Best Protein Skimmers for Nano Reef Tank

Best Protein Skimmers for Nano Reef Tank 2021

Best Protein Skimmers for Nano Reef Tank 2021

Protein skimmers play a significant role in preventing the high levels of ammonia and maintaining a healthy tank water environment. 

Your fish needs a clean and hygienic place to survive and live a healthy and happy life. Some best advisable models of protein skimmers are available in the market.

Best Protein Skimmers for Nano Reef Tank 

Here is the explanation of these fantastic protein skimmers. We will share those models of excellent and well-known brands here. Let’s check out the products here. 

Best Protein Skimmers Features Price
Comline Compact, simple, magnetic mounting Check price
Eshopps Smooth, environmentally friendly, easy to use   Check price
AQUATIC LIFE Low profile, unique design, needle impeller, quick lock feature Check price
Macro Aqua High quality, wheel impeller, easy installation, waste collector cup included    Check price
Reef Octopus Mini equipment, built-in bubble diffuser, less watts consuming pump Check price
SeaClone Available in 2 sizes, enrich the water with oxygen Check price
Bubble Magus Fast, efficient, marvelous Check price

Comline DOC 9001 Protein Skimmer 

Comline skimmer has a compact size and simple design. This device is energy efficient even when it works at its peak. 

For mounting this instrument on your aquarium, you do not need any other supporting accessories because it is some magnets in it, which helps in magnetic mounting with simplicity and strength.

It is ideal for the nano reef tanks of 37 gallons and above it. It also helps the water keep moving inside the container and produce waves like motion. 


It is a high-quality US-made product. The material used in its manufacturing is of high grade.

It is having a highly safe, smooth, and simple design with cleanliness. It is the most environmentally friendly product inside an aquarium.

You can also maintain its perfect cleanliness because of its simple, easy design. 

It can provide you maximum efficiency in its working. The brand of this equipment is trendy among the aquarists who use protein skimmers.

There are zero chances that it can hurt your fish because of its friendly nature. Aquatic health is now elementary to maintain because of such equipment.

It is responsible for clearing all of the fish poop from the tank and making your pet happy and healthy.

It creates a beautiful surrounding for fish survival and makes them happy. The dimensions of the product are 5 x 2 x 4 inches. 


You can easily be with the small-sized fish tanks because of this compact-sized protein skimmer. 

Its placement inside the aquarium results in a quiet operation, which helps the fish to stay relax while it is working.

It has a proven needle impeller, which helps me increase the air and water contact. It results in a good oxygen supply inside aquarium water. 

You should measure the filter box area of this equipment first. It will make sure that either the skimmer is getting fit into the filter box area or not.

It provides an outstanding filtration in the aquarium of more than 30 gallons. It is a low profile, unique in design protein skimmer, which works at its best.

It performs excellent and effective organic waste removal. The water flow rate can adjust easily by using the rotating knob. 

Mounting brackets and suction cups both are included to facilitate you with the easy installation. 

The quick lock and unlock design makes it easy to clean the housing. Within no time, you will clean the smooth internal design and again set it back into the tank.

The manufacturing material used in it is clear plastic. A collection cup also included it with a volume of 3.4 oz.

Its power cord has a length of about 1.4 meters or 4.5 feet. It has a built-in channel in it that conceals the grounded cord in it. 

This schemer only requires a little clearance above the waterline of 3-3/4 inches for proper operation. 

Macro Aqua M-50

It is high-quality equipment that you can hang on your fish tank. It is for more than above 60 gallons tank. 

You can call it a hang on back skimmer with a water flow rate of 238 GPH. It effectively eliminates the organic waste released by your pet fish.

For cleaning up this collector, rinse off the collection cup with water or disposed of tank waste in the bin. 

It has a straightforward installation and usage. No priming is required; it will work on its own; install it and use it.

A needle to wheel impeller is included to regulate the flow of water and remove the fish poop from every corner of the tank.

It also helps a little bit in making the tank rich with oxygen to let the fish breathe in comfort. It follows the plug and plays feature, and you do not have to do any settling of its parts.

Its professional and efficient design is perfect and looks great while working. It gives a relaxed feeling that your fish tank is getting clean and bright.

Reef Octopus NS-80 

It is mini equipment that is for 20-gallon tanks and above. It is about 4 X 2.4, 11 tall, and gets fit in a perfect sized container that you must check out first. 

You can do any of the installation like for example, sump and interior lighting, etc. You do not have to do any struggle for taking the suction cup out of the plastic chamber. 

Just easily take it out and dispose of the waste, rinse with water, and put it back into its proper place. An OTP-200 pump is also equipment in it which only consumes 5 watts for moving and cleaning the pool.

Yet, it is small, but it has all of the pro features that are big protein skimmer has. The built-in bubble diffuser also emits bubbles when it is circulating water.

It is a 3 in one solution. It also contains an internal raiser pipe to control the internal water levels in the skimmer.

They also work well in the dry or wet sumps in the nano reef tank.


This production harnesses the power of nature to make your fish tank clean. The dissolved organic components in water easily get trapped in the suction cup.

It is available in 2 different sizes, the big and a small one. Use the one according to the size of your fish aquarium.

Air and water swirl together in the chamber and do a perfect gas exchange. It takes the oxygen in and releases the carbon dioxide out.

This phenomenon creates bubbles and a tornado when there is full pressure, which looks very beautiful.

A tornado effectively helps to draw out the dissolved waste pieces quickly from water and clean the aquarium deeply.

Its collection chamber has a very high capacity, so no matters how much your tank is dirty, it will clean all of the organic waste from it.

Bubble Magus QQ1

This product is perfect for doing all flashing fast and efficient waste removal. It connects the floating fish poop from the aquarium water.

It also clears the flow of water so that the trapped waste in any plant, decoration, gravel comes out and collects in the cup. 

It collects all of the wastage in its suction or a collecting bowl. It is specially rated for the tanks more than 25 gallons. 

It includes our rock SP 600 pump in it, which drains the water in it and then releases it back, hence creating a water flow for deep cleaning and oxygen enrichment.

The dimensions of this product are 5.4 L x 4.4 W x 10.5 H in inches. It is fantastic equipment which comes up with amazing enhancing features in their efficiency.

Get your protein skimmer now and let your fish enjoy a clean and healthy nano reef tank environment.

How to Choose a Protein Skimmer for Nano Reef Tank?

First of all, make sure that you are buying a skimmer of a good brand. It is essential to ensure a high-quality product.

All of its parts should be pre-assembled so that you may not have to do the stuff assembly of its intricate parts.

Check out the capacity of the protein skimmer, which is very important to know before buying it. 

You should also check the dimensions of the product before buying it so that it can mark correctly in your different sizes of fish tanks. 

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