Why is my Neon Tetra Turning White

Why is my Neon Tetra Turning White?

Here are real reasons that can turn your Neon tetra white. If you buying a neon tetra fish, you should know about common problems related to this species. 

Why is my Neon Tetra Turning White? Neon Tetra fish can turn white because of Neon Tetra disease that occurs because of a parasitic attack, living of healthy fish with sick fish, and poor diet. You will start seeing different symptoms like changes in color and many difficulties in their daily activities. Neon tetra disease can quickly spread among different species of fish. 

Why is my Neon Tetra Turning White?

In this article, we have explained causes, signs, and symptoms, and proven methods to treat neon tetra disease in fish. Below are the main causes that can make a neon tetra fish white.

A parasitic attack can turn Neon Tetra White

If any parasite attacks the body of the neon tetra, then there are different problems that it may start facing. Various things may carry the parasite in its body.

If you have not cleaned the water tank for a longer time, it will grow different germs in it. It can transfer in the body of the fish with water intake during breathing.

You can take care of all these things that may help your pets to grow rapidly. You can increase the quality of water by changing it after some time. The water of the tank should contain food because it contaminates the water when it perishes.  

Presence of sick fish in the aquarium

You may check the health of all the fish in the aquarium. You can check the temperature of their body to note the problems. You can observe their movement to note any issues there.

When you identify any problem with any fish in the tank, you must replace it within a few minutes. You have to restrict the disease to only that fish. All the fish in the containers are breathing from the same water. Many people keep neon tetras with guppies in the same fish tank.

Any disease to fish will start disturbing others in minimum time. You can quarantine that fish so that the disease may not transmit to others. You should not add it back to the tank till it recovers completely.

You can arrange another tank that contains a feasible environment for unhealthy fish. You can improve the quality of the water and add some medicines in it related to its disease.

There is a different level of the immune system in different fish. If one fish is bearing any diseases, it does not mean that others will do the same. You must note the problems and rectify them accordingly.

Poor diet

There are different types of fish diets that we can use in our tank. Every type of fish requires a different diet. You should provide a diet that fulfills the body requirements of the fish.

You may check that it does not contain any harmful chemicals that can suffer it. If you give the same diet to all types of fish, it may create a problem.

You can make a different diet plan for different fish. You cannot fulfill the body requirements of all fish with the same diet. Some fish eat bloodworms, meaty foods, and vegetable foods.

You cannot feed all of them to all the fish. You can take the opinion of the experts to make the diet plan. You can approve it from the vet after making it. It will give you the confidence to feed all these things properly.

Signs & Symptoms of Neon Tetra Disease

When these causes are not under control, then you will start seeing these issues in the fish. Some of the common symptoms that you will face are as follows:

Discoloration of skin

The color of the skin will not remain as previous. You will see white threads in the skin of the fish due to the bacterial infection. You can improve the skin color by feeding the right diet to it.

You may note that the products that you are using should provide a better color of the skin. You will start seeing changes that may be white or black.

You can improve the color of the skin by improving the diet and keeping it in quarantine. You can consult the doctor also to improve its condition. It is too viral among all the fish, and it will transfer in minimum time.

There is no specific treatment to it, but you can follow a few precautions. You can increase the quality of the water by adding warm water. You should also prevent calcium buildup in a fish tank.

Change in body structure

Another symptom of this disease is the irregular shape of the dorsal fin that may create several problems for neon tetra fish. It will regain its body structure when it starts recovering from this disease.

You may check that there are multiple problems in daily movement due to its irregularity. If you cannot treat it timely, then the shape of the fin may not change.

If this disease stays longer in its body, then the sensitive organ will not recover from these issues. You can try to improve these things regularly.

Difficulty in swimming

The movement of this fish will restrict due to neon tetra disease. You will see that its peed is low as compared to the normal condition.

It is one of the risky symptoms of this disease that appears at its critical condition. You can avoid this symptom before its appearance. You can add medicines to the water to improve this experience. If you are adding wood to the tank, then first you should make wood safe for the aquarium.


Restlessness in the body will start appearing to you. It will not feel properly. It will stop eating anything, and weakness will appear on its fins. Neon tetra fish will be more exposed to other diseases if you have not started treatment timely.

How do neon tetras get their color?

They have inherited their color from their genes with multiple years of evolution. Water quality and environment can make a decisive change to their skin color.

It may get brighter skin color, and sometimes it may get a dark color. These fish are found in the basins of South America.

How to prevent and treat Neon Tetra Disease?

  • You should start providing the warm water in the tank to improve its health in the winters. You can add cold water in the summer or according to its condition.
  • You can visit the vet regularly to get guidance from it.
  • You should save neon tetra from this disease from others by keeping it separate.
  • You should check all these symptoms before purchasing a new fish from the market.
  • You can feed them a healthy diet.
  • You must clean the water of the tank regularly.