What is Diamond Eye in Betta Fish?

What is Diamond Eye in Betta Fish?

The diamond eye in betta fish develops due to variations in genetic makeup. 

It is famous for its unique organ labyrinth that enables the fish to breathe on the water’s surface.

What is Diamond Eye in Betta Fish? The diamond eye in the betta fish is the overgrowth of white scales around the eyes. When its growth increases, it covers the eyeball completely or partially. Blindness is the main sign, but it cannot transfer from one betta fish to another as it is not contagious. You can take care of them in the aquarium by taping them at the time of feed and do not change the aquarium environment.

The outgrowth of the white scales looks like a diamond; that is why many people call it diamond eye fish. There are also other names for it, for example, dragon eye, moon eye, and snake eye.

Besides all things, the young and children who are fish lovers like to place it in the aquarium in their home. When the light hits the eyes, it will reflect and enhance the shine.

Signs and symptoms Diamond Eye in Betta Fish

There is only one significant sign which is blindness. The other signs such as irritation, redness are not much relevant.

You cannot call it a disease because there are no significant environmental and other factors. 

We surveyed people who keep betta fish in their aquariums.

The total number of participants is 55, including all ages people.

I asked them about the diamond eye problems and its signs in the betta fish.

The 45 people respond that the outgrowth of scales around the eyes develops blindness. In addition, the 20 participants among 45 people mentioned that their fish has partial blindness.

On the other hand, 20 people mentioned the complete blindness of the betta fish. The response of the remaining 10 people was not much significant. They mentioned redness, irritation, and other health issues in the species, leading to blindness.

How to treat diamond eye in betta fish?

There is no effective treatment for it because it is hyperpigmentation, and you cannot treat it. Once a person removes it surgically, it will not improve the quality of life.

In addition, you can slow the growth and enlargement of scales through remedies. For example, adding tannins and banana leaves in the aquarium will prolong the development of scales around the eyes.

The tannins also thinner the thickness of scales so that the fish can see through them. 

This problem does not hurt the fish physically, but it can lower the quality of life. It takes weeks to years to develop but cannot get rid of it throughout life.

Can diamond eye transfer from one betta fish to another?

It cannot transfer from one fish to another because it is not contagious. However, many people think that it moves from one generation to another.

So there is a clear answer: it cannot travel in all generations. However, not all species can develop this character.

The three species are at risk of developing this trait because their genetic makeup modifies, and the growth of scales starts around the eyes. The names of the species are platinum dragon scales, metallic, and marble.

If a parent fish has eye issues, it doesn’t have to be present in the following species. Many people think that breeding this type will produce the same character species, but it is not valid.

Some people also say that it starts from birth and remains until the end of life. However, it is also wrong about these pretty fish because it develops in later life.

Some people think it is contagious and can affect the other fish in the aquarium. The professional recommends placing them separate to protect them from injury.

How to manage the Betta Fish with a diamond eye?

Betta fish is a good pet and you should follow these guidelines to keep them healthy in the fish tank.

Tap the aquarium

You should tap the aquarium when you are feeding the blind fish. Touch the side of the crystal tank on that side where you put the food particles.

It will create the vibration and transfer the sound waves to it. Furthermore, it will go toward that point and eat the food. It will save in their memory; whenever you tap on the crystal tank, these will attract toward the tapping place.

Specific points

It is necessary to make specific points in the aquarium for food. You should know that they are at risk of developing eye problems later in life.

So, you should place the feed all the time in the same position to make it a habit. This way, it will come to the exact location after developing the scales around the eyes.

Common food

It is better to continue the same feed after developing the specific trait. This will help recognize identical food particles during blindness due to white scales.

Also, the typical foods for these species are betta pellets and bloodworms. Some people also feed mango to betta fish. If you change the feed, it will be challenging to take it. 

Do not change the aquarium setting

Many people like to change the internal environment of the crystal tank to make it more good-looking by placing the plants, net, and wooden things in it.

You should not change the tank setting when the fish is under stress. 

Keep betta fish in a separate aquarium

It is better to keep one fish in a separate tank. However, you can also place the two or more betta in one large tank by creating the separation. It will protect them from harm; otherwise, they can hurt each other.

You should not place the ornaments with sharp edges in the aquarium. It can injure the species because it is unable to see the surrounding.

Does diamond eye betta fish need light?

It cannot need extra light in the aquarium placed in the room. In addition, it can see in the typical daylight and little light.

You do not need to increase the brightness due to blindness. The scales around the eyes do not absorb the light; instead, they reflect it and spread it around.

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