How to Keep Guppies Entertained?

How to Keep Guppies Entertained?

Many people are looking for ways to keep their guppies entertained and active. You will be amazed to see how guppy fish interacts with humans and play with different toys.

How to Keep Guppies Entertained? Keep guppies entertained with toys and decorative items. Enhance the level of entertainment with light and heat control, and remove all the toxic materials and interact with guppies. Make drawings on the mirrors of the tank and keep them engaged in fun activities. 

How to keep guppies entertained?

Here are 13 easy methods to keep the guppies entertained all the time. All of these techniques are effective, and you can perform them without any help.

Add suitable tank mates

The excellent tank mates are one of the best ways to keep guppies in entertaining mode. They live happily with those mates that have compatibility with them.

It is one of the safest and easy ways to make them happy. They live and swim with the tank mates in the best ways.

You can add the tank mates according to your choice. These are those fish that live and interact with various other fish.

These combinations are easy, and you can perform them instantly. The guppy gets bored when they are alone in the water tank. 

They try to make themselves comfortable in the new setup, but after some time, they get tired.

It increases their boredom, and fish become unhappy, and the new tank mates come with enthusiasm, and they are active. 

These mates keep on swimming, and they also provoke the guppies of the water tank. They also get active and swim in the water with the mates.

They immediately remove the phase and join the new additions. You can also consult with the fish consultants about these interactions.

Addition of a toy ball

These are peaceful species, and they never harm the internal environment of the water tank.

They require constant entertainment to keep themselves active and entertaining. You can add external things that can attract these fish to the tank water.

The addition of a colorful and bouncing ball in water immediately changes their’ mode. They swim a lot after such changes because they utilize the new addition. 

It can cause wounds and cuts the fish body. Few of them die in such accidents, and safety depends on the owner. 

These toys are specifically available for the entertainment of fish. They are small and lightweight, and there are minimum chances of any disturbance. They have enough weight to go down in the water. 

The floating balls are not much suitable for guppies.

They get tired of accessing the surface toys, and the things that can reach the bottom are beneficial. You can add 2 – 3 small toy balls, and it also depends on the number of fish inside the tank.

Adjust tank in front of a mirror

They get bored when they are alone in a water tank. They also get unhappy when there are 3 – 4 fish in the massive aquariums.

They swim for some time but then show unusual behavioral conditions. Few of the top eating and they also stop playing inside water.

One of the simplest and convenient ways to keep the guppies happy is putting the fish tank in front of the mirror.

You can also adjust a mirror in front of a fish tank with effort. There is no need to change the location of the fish tank. The fish instantly find it entertaining because they can see their reflections in the mirror. 

The internal activity of the fish tank also makes images on the mirror. The fish remain in an entertaining mood due to these tiny modifications.

They think that another fish is doing the same postures. It makes them happy, and they engage themselves in such activities.

Make sure the mirror is larger than the tank size. It gives a clear and massive reflection of the fish tank.

The fish can see themselves in this glass equipment every time of the day. You can also install lights to enhance the view of the mirror. It is a cost-effective process because you can use your home mirror for such activities. 

Decorative items

The decorative items like artificial and natural plants change the habitat of the water tank. The addition of colorful rocks and other such things turns the fish tank into a new container.

It is an excellent way to keep the fish engaged in entertaining activities. They keep themselves busy with these decorative items.

The search for food and reflections keeps them alive and happy all the time. Always add those things that do not comprise sharp edges.

These harmful things are not safe for the external structure of a fish, and you can purchase decorative items from the fish stores.

They have maximum security and minimum chances of any harmful conditions.

The additions of such small things instantly change the mood of tiny creatures. They swim more than causal patterns, and their eating habits also improve due to such changes. 

Add Drawings

Use a non-permanent marker and draw different things on the mirror of the tank.

It attracts the fish inside water, and they come closer to the tank wall. They find this activity entertaining and engage themselves with the owner. 

Regular Water change

You can change the tank water after 6 to 7 hours, and it is beneficial for the mood swings of the tiny creature. 

They become happy due to such alteration in the limited periods. Always add high-quality water for these species because they have standards.

Observe their habits and actions when you change the water conditions. They swim a lot to increase the levels of oxygen inside the tank water.

They also start to eat their food items without any disturbing pattern. It is suitable for their growth and casual living.

It is a cost-effective method because the fish owners have containers of water. You can change it and keep them engage in such activities all the time. 

Maintenance of light

The maintenance of light is essential for these tiny species. They require sunlight and artificial light for their casual moods.

They also rest in darkness, and you need to turn off lights. The resting durations are around 6 to 8 hours and turn off all the light sources during such conditions.

You can add automatic sensors for light control. The timers in these devices can shut off the lights in proper conditions.

It is suitable to keep guppies happy and entertained. They grow best in these light conditions, and it is beneficial for their health mechanisms as well. 

Proper food

Provide proper food to the guppies, and you can see their excellent mood conditions.

They live happily inside the fish tanks and engage them in eating. In the food search, they swim and keep the water alive.

You can see their swimming gestures when they are inside the water tank. Never supply excessive food because it can lead to obesity. 

Water temperature

The heating of water with small tools leads to the happiness of a guppy fish. They live happily in warm water conditions when the external temperature is cold.

Add a heating device in the fish tank and change the boredom into entertainment. It instantly enhances the fish swimming patterns.

It becomes happy and moves in all corners of the water container. It is a bit expensive method in terms of budget. The heaters of fish tanks are worthy because they have excellent performance.

Remove toxic material

The removal of toxic material like algae keeps the tank water clean and hygienic. The fish swims in the tank water without any abnormal activity.

It feels entertained with every possible thing. The surrounding parts of the water container keep the guppies happier.

They swim and eat in their proper conditions without any fear. The levels of growth improve in such environments.

Use different chemical removers and nets to reduce the dirty matters. 

Natural habitat conditions

These fish like to live in natural water conditions, and the greenery in the surroundings makes them happy.

Build a natural habitat in the fish tank with all the possibilities. The addition of plants and rocks makes it easy for these tiny creatures. They get happy and feel entertained due to their natural surroundings. 

Everything attracts them, and the swimming rates increase more than causal. The fish feel the alive and entertaining mood in all these conditions.

It is a costly process, but you can perform it for the sake of fish entertainment. Always select those items that are harmless for the fish for the long life. 

Away from noise

The presence of continuous noise makes the fish bore, and they feel less active. You can change the location of the fish tank, and it provides them peace.

The melodies or ringtones keep refreshing and healthy. It is one of the excellent ways to keep the guppies in an entertainment mood.

You should adjust the tank away from the harmful noises and provide them peace. 

If the sounds are essential, then add better sound conditions to entertain them. 


Interact with your fish in different ways. Tap the fish tank from outside and show various items.

It enhances their entertainment level, and they swim in response. The diverse gestures of swimming make them appealing, and they grow inside the fish tank.

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