Are Betta Fish Good Pets

Are Betta Fish Good Pets?

Are Betta Fish Good Pets?

Everyone is well aware of the beauty and glamour of beta fish. Their long and colorful tail and body allures the heart. They are beautiful fish and look lovely most of all.

Bettas are beautiful and friendly with humans. They can live happily as couples, but they only become worse when two male Betta are together.

Whenever you want to play with them, they always welcome you. Bettas are delighted when fed with enough food and have enough space to swim freely.

There are millions and billions of types of fish in the sea. There is a big planet of aquatic creatures under the sea. Millions of fish have been discovered, and some are still mysterious.

Even all species of fish in the sea have not recognized yet. The sea divers go inside the sea and discover a new type of fish every time.

Some of the fish species can be kept as a pet while others are not legally allowed to adopt. Some fish are small, some are tiny, some big, bigger and the biggest ones. Some of these fish are friendly, while others are wild.

You can keep the friendly fish only except for the few large species like dolphins etc. One of the beautiful fish from the aquatic world is the Betta fish, which everyone loves to have in their home aquarium. will explain to you here about Are betta fish good pets/

It is good to have pets as they are innocent, sweet, and lovely. You feel fresh after playing with them. You can play with them when there is no one around you to talk to, and you are feeling bored.

Although they cannot understand your language, they can understand the gestures and things you are doing to play with them. They also try to give you their best response, and this is the loveliest feeling ever. That is why animals are the purest souls.

Are Betta Fish Good Pets?

Betta fish is among one of the most popular pet fish that aquatic animal lovers love to have. Too many people prefer to buy a Betta fish at first.

The answer to this question is definitely yes. Betta fish are amazing pets. Firstly they got confused in a new environment, but later on, they get attached to their owner.

They always welcome his owner, who wants to play with them. They love to swim freely, play, enjoy, and gobble. Their beautiful tail displays multiple colors and is attention-grabbing. Betta fish are excellent pets.

You should take great care and provide your fish with the facilities that they need. It will also keep them happy as the right pet and do not let them get aggressive.

Reasons for Why Betta Fish Are Good Pets 

Here I will give you the reasons why Betta fish are lovely pets and why you should choose them as your pet. You will love some of these reasons, and some will show you a real convenience, and you will agree that a Betta fish should be our priority when buying a fish for aquarium for the very first time.

Easy to care

Betta fish are those pets for which you do not have to do special care. You do not have to worry a lot about Bettas. Other fish are susceptible and need too many facilities for their living; otherwise, they cannot survive.

While the Betta fish are not like that, they need healthy, warm water and proper food, that is the only thing they require. One most important thing is their free space for living, which is the right of every fish.

You have to stay conscious about their big space for surviving when there are two or more beta fish in the tank. They do not need so much care; they are just happy with their feed, enough space, and few toys.

Survive Even in Low Oxygen

You will be amazed to know that Betta fish can survive in low oxygen very efficiently. It does not mean that you can deprive them of their oxygen, but it is a fact about their body that they can survive at least.

Bettas have a unique organ in their body, which is called Labyrinth. This order allows them to breathe air from the surface. That is why they can survive in low oxygen areas like stagnant ponds, shallow rice paddies, or even in polluted water.

Other fish can die in polluted water, but Bettas can survive. It does not mean that you do not have to filter their water. It is their legal right to stay in an enough clean and proper environment when you are keeping them as a pet.

Most people keep their Betta fish in a flower vase, and they look stunning there. But it is an entirely wrong practice and inhumane behavior to a living organism. They should live in a proper and spacious place because of their stunning fins.

The male betta fish are more significant than the female partner and have a long, colorful tail. They need more space to live in, and as a good fish caretaker, you can quickly provide enough area for your pet.

Live in Freshwater Easily

There is no need to create an appropriate environment for Betta fish as they can live comfortably in freshwater without any problem. Whenever there is a need to change tank water, then replace it with the freshwater.

