How to Make My Fish Love Me

How to Make My Fish Love Me?

How to Make My Fish Love Me?

Your fish will only love you back when you love it and spend some time with it. Pets are the cute, small animals that love you and make your life happier. 

You can spend valuable time with your little pets while playing with them. The feeling and expression of love from your pets are fabulous. 

You can make your fish love you by staying around them. All they need is care, a suitable living environment, love, and food from you. When you provide all of these things to them, they will love you for sure.

You will have never experience such a fabulous feeling ever when loved by a pet, especially fish. When you put your hand inside the aquarium, fish loves to cuddle with your finger to express love. 

How to Make My Fish Love Me?

Here we will share a complete guide about making your fish love you like a loyal and sincere pet. You can spend some time with your pet when you are sad, and they will make you happy.

Pets do not understand our language, but they can easily recognize the body gestures. Every living species is intelligent enough to understand the emotional gestures. They can never make you sad.

Animals express love in their way, and you have to understand them too. Home pets depend upon you for their food and shelter. 

They love you very deeply when you are providing them with lots and lots of care and support. Feeding someone with good food is an expression of love, and in return, fish loves you back. 

Interact With Your Fish 

A proper interaction for a particular time is a must for creating the love relationship between you and your pet. 

With a proper and close interaction, I can make my fish love me, so as you can do. Please spend some time with your fish and knock at the glass gently to alert her. 

Teach your fish how to react or respond when you tap near it. When your fish start responding to your indications, after that, you can put your hands inside the aquarium to touch your pet.

Gently put your finger inside the water and touch your fish gently. After a few days, hold fish in your hands. Just within 2 to 3 weeks, your fish will itself come to your grips.

Your fish will recognize and understand what you want to play, and it will show its excitement.  

It will increase the love of your fish for you. You will be able to say with surety that my fish loves me.

Play With Your Fish

The time you play with your fish is the love time. When you will play with your fish and hold it in your hands in water with irritating them, they will start loving you. 

When you care for them, they will love you deeply, like a loyal pet fish. When you put your hand inside the aquarium, fish will reach you itself.

It is an expression of love from your pet fish. Another love expression is that they will revolve around your finger and come back to your hand again and again. 

Use some toys to let your fish play and enjoy playing as well. You can use fish school training kits, rings, and other gadgets as well. 

Help your fish to play with the toy, and soon it will become an expert in playing and doing tricks. Pets show their love by doing tricks and other things whatever their caretaker says to them.

Pick the Right Size aquarium

First of all, you have to pick the right size of tank for your fish. Water pets love to swim freely, so a significant volume of the aquarium will be a better option for them.

Providing your fish with a big aquarium is the expression of love for them. It’s not all about the material things you provide to them but definitely when they depend on you. 

Then you will provide them the right things they will love you for this and express it in their way. 

Fish feel suffocated and exhausted in a small tank with less space. There is high competition for space and food.

There is an excellent possibility that your different fish species will fight together and create a mess all around when space is less. 

So to avoid this situation and make your fish love you, you should provide a proper insignificant size of the aquarium to them, which is their primary need. 

The need for space enhance more, especially when you have different kinds of fish species in your home aquarium. 

Provide Suitable Environment 

If you want your fish to love you, then decorate its tank with the tank decorations, plants, castles, rocks, and other things as well. 

Rocks are the basic things that help to create a natural environment like a sea or a river. It is your moral duty to provide the same home environment to them, which they deserve. 

Some fishermen have caught all these fish from big beautiful sea, and further, they deserve the same open and natural environment from you people as well. 

You must provide sufficient hiding spots to them so that they can sleep, nap, and breed privately and adequately. 

They can get into their spot when they feel any fear or to make their selves feel safe there. Castles can be another best hiding spot for them. 

Furthermore, you can add plants for decoration. Try to add the nutritious plant so that fish can eat them too. 

You can also prefer to buy some decorations of color combination with your room so that it looks presentable. 

Feed Your Fish on Proper Timings 

It is essential for developing a love relationship between you and your pet that you provide it with sufficient food according to the desire. 

Do not restrict the food according to your wish; you must know how much your fish wants to eat. Give that much amount of food that your pet desire to eat. 

Do not let your fish starve for hours, because this can irritate your pet a lot. Your fish can lose its health and fade it’s color as well when there is no proper food on time. 

Set the feeding schedules for your pet fish or buy an automatic feeder for settings proper meal times. You should add variety to its diet. 

When your fish do not worry about its day to day food, it will focus on other things like loving his owner and showing it side by side.

Keep the Water Parameters on Standard 

The water parameters should be over high quality. Like the water you use in your aquarium should not be chlorinated.

It should not contain the other chemicals in it. The pH and temperature of the water should maintain according to the fish species requirement.

The water hardness level should be in control, and there must not be any nitrate there. Its salinity levels and mineral elements should be in complete control.

Keep an Eye on Water Parameters

You should have a monitoring system in your aquarium so that you can maintain the water levels, pH, temperature, and other parameters.

It will help if you buy the equipment with sensors so that they can inform you whenever there is a fluctuation in temperature, pH ranges, and other things. 

A sound monitoring system will make you aware of everything by keeping an eye on the entire tank system.

Final words

Now, this is how you can make your fish love you like a best and loyal pet. Give your time love and support to your pet fish and get the love back from them too. 

Animals, especially fish, are the loving creatures that also try to play with humans and give them love. So you can smoothly get your love from your pet fish. 

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