Best Nemo Fish to Buy

Best Nemo Fish to Buy in 2021

Best Nemo Fish to Buy in 2021

Nemo fish, the other name Marlin or the Clownfish are small marine fish with their cute and colorful body. They have strikingly beautiful colors and looks gorgeous.

Their body displays the white stripes on orange, red, yellow, blue, black, pink, white, and other colored body. Some of them have no lines and are called as naked Clownfish while some are white and orange colored and looks beautiful.

Millions of people buy these fish, and now these are less available on online stores. Some beautiful species are yet available on big sites like Amazon. will provide you with the opportunity to have these best Nemo fish in your home aquarium now. I will tell you about every best and colorful species of Nemo fish here.

There are many different varieties of clownfish, and many of them have a standard size that ranges from 2 to 5 inches.

The number of clownfish is getting decreased in the ocean because of the pollution, while others get died in the home tanks because of people’s negligence for clean water and feed.

Best Nemo Fish to Buy

There are some of the best species of Nemo fish that are best to buy, and we will discuss them here. Ideally, you should buy more than two Nemo fish at a time, I mean to say that they must be in a group.

A small group of Nemo fish belonging to the same species lives very happily. You can buy six or eight Nemo fish as they are not expensive at all or you can take four.

The official scientific name of clownfish is Amphiprioninae. There most average life span in the wild is about 6 to 10 years.

Some species of Nemo fish which are best to buy are;

  • True Percula ClownfishGold Nugget Clownfish 
  • Gold Stripe Maroon Clownfish
  • Picasso Clownfish
  • Tomato Clownfish

Difference chart of Nemo fish species

Here is the difference chart for the different Nemo fish species, which are best to buy for your home aquarium.

Here is the difference chart for the different Nemo fish species which are best to buy for your home aquarium.

Nemo fish species Color Average size Lifespan
True Percula Clownfish Black, orange, white stripes 3 inch in an aquarium

4-5 inch in ocean

5 years- 8 years
Gold Nugget Clownfish White, black, and orange 3-4 inches in the aquarium.

Can be more in ocean

6 years-10 years
Gold Stripe Maroon Clownfish Blood Red, Golden Yellow 6 inches of max size 36 years
Picasso Clownfish Orange white, black 3 inches of max size 3-6 years
Tomato Clownfish Dull orange, white black 3-4 inches max size 5 years

True Percula Clownfish

A True Percula Clownfish has ten dorsal spines. The black bands separating their different body colors are thicker. These fish are loved by billions of people, mainly because of the Disney movie, Finding Nemo. 

Consequently, people began to buy it more. I also love this fish a lot. You can easily find it on Amazon. These fish like to live freely but with their group members.

As they are lost when getting away from their family. They love to enjoy their group and play together. They are also friendly with humans if you are kind and gentle with them.

They will give you love as much as you are giving them. You will love the company of Nemo fish a lot. These fish are aggressive eater, and they are mostly omnivores. It accepts the meaty food mostly and the frozen herbivore preparations too.

Gold Nugget Clownfish

This fish has a high degree of white marble coloration. Its snowy white color with the orange mouth and fins looks gorgeous. They are very peaceful clownfish and best to buy as well.

If all of the other clownfish are fighting for any reason, these are the one that defends them and makes the environment peaceful.

Try not to mix them with the other clownfish species and the other wild fish as well. If you are keeping them with their own but different own breed different-colored species, then introduce them with those fish at the same time in an aquarium.

They also love to be omnivores, but they can also accept flake foods. They have a bloody red color that looks gorgeous with the golden yellow stripes on their body.

Their care level is elementary, and they are lovely too. The golden-colored stripes do not appear on their body until they reach 9 to 12 months. These fish are the purest definition of beauty.

But they cannot usually get along with each other unless or until they are in a pair. They incredibly long-lived fish as they can survive for at least 36 years.

The Maroon Clownfish is very sensitive to high levels of copper. That’s why it should never get exposed to high levels of copper above 15. Otherwise, it will die. These fish can quickly breed in your home aquarium.

The female fish are very attached to each other and live together in groups. Their eggs usually hatch after 8 to 10 days depending upon the aquarium temperature. All clownfish are generally omnivores, these are omnivores, yet they can be herbivores at the same time.

Picasso Clownfish

Picasso clownfish are the other best Nemo fish to buy. They have big white stripes on their orange body with an irregular pattern. White pages are blob-like from the center.

It is a great choice to buy for beginners. They are also omnivores and herbivores. They have a light orange color, and black border lines sound the white stripes.

It can be your best choice to buy a Picasso clownfish with some other species of it. Their temperature requirement is just the same as the other clownfish.

Tomato Clownfish

Tomato clownfish are also called a red tomato clown or fire clown, as well. These fish are damselfishes. It does not have a bright orange color or a red-orange shade, but they have a dull orange color that resembles some tomatoes.

Females still have a little bit darker color than that of the male partners. They have only one white stripe on their head. The black boundary also surrounds this stripe.

Their eggs usually hatch after 6 to 11 days depending upon the temperature. They require a 30-gallon tank for their free-swimming.

They all have a semi-aggressive temperament. You can easily care about these fish and have a charming and lovely nature. It can be your best pet.

Why There Are So Many Varieties of Clownfish?

Clownfish are the generalized saltwater fish. These fish have too many names and thousands of varieties. One of their most common names is anemonefish.

They are very popular because of its unique relationship with the anemone species. These species never heard the clownfish as they hurt the other aquatic animals.

These cute little fish hide in those anemones. Clownfish are extra unique and beautifully designed fish. The different varieties are available on different online stores, while some are only found in the ocean and are very rare.

Some of them are best to buy about which I have explained here. You pick up the one which you love and take great care of your pet.

Final words 

I hope you guys have loved reading this detailed article about Nemo fish. Read about all of our species very carefully and pick up the one which you like the most and wish to have in your aquarium. Take great care of beautiful Nemo fish and enjoy it.

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