Best Hang On Back Filter for Reef Tank

Best Hang On Back Filter for Reef Tank 2021

Best Hang On Back Filter for Reef Tank 2021

The hang on back filters actually hangs on the back of the tank and filters the water to make it free from ammonia and other waste compounds.

They are also called as HOB filters. These filters are the best as they are not as bulky as the canister filters. They can also be used for the many wide ranges of tanks.

They are simply classified as simple external filters that work really efficiently. Filters are really important for the proper maintenance of your fish tanks.

Best Hang On Back Filter for Reef Tank Features Flow rate Price
AquaTop 7-watt pump power, 7watt bulb indicator, efficient working,  UV sterilization Adjustable Check price
Coral Vue The pump works efficiently, efficient cleaning Adjustable Check price
MarineLand 3 stage filtration, bio-wheel Adjustable Check price
Tetra Whisper Includes bio-scrubber,  Timestrip technology, Quiet performance Adjustable Check price
Fluval C Max versatility and performance,  5 stage filtration Adjustable Check price

Best Hang On Back Filter for Reef Tank

If you are also looking for the best HOB filters for your reef tanks, then has selected the favorite products of customers that are popular because of their efficient working.

You are landed on the right page for the best hang on back filters. Here are they;

AquaTop PF40

It’s an amazing HOB filter that can even run 128 gallons of water per hour of flow rate. It has a 7 watt of pumping power and a 7 watt of the UV bulb.

It is suitable for the aquariums which have 15 to 40 gallons of water. It stays completely normal and perfect for gallons that have above than 40 gallons of water.

The overall dimensions of this product are 8-1/2-Inch by 6-1/2-Inch by 11-inches. It is also equipped with the UV light sterilization technique.

It is a self-adjusting product with amazing features. Like you can replace its filter media and adjust its flow rate as well.

It also promotes the gas exchange so that more oxygen comes inside the tank. It has a really quick and easy installation. Its UV sterilization helps to eliminate the algae blooms and keeps the tank water crystal clear.

By eradicating the free-floating parasites, it also helps to keep the pet fish healthy and strong. Along with mechanical filtration it is also equipped with the chemical filtration process.

It is a kind of filter that will fulfill all of your needs and you will need no other cleaning equipment when you have this HOB filter. It is a kind of return that your tank really needs.

It is extremely lightweight at just 3.5 pounds. You can easily make it set up and use it.

Coral Vue

This equipment is mounted outside and sits in the inside of the tank very easily. It has a really easy setup and it is completely user-friendly.

You just have to simply place it on the back of the tank, mount the pump on its place according to the instructions and it will be ready to use.

Its total weight is 0.3 ounces. It is ideal to be used for a 60 gallons tank. It can also be used for that tanks having more than 75 gallons of water in them.

MarineLand Penguin

Meet with another best filter which is having a certified flow rate of 100 GPH. It is perfect for all of the tanks having 20 gallons in them.

It uses the Rite-Size A filter cartridge. Its deliverers are really easy 3 stage filtration which is mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration.

It has a powerful bio-wheel that works really efficiently. This brand has been committed to providing the best equipment for 40 years.

They apply innovative techniques to their every equipment. Today their innovations and hard work have kept this brand alive.

You can use this filter for freshwater and saltwater tanks both. It filters the waste before it converts into harmful compounds.

All of the stages of its filtration keeps the tank water clear and healthy for fish survival. The color-coded system is also equipped in it.

Tetra Whisper EX

It uses large whisper EX carbon filters for 100% clear water achievement. It is usually ready to use after getting out of the box.

There is no need for any complex setup, just take it out from the box and start using it. It comes up with the filter cartridge carrier which will help you to keep your hands clean head and avoid unwanted drips.

The best feature of this filter is that It is equipped with that Timestrips technology. It will automatically tell you when the filter needs to be changed.

You will not need to check the filter condition at various times as the strips will automatically tell you. It is such a great relief and convenience.

When this strip changes from white to red, It indicates that the carbon has been used up. This strip comes free with each of these filter buy.

You just have to press firmly on its button and timings will start working. It has a multi-stage filtration with a bio scrubber. The bio-scrubber removes the ammonia and nitrates from the tank water which are for your fish.   

This will allow the water to direct into different densities of floss to remove the particles, eliminate discoloration, odors, and impurities.

When it moves the aquarium water continuously, it adds more and more oxygen inside which is beneficial for your fish. The oxygen gets maximized while the motor works really quiet

Because you know quite an equipment is the first priority for the tanks which have fish in it. It can also be used in a turtle tank but make sure that the water levels must be above so that it can filter the water, otherwise, you don’t run it in dryness.

Fluval C

This item comes with maximum versatility and premium performance. It is engineered to create a superiority water quality. It provides an extensive 5 stage filtration.

Its power filter is designed to provide the maximum surface area and an optimum dwell time In all of its filtration process.

The effective mechanical filtration process includes chemical and biological filtration. The larger surface area of the poly foam pad effectively performs both stages of filtration.

The first stage captures the large particles when the second stage selects the fine debris. It is also having the 100% premium research grade carbon in it.

This carbon provides a large surface area for the absorption of undesirable impurities. It also removes discoloration and bad smells.

The water flow from these devices is very gentle which is beneficial for the delicate fish and live plants. You can also control this flow rate and when it is reduced, the filter chamber is re-processed multiple times.

More impurities get filtered out and tank water becomes crystal clear and healthy. It is recommended to clear the impeller cover assembly once in a year for optimal performance.

Final words

Every time needs proper maintenance and hangs on back filters are the best solution for this. The products explained here are the best ones.

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