Where to Place Fish Tank in Home?

Where to Place Fish Tank in Home?

Here are the 10 best places where you can place a fish tank. If you are looking forward to adding a beautiful aquarium to your home, place it in these suitable areas.

Where to Place Fish Tank in Home? You can place a fish tank in many areas of your home, like in your bedroom, kitchen, or living room. You must find a location that has electricity and water connection. You should not place the fish tank in the center of the room or in the kid’s room.

Where to Place Fish Tank in Home?

Fish are a unique creature as they amazingly beautify the aesthetics of your home. 

A simple rectangular box having crystal-clear water, beautiful fishes, and plants can make a simple area into a stunning aqua-space. You can not add anything more natural and full of life than an aquarium in your home.

After establishing a fish tank, decide the most suitable placement that is also visually satisfying. Spend considerable time thinking about the best spot for it that also perfectly matches your home layout. 

Its location has an impact on fish health, water quality, and tank conditions. The wrong environment has potentially harmful and stressful effects on fish.

When you have a large tank, you can not change its location daily, so choose the most appropriate place to keep it permanently there.

Dynamic space

The best spot for a fish tank is where the floor does not vibrate, as the fish inside the tank can feel vibrations that may result in stressing them. Kids love to jump, run, or play, and these movements can create vibrations in the floor. 

These vibrations and movements create an uncomfortable and frightening atmosphere inside the tank. The fish try to jump out of it or hide behind the plants because of fear. So place it on a floor that is far from the kids’ room to avoid any disturbance.

Make use of furniture

Buy a table that can bear an aquarium’s weight and coordinate with the house layout and place a fish tank on it. Its cabinets can store all the cords, pipes, wires, and other protrusions of the tank. It helps to hide all the mess with the most suitable placement.

Another thing you can do is use your chest of drawer or wooden shelves to keep the aquarium. It comes out as a real one-of-a-kind aquarium furniture that serves multiple functions. This furniture can not hold too much weight, so a small aquarium with less weight can get a place on them. This is a must if you changing a saltwater tank to a freshwater.

Place the fish tank in the bedroom

You can place your aquarium in your bedroom when you have better ventilation and natural lighting in the room. We spend maximum time in the bedroom and in this way can better take care of the fish, but keep in mind the temperature of the room. 

Place it on a plain surface, or you can get a custom tank stand but do not keep it on bedside tables; they cannot bear the weight of it.

Waking up to a fascinating view of this beautiful aqua-space can make your day. Also, sleeping beside this soothing and calm environment releases all your stress and tension. Acrylic aquariums are better than glass, however, you can use both of them.

Put the fish tank in the Kitchen

A suitable area to place an aquarium is the kitchen as it beautifies the entire look of your kitchen and is also a safe place. Place it on the countertop space; here, you can take care of fish while cooking but keep a distance from the stove. 

You have to protect it from excessive heat as it can raise the water temperature, which is not healthy for the fish and other species inside. Many people make their own cement fish tank at home.

You can also build a cabinet or a separate counter between the other cabinets, which looks like a divider between two different areas. Also, placing it in the kitchen helps you to change the water and dispose of wastes. You can make a blackwater aquarium at home and it will be suitable for low light.

Between the rooms

The best option to place a fish tank is a space between two rooms as this space is generally in no use. So, better keep your aquarium where it acts as a decor to the room and the division between two rooms.

This placement is better for open areas like the open kitchen or living area where there are no doors or walls between them to separate them.

Fish tank in the living room

A living room is your common place where you have all your guests and home events, so you must decorate it beautifully and optimistically. When it comes to beauty and nature, nothing can be more stunning than an aquarium.

The living room is the best spot to place a fish tank as this area comes in most useful, and you can pay all your attention to the creatures inside. This also helps to protect the fish tank from sunlight.

Take up a wall and place your large tank in front of it, and by adding extra lighting to the wall, you can make it the focal point. It comes out to be an incredible live aquatic world in your own home.

