Best Guppy Fish in the World 2021

Best Guppy Fish in the World 2021

Best Guppy Fish in the World 2021

The other beautiful names of guppy fish are rainbow fish and million fish. It belongs to the Poeciliidae family. It is among the most popular aquarium freshwater species.

They are one of the most active and charming aquarium pet fish. They are best as a schooling fish because of their dynamic and sweet behavior.

These fish are super popular among the people who love to have a home aquarium. They can live comfortably in a small tank, and even their bio-load is very less.

It is also available in too many beautiful colors of fins. That is why it also attracts the attention of many aquarists. They do not live alone but with their same species colony. 

Best Guppy Fish in the World 2021

There are so many different varieties of these fish which can be pet as an aquarium fish. 

Best Guppy Fish Characteristics Nature Price
Fancy Guppy long life, friendly behavior, easy to breed   Warming nature Check price
Endler Guppy Sharp glamorous colors, omnivorous Friendly behavior Check price
Fantail Beta like resemblance, big fins, and tail, astonishing looks Peaceful temperament Check price
Black Moscow Dark black look, gorgeous fins, unique look Cool and calm nature Check price
Red guppy Pure red color, pointing edge tail Friendly Check price
Java moss Elegant looks, aesthetic nature, long mustaches Peaceful with its fellows Check price

You can place at least 10-15 guppy fish in about 10 gallons of water. They live for about two years or more. 

They have a very peaceful temperament and have a very easy-care level. There are about 300 varieties of guppy fish, which all vary in their shape, size, and color. 

Let’s discuss these fish first, which you can buy from Amazon easily. 

Fancy Guppy (Poecilia Reticulata) 

It is the most popular type of guppy fish in home aquariums. They are popular because of their fancy tails and beautiful colors. 

They are straightforward to breed and raise in number. It can stay healthy and disease-free because of the high immunity levels in their bodies. 

You can maintain these levels by providing sufficient food and nutrition to your pet fish. 

You should give food to them right on time; you can maintain its feeding schedule as well. It depends upon you to establish the eating patterns of your pet.

These fish are omnivores, and they can eat any plant food as well as animal food. They love to live in a natural environment, and you can quickly provide such a place to your pet to live.

Endler Guppy (Poecilia Winger)

These fish very closely resembles the fancy guppies but different in their fins. They are unique in their body colors a lot. 

They can easily crossbreed and take care of their offspring. It is omnivorous and peaceful. 

They can live peacefully with any of the fish in the aquarium. They have striking, sharp colors on their body and looks fascinating. However, if your female guppy is turning black, you should check its health.

They are not readily available on any of the stores, but you can find some of its pairs on amazon, and we are providing access to you guys from this website. 


These fish are also amazing with their elegant looking tails. Their tail looks like an open fan. 

Their dorsal fins elongate beautifully while the ventral fins are smaller and usually like other fish fins.

They can live for about 2 to 3 years in an average as many as more than this limit depending upon the living conditions and health.

Black Moscow Guppy

Here is the rarest available guppy fish for your people. You can buy it from this site with smart convenience. 

It most likely resembles to betta fish in her big fins. Its full back body with big, black flaring fins looks astonishing. 

Despite its big tail, it has a very relaxed and calm nature. It lives with a friendly behavior with its fellow species and the other fish as well. 

You can play and spend time with it, and it will treat you like your best friend. But special care is needed to protect it’s a big tail. 

Maybe you should not place the sharp objects inside the aquarium like some decoration pieces or toys. 

Take great care that no object could harm the big tail and fins of this fish. Also, make sure that the water is clean, and there is no algae and fungus around so that this fish can stay away from bacterial and viral diseases of fin rot. 

It looks stunning while swimming. The mate’s dark black color attracts a lot and looks unique. Not only it’s tail, but the fins are also significant and flaring different from other aquarium fish. 

Sometimes they give a reflection of a very dark blue color. Feed these fish with a variety of foods to make them healthy and from diseases. 

Take care of them, and they will be happy and love you like you are the best caretaker of her.

Red Guppies

If you think that you are obsessed with colors, are you like a dark red color, then this beautiful fish is meant for you people.

It is a red guppy fish with fins and tail bigger than the average aquarium fish. The prominent tail is pine shaped at its edges. 

It looks breathtaking while swimming with its flaring tail. The fins grow and become broad along with the fish growth. 

Solid red is a very dominant color that looks fantastic in an aquarium. This fish add colors to your aquarium and makes it able to look charming.

These animals have their uniqueness and beauty. Other color varieties also exist in this species.

Moss Java Guppy

It is another unique and rare species available in the online market. It has two long and thick mustaches like a catfish.

It is transparent entirely and just having a skin-like color. It gives an aesthetic, old, and unique look. 

Because of its friendly nature, it can live with different other fish species. They are highly social and love to spend time with different kinds of fish. 

They do not harm any other fellow or fight because of their peaceful nature. They love to live with their species fellows.

They should always remain with a group of at least four fishes or more. It is preferred to place them with their fellows.

Other types 

There are so many types of guppy fish, but all of them are not available for home aquariums. They are rare and not found in online stores and other aquarium fish selling shops as well.

So we have discussed only those fish here which you can buy from Amazon. The names of those other types of these fish species are swamp guppies, pintail.

There are also Veiltail, lyre, spear tail, spade, round, needle, flag, bottom swordtail guppies, etc. There are also thousands of types based on different shapes, colors, and tails. 

Benefits of Keeping a Guppy Fish 

There are so many benefits of keeping this type of fish in your aquarium.

  • They have pure nature; that’s why easy to take care.
  • They have a hardy nature; they can bear the small parameters changes and do not go in stress condition.
  • They are small and can be placed easily in a small aquarium.
  • Because of the friendly nature, they can live with any fish peacefully. 
  • They are beautiful and gorgeous.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • They are easy to breed and increase their generation.

Living Conditions Required for Guppy Fish

These fish love to live in a natural kind of habitat. You can decorate your tank with smooth live plants to give it a neutral look.

You need to place slightly warm water in your aquarium if you have these fish in it because they live in a warm temperature. 

Do not put their aquarium in an open place. If there is the freezing temperature outside, then install a heater in their tank.

Make a correct tank setup in which the water parameters stay in a balance according to their required habitat.

You should also put a thermometer or a heater with a thermometer inside your aquarium water. 

Although they can bear a wide range of water pH yet, you should set their required pH for living in comfort. 

A pH 5.5 and above is an ideal living situation for them. Keep them with their group 4 to 5 or more fish, and they will be happy with their tank mates.

Do not put them with aggressive barbs or beta fish so that they may not harm them or nibble their fins.

Final words 

If you are new in fish keeping, then you should buy a guppy fish at first because they are best for beginners. 

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