Best Schooling Fish for 55 Gallon Tank 2021

Best Schooling Fish for 55 Gallon Tank 2021

Best Schooling Fish for 55 Gallon Tank

Small pet fish always living together looks impressive. Every aquarist wishes that their fish live together happily in a group.

This thing makes every fish keeper proud of their pet. The beautiful looking, flaring fish swimming together in a big tank look fabulous. 

If you are here to find some best schooling fish for your 55-gallon tank, then we are going to provide you a detailed guideline about these fish. 

What is the Meaning of Schooling Fish?

Schooling is also known as shoaling. It is the behavior of animals living together in a group for social purposes and safety.  

For example, some of the fish love to live together in a group while others do not. Few of those fish species are not able to live alone and feel secure when they are with their group fellows. 

This group is of the same color and the same species which do not fight with each other. These fish stay happy, eat together, and also move along.  

Best Schooling Fish for 55 Gallon Tank

Some of the schooling fish species are here for you people;

Best Schooling Fish Names Characteristics Life span Price
African Cichlids Vibrant body, highly active, omnivore They live for about 10 years Check price
Fancy Guppies Modified diet, move in big groups 1 to 3 years Check price
Zebra Danios Peaceful nature, love big space, small fins, and tail 3.5 years Check price
Killifish 2.4 inch Max size, good temperament, Easy care level  1 year if proper nutrition is given, Otherwise 9 months only   Check price
Oto Cats fish Sweet behavior, best algae eaters 3 to 5 years Check price

Different Types of Schooling Fish

there are some specific types of fishing who love to do shoaling.

African Cichlids

These are the fish who love living together. They look stunning when swimming and flaring together.

Whenever this is a fantastic trick or some strange thing in front of them, they make a crowd in one place for some time. 

They look amazingly beautiful and astonishing, but I love the brilliant yellow color of cichlids. They are also available in many other different and unique colors.

Their vibrant bodies give a soothing effect to eyes. They are highly active and always keep on playing in the tank.

A 55-gallon tank is an ideal place for their living. Please do not keep them in a small congested container so that they can enjoy it together.

They belong to a Cichlidae family and readily available at online stores. Each species have a different pattern and coloration. 

Peacock cichlids are the most colorful species available till now. They have more than 1300 species available. These are the primary freshwater fishes, and some species are omnivores, while others are natural food eaters. 

Fancy Guppies 

These are another type of schooling fish which can live all together in a big group, but along with their partners.

If you’re not buying a big group of these fish, then at least try by 4 of them at once. Because they fear to live alone, one male guppy fish can live with 3 or 4 females happily. 

They have a wide variety of colors and especially the colorful tails. They reproduce fast and have a lot of cute babies. They can go to a maximum size of 2 inches and take care of the kids very well.

They require a very less cost for their care. They are omnivorous, yet they can feed upon flakes and brine shrimps easily. 

Feed them a variety of food for better nourishment and health care. Its tail is more significant than the body and looks beautiful.

It would help if you had them in your 55-gallon tank. So please do not wait and buy these fish now.

Zebra Danios 

Among the danios fish, zebra danios are the ones who want to live in a group. These fishes are available in a variety of environments.

They love to swim in a large tank. If you have primarily looking for these fish for your 55-gallon tank, then this size is perfectly suitable.

They have a thin body shape with small fins and tail. They are the most active fish in the tank. They can keep your aquarium always busy, and you will love to watch these smart fish is in your home tank.  

These fish can grow maximum up to 2 inches of their length. They are sweet and peaceful by nature. The most accurate temperature for their living is 65°-77°F. 

You do not have to take so much care about their specific food. Feed the food, which is readily available because these fish love to have variety in their diet.

You can feed them micro pellets, live or frozen daphnia, flake food, and blood worms too.


These are unique fish with a lot of fins and a big tail. You can keep one male Killifish with several females together. 

The sad thing is that adult females die after laying their eggs. But do not worry, you can take care of their eggs and babies as well. 

If you do not want them to die before their expected age, then do not keep a male partner with them so that they do not lay eggs. 

When they will not, they will live a longer life. They have tiny bodies that look super cute. 

Their maximum length is 2.4 inches. The male fish can live for one to two years, and their bodies come with metallic blue spots.

They love to do schooling. Nature is semi-aggressive, but they do not fight with their fellow species.

The care level for these fish is moderate because of their temperament. They love food like baby brine shrimp, daphnia, flakes, cyclops, and bloodworms.

Oto Cats  

These are the tiny fish that live in groups. They are the best algae eaters. Find all these fish weather you can prefer some more.

These are very tiny fish by a 55-gallon tank is large enough to have 15 auto catfish. Their sweet behavior makes them attractive. These fish are like some naughty little kids playing all around. 

They have a herbivorous diet, including plants, high-quality algae, blanch vegetables like zucchini and broccoli. They can grow an average of 2 inches or 5 centimeters. They are already peaceful and calm. 

They keep on playing in swimming can you entire tank it looks naughty. 

Is 55 Gallon A Perfect Size for Schooling Fish?

Definitely yes, schooling fish are living together in a group, and they need ample space to live. A big tank is always a preference, and a 55-gallon tank is a perfect size for schooling fish. 

If you have the size of the tank, do not worry about keeping different species of schooling fish in it. And if you are thinking of buying this group of some fish species, then prefer to buy a 55-gallon tank for them. Bigger size than this is okay.

Which Fish Are Considered As A Shoaling Fish?

Some of those specific fish species are specific for shoaling, while the other fish who have a good temperament can be placed together in a crowd of about three to four fish.

Most commonly, the tiny fish also live together in big groups. You can have a big group of them in your aquarium or about 12 or 15 in one group in your home aquarium.  

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