Best Acrylic Aquarium Magnet Cleaner

Best Acrylic Aquarium Magnet Cleaner 2021

Best Acrylic Aquarium Magnet Cleaner 2021

One of the biggest challenges while keeping the aquariums is to get rid of algae. It creates an unattractive accumulation inside the glass and if gets a stick on ornaments and tank decorations and it gets difficult to clean it.

So it is a must to clean the algae from time to time and don’t let it grow further. Control it from the beginning and you will be clean forever. Manual cleaning is definitely hard she that’s why magnetic cleaners are here for you.

Best Acrylic Aquarium Magnet Cleaner Features Magnetic strength Price
Aqueon Ergonomically designed, 6.4 ounces Strong Check price
Flipper 2-in-1 cleaner, effective blades. Strong Check price
Gulfstream Revolutionary cleaner, 0.32 weight Strong Check price
Jasonwell Strong magnet, 2 years warranty Strong Check price
API Long-lasting and supportive, long handle Strong Check price

Best Acrylic Aquarium Magnet Cleaner

Massive algae growth inside the aquarium can be really dangerous. It can kill the live plants, and harm the pet as well. Investing in magnetic cleaners is really an effective method to avoid algae growth.

If you are really interested in complete aquarium cleaning than you should buy a cleaner for sure. Buying an appropriate product is really very necessary. That’s why we are here for your guys;

Aqueon Cleaner

This amazing product can effectively move the algae from glass and acrylic aquariums. It is ergonomically designed to be handed with improved maneuverability.

Its replacement pads are really easy and simple to install. It includes one pad for acrylic and glass aquariums.

It is really recommended for the aquariums that have water up to 125 gallons and 3/8 inches thick. If one part of the weighted scabbard falls down, then you can easily close the other piece and just scrub from outside.

The inside will be automatically cleaned. Its magnets are the easiest solution to clean algae from all sides of the tank.

Flipper 2-in-1 Algae Cleaner

Flipper 2-in-1 is made with the strongest rare earth magnets available and allows the glass and acrylic tanks to get cleaned completely.

It’s unique and amazing design completely eliminates the possibility that any algae or trapped sand particles will remain.

It is a major timesaver for your daily routine cleaning. It is actually the dual scraper. It’s a rare earth magnet are for incredible strength and cleaning.

It can even clean the most stubborn and sticky coralline algae. The blade site had only three contact points that result in a 3mm gap between the cleaner and the glass.

It cleans everything completely without any of the scratch marks. It has a unique orienting buoyancy which always keeps the magnets facing the glass.

Because of this properly it doesn’t sink like a stone if the magnets are disengaged. You can quickly make the other magnetic end to clean the glass by placing the other magnetic side near the tank from outside.

There are two of the replaceable blades in it which can be used in case the other blades get old enough. It can be used for other tank materials too besides the acrylic ones.

It is recommended to change the blades after every 3 to 6 months so that there must be the maximum algae scraping. It is specially designed for tanks that have up to 12 mm of thickness.

The magnet used in it is the rare earth magnet which is really effective in its working. It has a 60-day warranty for your 100 % satisfaction levels. This dual sides cleaner cleans everything and gives you the desired results.

Get this cleaner now in your home and make it clean for your pet fish.


It is one of the most revolutionary magnetic aquarium cleaners. It is unique in the sense that it can float in the aquarium.

Its amazing buoyancy makes it really easy to float and operate. It can be easily guided around the corners of the aquarium without sinking.

This product is made in the USA and is really efficient in it working. The magnet flows in the tank and cleans everything when to take work from it.

The cleaning brush itself stays free from sand or gravel and itself remains clean from dirt. Besides this, it has the ability to clean everything without marking scratches.

Its weight is only 0.32 pounds. It is available in different colors like grey, white, and others.  


It is the best glass algae cleaner or scrubber. It means all of the algae and scum off the inside of the aquarium very easily.

Its strong magnet forces the inside cleaning brush to follow the way you are trying to remove algae. It has two pieces, one-pieces are outside and the second one is inside.

When you will just wipe out from outside, the inside will be automatically cleaned. The magnetic strength is so strong that one piece goes aside, it will come back when you from the other piece close to the glass wall from outside.

You just have to simply drag it on the glass walls and there will be smooth cleanliness with no scratches. But this product is not highly recommended for its acrylic aquariums.

It amazingly comes with a 2-year warranty and a 100% of a money-back guarantee if you want to give it back.

API Algae Scraper

It is an extra-long and extra strong scraper for glass and acrylic aquariums. It quickly removes the unsightly algae.

Its extra-long handle protects your hands from getting wet. As well as this handle supports the scrubbing pad too.

It is long-lasting and supportive, effective in its functioning, helps the aquarists to clean up the algae from their equipment.

It is to be noted that don’t use this cleaner in ay dry surface. You should also rinse the pad before and after using it.

Final words

Make the under-water life best for your pet fish and plants as well as make it clean by using these magnet cleaners.

These products are the best ones as we have selected for you people after great search and practical use. So, get yours now and enjoy seeing a clean and healthy aquarium.

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