Place it beside your office area

While working, you need a calm, peaceful environment so you can work with more attention, and the aquarium is the most soothing aqua-space. When you work feeling nature and life, you can get more ideas and motivation.

It is a safe place for your fish tank as you can take care of it while working. Make a wooden fish stand and use it to place the tank.

Place fish tank in the balcony

The balcony is usually a large space and an area full of natural light and air that makes it the best spot for your aquarium. The fish and other inhabitants can get the maximum light and air as compare to other home areas.

Along with its safety, you can also ensure access to water and electricity and ease in disposal as you already have water and electricity connections there. You have enough area to clean your tank and access its maintenance.

It is suitable for such plants and fish that require more sunlight and can tolerate a high temperature. It is better not to place it here in summers to avoid excessive heat and direct sunlight. You can set it on the balcony in the mid-season when the temperature is not too high. You can move a fish tank from one room to another without emptying it.

Things to consider when placing a fish tank in the home

Ensure its visibility

The biggest reason for adding an aquarium is to enhance the visual grace of a home so try to place it in an area where it is most visible.

As you spend so much time creating this beautiful aqua-space full of greenery and colored fishes, make it visible as much as possible. You can also plant lucky bamboo in the fish tank.

Electricity connections

You know your aquarium cannot work without electricity as it needs to run the filter, heater, air pumps, and lighting, which is not possible without a power source.

Choose a place that is closest to an electricity connection so you can run all equipment. You can also use extension wire, but it may only look ugly and messy. This is a must if you plan to hide the aquarium from the landlord.

Water supply

Placing a fish tank nearest to the water supply is essential because you have to change water frequently.

You can not take it to the water supply whenever you need a water change, especially if it is large. Also, using water pipes and other equipment can create a mess all around the room.

Water disposal and cleaning

Cleaning the fish tank is necessary to ensure the health of fish, plants, and other invertebrates. There may be impurities, wastes, and contamination in the water after a few weeks.

You have to dispose of water, remove filter, heater, and other ornaments from it and scrub them. It is better to keep it near the water disposal source, so you do not have to carry it to the disposal place.  

Space to move around

It is necessary to place a fish tank in an area having enough space to move around for its safety. If you keep it in a small or narrow space, there are chances that you may break it while passing around. 


Sunlight is essential for a plant’s growth and survival, but providing sunlight for a long time is not advisable. It can affect the health of plants and fish by encouraging the growth of algae.

Some plants and fish like to live in low or moderate light and can not tolerate excessive light. Too much sunlight can also raise the water temperature of the aquarium.


When you place an aquarium near speakers or TV, the noise of these can stress the fish inside. They start scattering and hiding after hearing loud noise due to fear; loud noise also affects fish health.

Do Not Place a Fish Tank on These Places

High traffic areas

High traffics areas such as ad doorways, passageways, or hallways are the worst places to keep your aquarium. It is not safe there as it has a glass body and anything solid when accidentally knocks, it can easily break the glass. 

In Kids rooms

Never place your fish tank in the kid’s room as it is the most unsafe place for it. They are not aware of the care and precautions one has to take for it. They can break or damage it during play or start adding too much feed to the tank as a concern of feeding them.


Windows are a source of air and sunlight, but in the summer-season scorching heat comes in through it, so do not place the tank there in summers. It can rapidly raise the water temperature and may lead to damage to the health of inhabitants.

Near heating and cooling vents

Both high or low temperatures can have a worse impact on the fish inside. A rapid temperature change can stress the fish and may result in sickness or even death of fish. Avoid placing it nearby heating or cooling vents such as a fireplace, heaters, fans, or air-conditioners. 

In the center of the room

You should put it in the center of the room because any disturbance or movement may damage it. Also, it needs the support of the wall or a corner because of its heavyweight. So place it near a wall or corner where you can ensure its safety.

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