hide it safely and accurately.

How to Hide a Fish Tank From Landlord? You can hide it in many ways like keep it in a store or basement, in cabinets, cover with clothes, baskets, wooden case, and many others but take care of fish health and its requirements.

Sometimes your landlord asks you to pay for the fish tank or restricts you to place it because of some issues. The reason may be a large tank size or improper installation. 

How to Hide a Fish Tank From Landlord?

An aquarium is a symbol of peace, life, and beauty, and everyone wants to add it to their home space. It gives the feeling of nature and makes a person extremely pleasant due to the mesmerizing aquatic life inside the tank.

It is heartbreaking to give off your favorite aquarium just because of a person. So better hide it from your landlord and enjoy your small, beautiful aquatic world in your home.

You can use several tips and tricks to hide the fish tank but remember not to neglect the health of the fish inside. It is better not to hide it for a long time and fulfill all its requirements even if you are hiding it for a short time.

There are many ways and places in a home to hide it but make sure to place or cover it safely without causing any harm to its inhabitants. You should keep the aquarium oxygenated without a pump.

Hide the fish tank in a store or basement

A store or basement of the home is usually where nobody goes, so these can be the best places to hide your fish tank. Your landlord can never find it out there, and it will remain safe there. Do not forget that it requires electricity, so the store or basement must have an electricity connection.

Cover a fish tank with the help of clothes

Another way to hide a fish tank is to cover it with a cloth, or you can throw a bundle of clothes on it, which looks like a mess. Clothes do not block sunlight and air, so you do not have to worry about the health of the fish inside. 

Hide it in a closet or cabinets

You can hide your fish tank in a closed cabinet or your closet when there is no other suitable place around. It will completely hide it from your landlord and do not cause any damage to it. Remember to supply it with electricity there so the animals can get light and filtration.  

Use baskets

You can use custom baskets that are the size of your aquarium to hide it. Willow baskets, woven baskets, plastic baskets, or wooden baskets all have a unique design that allows light to pass in. You can also add plants like lucky bamboo to the fish tank.

Move it to the friend’s house

When you already know that your landlord is coming to your home, send your fish tank to a friend’s place nearby. Your friend will take care of your aquarium and will provide feed timely to the fish.

Make a custom fabric cover

A custom fabric cover is a good option for hiding a fish tank. Make a cover of the same size and dimensions as it and cover it completely. Now, you can add anything on top of it to make your landlord thinks that it is a simple box or bag in which you keep your things. This way you can easily place a fish tank in your home.

Hide a fish tank behind the bed

Generally, beds are better to place at a small distance from the walls to give a better outlook to the room.

You can easily use this free space to hide your aquarium, as your landlord does not see every corner of your house. Usually, there is already a switchboard beside the bed so it can get an electricity connection.

Cover it with a carton

When you have a small aquarium, it can come under a paper carton. The carton can completely cover your fish tank, making it look like a piece of furniture, and your landlord will never doubt you.

Make use of a table

Most people use large center tables in their living rooms as a statement piece, and these tables can serve as a place to hide an aquarium. All you have to do is to choose a table that has central storage inside it.

You can easily keep your fish tank inside it without making it noticeable for your landlord. The table has wooden sides and a wooden top, so you do not have to fear about its visibility. 

Make use of a curtain

There are many free spaces in a home to hide an aquarium, such as space under the stairs. This space is usually of no use and remains messy, but you can use it by placing your fish tank in it and covering it with a curtain.

When you hang a curtain to this place, nobody can check inside, and you can easily hide it there.

Things to consider when hiding a fish tank

When you in a situation where your landlord does not allow you to install it, consider a few things to hide it.

Tank size

A small tank is easy to hide as you do not need a large place or extra things to cover it. It is easy to grab it and place it in any small space immediately when your landlord is coming.

Weight of the tank

The weight of an aquarium should not be too much to handle and hide and should be lightweight. The water capacity should be less than 10 gallons, so you can easily hold it and hide it anywhere. Also, you can place it on tables or desks without any fear of breaking the table.

Plants in the fish tank

Choose plants that are not extending out of the tank because they act as an obstacle during hiding. Also, add such plants that can survive in low oxygen and sunlight. 

Air pumps, air stones, and lighting

All the animals and plants inside a fish tank must require oxygen for their survival. It is not always possible to hide them in such a place where you can provide sufficient air and oxygen. Add air pumps, air stones, and proper lighting inside it to ensure the health of species.

Add wheels to the fish tank

When you observe such situations, where you have to hide your aquarium urgently, the best tip is to add wheels. It makes you a hundred times more feasible and comfortable to move it in an emergency.