How to Protect Fish Tank From Sunlight?

How to Protect Fish Tank From Sunlight?

Here are 16 DIY methods to protect your fish tank from sunlight. It helps to save the fish tank and its inhabitants from the harms of radiation and temperature increase by the solar energy.

How to Protect Fish Tank From Sunlight? You can protect the fish tank from sunlight by using reflective tinted glass, tank cover curtains on the windows, thermal insulation, and paint the windows. You should place the aquarium in the shade and avoid direct sunlight.

How to Protect Fish Tank From Sunlight?

There are some common problems associated with the prolonged exposure of your fish tank to solar energy, like uncontrolled algae growth, temperature rise, evaporation.

However, with simple preventive measures, you can protect the aquarium from the sunlight in an economical way. We will also propose different methods to prevent the harmful radiations and other side effects of direct exposure to sunlight.

There are plenty of methods available to protect your fish tank from the direct impact of sunlight. 

Place the fish tank in Shed

A wooden or metallic shed separate from residential areas is a splendid idea. Roofed sheds will help to protect your pets from the direct impact of sunlight.

It will also be helpful to keep them relaxed and happy away from the hassle of residential areas. Do remember to use a shed having a roof and door for safety and environmental constraints.

You can use some thermal insulation on the top and walls of the shed. It will further lower the effect of harsh weather conditions on your aquarium pets.

Use any shade of dark-colored paints on the interior to contrast with a transparent glass aquarium with crystal clear water inside. It will improve the scenery of the aquarium room and other environmental factors.

Use Curtains

Some people like to place their fish tanks in their lounge or living room for decoration purposes and improve the interior room look.

Sunlight can directly fall on your aquarium from windows and frequent opening of doors. An easy remedy to protect your pets from direct sunlight is to use curtains on windows and doors and keep them closed.

Closed curtains will help reduce the room temperature and protect the aquatic tanks from the direct deposition of solar energy.

Use Reflective Tinted Glass

You can make aquariums with tinted glass walls. But it will destroy its purpose of relaxing oneself from the view and beauty of their pets.

However, the use of reflective tinted glass will remedy this problem. It will reduce the sunlight from your pets and maintain the look of your aquarium. 

A simple alternative to this method is to install tinted black glass on the backside of the aquarium that faces the windows and receives maximum sunlight. It will simplify the solution and will be economical as well.

Use Tinted Glass Windows

Most of the sunlight that falls on fish tanks comes out of the windows. If there are no curtains on your windows and you want to save your fish from bright daylight, you should install dark tinted glass on windows.

It will reduce the intensity of sunlight falling on your aquarium and keep it to the acceptable level necessary for the plants and pets in the aquarium.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Placing the aquatic pets’ tank in open areas will cause stress and harmful effects among animals due to bright light and adverse temperature variations.

Therefore place it in some closed, covered space or indoors for their protection and direct daylight.

Place the aquarium in Greenhouse

A greenhouse is a glass building used for plant growth in a controlled environment. However, you can place your aquariums in it to save them from cold weather.

But it allows sunlight to pass through it and faces temperature rise. With a slight modification in its roof, you can alter it to use it as a weather shield against bright sunlight that promotes excessive algae growth.

Place in Solarium with Glass Roof

The solarium is another glass building like a greenhouse. Sections in its roof can be tinted or covered to avoid direct sunlight impact on your aquarium. 

Use Tank Cover

One of the best homemade solutions is to cover your fish tank with a piece of cover during the daytime when excessive sunlight falls on it.

You can purchase a piece of fabric of your liking and sew it according to the aquarium size. It adds style to the interior of your room, and it will also shield your pets from the sun.

Remember to remove the cover in the evening till morning to enjoy the view of your aquarium. You can also make a homemade fish tank lid.

Use Thermal Insulation to protect the fish tank

Thermal insulating materials are excellent to ensure a controlled temperature environment. You can also use them on the top and around the aquarium to serve that purpose.

It will provide thermal insulation and protection from sunbeam and harmful radiations directly falling on your fish tank.

Use Blinds on Windows for sunlight

Windows are the most common places for light to enter your room. First, you should attempt to keep your water tank away from windows.

If it is a compulsion of space constraints, use blinds as curtains to partially block the intense sunlight entering the room and directly falling on the aquarium.

A DIY and free of cost alternative to costly curtains and blinds is to paste paper sheets or used newspapers on windows to block sunlight and heat in the room.

You can purchase colorful and flowery paper charts from the market to match the interior room decoration. They will ensure the safety of your aquatic pets from sunlight and relevant problems in your fish tank.  

Switch the Fish Tank Position on the North or South Side

Sun moves from east to west, and the same sides of the room face its direct impact. Therefore try to keep the fish tank in the home on the north and south sides.

It will protect the sun rays directly hitting the aquarium tank. Sun rays also contain other harmful radiations like UV, infrared, etc. Therefore, keeping the pets away from bright daylight will ensure their safety. 

Use Artificial Lights

Covering all the doors and windows with curtains will increase the room’s darkness. It can be a disappointing and tempting factor for some pet owners to remove curtains or other remedial measures discussed above.

However, you should refrain yourselves from this act and use artificial lights to overcome the deficiency of light in the area.

Paint the Windows

As windows are the root source of sunlight in your living room. You can paint your windows with darker paint shades. It will refrain from the penetration of direct sunlight through the windows to the aquarium.

Grow Plants/Trees in Front of Windows

A long term solution to reduce the impact of sunlight and temperature rise of your room is to grow trees and plants in front of windows.

The shade of the trees will prevent the temperature rise and bright daylight from entering the living area. It is a beneficial and environment-friendly solution. You can also place small and flowering plants’ pots in windows. 

Paint the back and top of the aquarium

You can paint the rest of the sides with darker shades to minimize the sunlight impact. Other methods include thermal insulation, tinted glass. It can use similarly as a preventive step from excessive daylight.

Benefits of Protecting your Aquarium from Sunlight

Solar energy is the lifeline of all organisms in our ecosystem. But there are plenty of harmful effects of your aquarium exposed to the sunlight and associated radiations. 

Better Temperature Control

Aquatic pets are cold-blooded and are extremely sensitive to temperature gradients. All of them require specific optimal water temperatures for their survival.

If sunlight falls on the walls of a water tank, its interior temperature can rise beyond acceptable limits. Therefore keeping the aquarium away from warmer lights helps you to keep better temperature control of its interior.

To Prevent Water Loss

Sunlight causes a warmer environment in the fish tank that is a factor for the increase in the evaporation process.

It not only causes loss of water but also increases the humidity level in your room. Therefore, preventing direct sunlight on the aquarium will save water as well as a less humid environment.

To Control Algae Growth

Sunlight is the essential ingredient for photosynthesis in the algae matter in aquatic environments. Direct exposure to the aquarium increases photosynthesis, which increases the growth of algae in the water tank.

Increased algae volume means less space for your pets and a junky environment. Therefore keeping the aquarium in shades or indoors will save the aquarists from uncontrolled algae growth.

A variety of aquatic pets are shy and do not like bright lights. Keeping the aquarium away from the daylight and in relatively darker areas will provide a favorable environment for these pets. It will keep them happy and relaxed. 


Sunlight is necessary and beneficial for the growth of plants and aquatic creatures. However, its excess causes temperature rise and uncontrolled algae growth.

Therefore, with remedial and preventive measures mentioned above, we can ensure optimal sunlight in our aquarium and avoid its harmful effects.

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