You must take great care not to keep the water of the aquarium cold, especially in the case of Betta fish, because they cannot bear cold water. Yet they can easily stay in a normal, slightly warm, and freshwater. Halfmoon Betta fish best survives in freshwater.

So you will have to tell great care of your Betta fish, especially in winter. You should also care for them in other seasons, but I want to tell you that there is no problem and you do not need to get extra worried for them about their water.

Best as a Starter Fish

Betta fish is the best one for a beginner. It is because that a betta fish has a higher immunity, and they can survive more. The other fish are so vulnerable and sensitive that a beginner cannot deal with them; only a professional can.

In this case, those fish are either not growing properly, and most of them die while a Betta fish can survive itself strongly and stay healthy because of its higher immune strength.

So, they can be the best starter fish. All you have to do is to give them proper feed, just like you give to other fish, and free space or a big area is a must for Betta fish. 

High Intelligence

Betta fish are very intelligent. They can be trained for the tricks very quickly. All other fish do not have this capability to learn anything so fast. The Betta fish prove for high intelligent quotient. They can learn to recognize the owner as well.

They can follow your finger fast, swim through the hoops, push a ball in a goal, and do too many other things like these. You can show these tricks to you, have friends, and feel proud of your Betta fish. Any other fish do not show such high intelligence.

They can not even recognize their owners. Whenever you go to your Betta fish and interact with them, they will see your face and memorize it. At first, they will be shy, but very soon, they will start interacting with you, playing, and acting on the tricks you are doing with them.

You can also teach your Betta fish some other tricks that you love. They look adorable while playing like this. Even they can learn new things, and they enjoy a lot while passing through the circles and pushing the balls to the rings.

They can play like this for a lot of time. They are thrilled to see such kinds of toys around them.

Guard Offsprings very well

Not every fish protect their eggs and babies in such a great way as the Betta fish does. The male Betta strictly watch the eggs and also take great care of his babies. Male Betta fish create a bubble nest on a special and are a safe place that comes in their territory.

When the female Betta fish lay her eggs, the male partner gathers them in his mouth and put it into that bubble nest, which he has made for babies.

After that, the male partner watch all of the eggs very keenly until they get hatched. After hatching, they take great care of their offspring.

The female has no role in taking care of her eggs and babies, and his male partner handles everything, and she lays the eggs. No other fish is so much dedicated to caring for their eggs and all offspring.

Because other fish sometimes eat their eggs because of the fear that eggs may not flow faraway with water flow or because of the fear of prey.

Even they care a lot but not so much dedicatedly like Bettas. All of this love and care make Betta fish, the right pets.

Amazing colored tails and personality

They have a great personality and unusual colors on their tail, especially the male partner. Female Betta fish is also beautiful, but the male partner has a long tail with a variety of colors, and he looks stunning and breathtaking. Everyone wants to have them as their pet. They are great, sweet, and lovely pets. 

What Makes Your Betta Fish Unhappy?

There is only one strange fact about the Betta fish, and that is for their free space. They need a big tank to define their territories.

They cannot survive in just a small bowl until you have only one Betta fish. If they are two or more and space is less, they will never comprise with each other. Two fish start fighting for their territories and struggle so much that until one of them dies. You may notice that your betta fish is doing a headstand when angry.

A small tank or small area makes it unhappy, and they become aggressive, especially their male partners. So, you should take great care of them to provide them with enough space to let them live happily.


We have concluded that Betta fish are perfect pets. You must have a Betta fish for your big and beautiful aquarium. Your fish will love you, play with you, stay happy with you and make you feel that you are an excellent fish owner.

It can be your best companion ever. All you need to do is to give excellent care for their feed at a proper time, provide enough space for them to swim freely, and just one or two rings and ball-like toys for making them happy.

They require just a few things from you, which are their basic needs, and they always stay like good pets. 

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