Will Neon Tetras School with Guppies?

Will Neon Tetras School with Guppies?

Many people want to keep neon tetras and guppies together. Here are 5 real facts about both of these species of fish.

Will Neon Tetras School with Guppies? Yes, they can live with each other. There are multiple reasons to keep them in the same fish tank. The average size of guppies is 4 inches while neon tetras are 3.5 inches in size. Both of these are friendly in nature.

Will Neon Tetras School with Guppies?

There are multiple reasons for keeping them together. Some of them are as follows:

Neon Tetras and Guppies have a similar diet

The neon tetra is one of the beautiful species of pet fish. You can keep them in any environment. They do not require any special place for growth.

They eat blood worms, meaty foods, and some vegetables. You can give them simple ready-made diets if they contain a better amount of vitamins and minerals.

Guppies can eat all the foods mentioned above also, and they are omnivorous and can get multiple other foods that they can eat. You can feed the same diet to both of them as their body needs have the exact requirements.

You must make sure that the diet must be healthy and clean enough for them. You can increase its amount by looking at its needs and age.

You can give fish flakes to younger ones also if they can chew them. The frequency of neon tetra and guppies feed is nearly the same. You can feed them twice a day. You can increase or decrease its quantity by looking at the needs of your pet.

There is no hard and fast rule about the frequency and nature of diet that will be best for you. It will be different in every pet.

Both are friendly in nature

They do not have any aggressive nature of the fighting with fellows all the time. They love to play with each other. They can recreate themselves by playing different games. You will not see any bad things while keeping them in one tank. Many people get confused between neon and cardinal tetras.

You must note the size of the tank in which you are placing them. There is no need for supervision when you have kept them in the same tank as they will not create for you.

Neon tetra can live with any fish that has a peaceful nature. You can add them to any aquarium that has the same size and strength. It can eat, live, and swim with others. You can keep an eye for two to three days. If it does not create any problem, then there is no need to worry about it.

Guppies also remain peaceful while swimming in groups. They can eat with others without fighting. These are the few benefits of keeping these fish in your aquarium.

Neon Tetras and Guppies Sizes

Both of them have the same size and weight. Neon tetra and guppies both weigh less than one gram. You can keep them together without thinking of the more strength of one fish. You can place more than 20 pets in one tank that must be larger than thirty gallons.

The size of the fish tank should not be less than one pet per gallon. You can arrange another tank if you think these pets are increasing from this limit.

Size is another essential factor that differentiates different products from each other. You can decide the tank mates after looking at the size of other fish.

The average size of guppies is around 4 inches, while the neon tetras’ average size is 3.5 inches. We can note that the average sizes of both species are nearly the same. Their habits and daily activities are the same as each other.

Multiple vets have said that they have several common traits that become the reason for their love for each other. You can note that these things while buying them from the pet store.

You cannot purchase a pet of wild nature that can disturb the whole community of the tank. You will start seeing the fighting from the peaceful pets also in its response.

Same water requirements

There are the same water requirements for both with negligible difference in it. You can provide the same water to them without thinking a lot to them. Neon tetra needs 80 degrees Fahrenheit temperature of the water.

You can limit it to 5 degrees up or down, depending on the current weather conditions. They require soft water that has a hardness of less than 9dGH. You must note all these parameters while changing the water of the tank.

Another notable factor is the concentration of hydrogen in the water. It requires a pH of less than 7.5 and more significant than 6.5. We can increase it to this limit in special circumstances with our complete calculations.

Guppies require a water temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can manage it also by keeping it more or less by 5 degrees. It also requires soft water.

You can grow them in a better way by giving the pH of freshwater that is around 7. You can provide the same water requirements to both of them.

Problems while keeping neon tetras and guppies in the same tank

There are fewer chances of any problems to arise in this environment as they live comfortably with each other, but you must consider few things while growing them.

You must add the same age pet in one tank because younger ones can hurt newborn pets and older ones. You can note their age from their skin type and the size of the body.

You must provide a suitable space for them as you should include more than one pet per gallon. It may create a problem for you like deficiency of oxygen and causes suffocation to it. In many cases, neon tetra can turn white.

You should balance the numbers of both species in the tank. You can increase or decrease their numbers once they get familiar with each other.

There are no chances of the occurrence of severe problems there. You can save them from all problems by taking good care.