How to Use a UV Sterilizer in a Fish Tank

How to Use a UV Sterilizer in a Fish Tank?

How to Use a UV Sterilizer in a Fish Tank?

Today we will talk about the UV sterilizers and their usage guide. As the name clears, UV sterilizers use the ultraviolet light rays to kill the harmful pathogens which cause diseases to your fish.

These diseases include rashes, itch, fin rot, and spots on the body, which are bacterial viral and fungal infections. These conditions are hazardous for your fish and, most of the time, fatal.

You can definitely use a UV sterilizer in your fish tank. You should attach it properly by checking the circuit. It is recommended to turn off while installing the UV sterilizer in your fish tank. After installation, you can turn it on for the desired time to sterilize your tank water.

It is a must to keep your aquarium clean from such harmful bacteria and viruses so that the actual inhabitants of the tank (pet fish) can stay happy and healthy.

The best way to clean your aquarium from all such things is to use a UV sterilizer. They help to control infections in your fish and control algae too.

The best thing is that the sterilizers do not kill your fish and even do not have any of the harmful side effects for fish.

How to Use a UV Sterilizer in a Fish Tank?

Using a UV sterilizer is an easy task, and everyone can do it. You just need to understand some of the basic things that I will teach you here.

This is a step by step method for you guys. We have received so many emails from our daily readers. People are facing much trouble in using the UV sterilizers in their aquarium.

So, that is why we are providing you a four-step simplest guide, so that you can also use this device in your fish tank without any trouble.

Unboxing your Equipment

First of all, you need to unbox of equipment. Check it out thoroughly for any broken or damaged piece.

If there is any fault, then you can return it immediately and refund your money. Another thing you can do is to replace the product with a new one which is entirely free from faults.

It is essential to check out this device so that any damage may not occur in the aquarium or the fish. Keeping an eye and noticing everything also protects you from money loss on product damage.

There are three different sizes of UV sterilizers that are small, medium, and a large one. Make sure to buy an appropriate quality of sterilizer for your aquarium.

If you have a big aquarium, then go for a big one and other sized accordingly to the size of your aquarium. There is never a need to measure the volume accurately; just estimate that the size of the UV sterilizer is perfect for your aquarium.


After checking the sterilizer thoroughly, install it in your aquarium for killing bacteria and viruses. Install the UV sterilizer according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Adjust the sterilizer in a readily assessable position. Do not forget to take all of the precautionary measures because every UV sterilizer houses a fragile quartz sleeve.

Add just a little amount of carbon dioxide in your fish tank because it is effectively able to remove any volatile organic compounds if present in water. Do not add after running the device.

Once the plumbing is complete, install the UV bulb and plug it into the power supply. Snuggle and tight all of the fittings of your equipment.

Also, keep the sterilizer away from the plastic materials or other tank decorations to avoid the barriers in light-emitting radiations. The quartz sleeve should never get stuck in the dirt or nitrogenous waste; otherwise, it will not work.

Run the Sterilizer In Your Tank

Now it is time to run the sterilizer. Plug it in and turn the switch on. Check out for any leaks. If there is any leaking, then further tight all the fittings.

If there is no leaking, then it is excellent and ready to use. The trick with the sterilizer is that run it in a prolonged water flow rate.

It is because the water contact time with the UV sterilizer will be enhanced, and it will be entirely clear from all the viruses, volatile compounds, and all other bad stuff.

Turn Off

After using it for a particular time, turn it off and take out of the aquarium. It is not for all-day extended usage.

Use this equipment twice in a month when there is a need. After running it for an hour, turn it off. It also helps to get rid of green water that occur because of algae.

Not only this thing, but a regular interval of small water changes are also necessary. It keeps your aquarium fish healthy and helps them to thrive. Tips When using a UV Sterilizer in a Fish Tank?

An aquarium UV sterilizer comes up with a germicidal fluorescent lamp. The wavelength of this lamp light is 254 nanometer.

When the aquarium water passes over, the microorganisms like bacteria and viruses, along with algae and other impurities irradiate.

This light radiations easily penetrate the bacteria and virus to mutate its DNA. DNA mutation means the death of that particular microorganism.

These organisms are no longer stay alive in the fish tank and become dead. They remain dead in your aquarium, and you have to take them out by changing the aquarium water.

They are not visible, but slightly changing your tank’s water can help to throw them out completely. It is how is your device work for your aquarium.

It starts working best at a temperature of 104 – 110 degrees Fahrenheit. The more cooling temperature results in less output, while the hot temperature works best.

The quartz sleeve helps to insulate the bulb and maintain a high UV output. It’s killing dose is measured in microwatt seconds per square centimeters.

Algae eliminate at the range between 22,000 to 30,000; viruses killed at 15,000, protozoa at the range of 90,000, fungus at 45,000 while bacteria in the field of 15,000 to 30,000.

Important Things About UV Sterilizers for Fish Tanks

Make sure to buy a high-quality brand of UV sterilizers because some of them are not sterilizers and damage the aquarium life.

The high-quality product can never be fatal for your fish and aquarium life except for the harmful microorganisms.

Usually, popular brands sell the right products for keeping their fame and publicity. That is why it is good to buy a high-quality product.

Not every product suits to every aquarium. The size of this equipment matters a lot — the size of your aquarium issues more than the size of the sterilizer.

Such things work best on the bigger tanks than that of the smaller ones. But still, if you have a small container, then prefer to buy a smaller size of the ultraviolet sterilizer.

That is how you can choose the best product for your particular size of the aquarium.

Precautions While Using UV Sterilizer In a Fish Tank

Make sure to follow the instruction manual guide when installing this instrument in your fish tank. It should be unplugged when you are installing or working on it.

After installation, you must make sure that everything has a proper and firm connection. You should also check out for any leaks or broken parts.

Do not blow the lamp directly in front of your eyes because UV rays can cause damage in your eyes and skin because of their extreme sensitivity.

It is intentional for indoor usage only. You should not remove the safety labels on the device. The quartz sleeve should be properly clear from dirt before using it.

Must consult the user manual before using this equipment. Do not put a plastic decoration in your fish tank while using a sterilizer because it can fade away its color and make it melt and break.

Water purifiers should also avoid using in chilling water temperature. Don’t forget to unplug it when it is not in use. Even if the switch is off, still unplug it to ensure its safety and durability.

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