Do Fish Get Sad In Small Tanks

Do Fish Get Sad In Small Tanks?

Do Fish Get Sad In Small Tanks? 

Fish sadness and depression is literally not a joke. These feelings are among the most dominant feelings in pet fish. The size of the tank is a matter of extreme importance for the fish. They can even fight for their personal space. 

Definitely Yes, fish get sad when the tank they are living in is of a small size. Their sadness can convert into severe depression and ultimately shock as well. 

Do Fish Get Sad In Small Tanks?

Every living creature has some kind of feelings in them. The same case goes with the fish as well.

They do have emotional feelings in them, and they feel sadness in bad situations. They are frustrated and depressed in a small tank.

Sadness Feeling in Small Tank

Fish are sorrowful, spending life in a congested and small space. They are stressed a lot when their living area is less. 

The decorations and other fish make space less further. Fish and other water animals are actually from vast rivers, seas, and oceans.

Your tank seems a cage to them when space is less. Morally you should never put them in less space because they are accustomed to more significant areas to live. You can use this big fish tank and your fish will like it.

Low Oxygen Availability 

You might have noticed the fish getting into shock condition very often in small tanks. This is because the availability of oxygen in such tanks is very less. 

The fish get suffocate and get into shock and death. You have to adjust so many pumps in it so that the oxygen supply inside the tank can be enough. 

When fish are able to breathe properly, then there is no problem at all. But when the carbon dioxide starts getting more in tank and oxygen is less, the issue begins.

High Nitrate Accumulation

When space is less, then the accumulation of anything becomes fast and heavy. The same is the case in a small tank.

The fish tank is small, and fish poop makes the water dirty earlier. Its levels exceed within a day, you can use this pump to drain and fix this issue.

This creates problems for your fish and their living. They are really annoyed in such situations. 

Your pet fish depends on you for cleaning the tank, and your workload also increases. You have to change the water very often. 

Besides this, changing the water every time can cause temperature and pH disturbances as well.

This can create a negative impact on your fish health. High levels of nitrated also cause issues like bulging eyes and some other ones as well. 


You cannot have more than one fish in a small tank. If you try to adjust more fish in a small tank area, then terrible congestion appears.

This can ultimately make water oxygen levels less and increase the CO2 amount in water as well. 

It also increases competition for food and space as well. Fish can fight and nibble badly to each other for their swimming space and life.

They can even take the other fish to death extremes. The fish are so exhausted and bored in such adverse situations. 

Staying at the Bottom of the Tank

As you might have listened to the phrase that fish depression is dangerous for them. Some fish that stay in sadness for a long time go to depression.

In the depression phase, fish stays at the bottom of the tank and show strange behavior.

They only come to the surface to get oxygen from their mouth because there is no enough oxygen in the water.

Their swimming behavior also becomes strange. Their movement and swimming gate becomes abnormal.

In such cases, anti-depressants are given to the fish until they become happy and start swimming in the whole tank again.

Neglecting Food 

Some fish show their sadness and depression by ignoring their food. Slowly they become getting faint in color. 

Within a few days, fish loses its body color and weight as well. They become very weak and delicate. 

Anti-depressants and other medications suggested by the vets can be used for treating your fish.

First of all, you should give your fish with proper necessary facilities so that such conditions may not appear. 

Less Space to Swim

Fish and other sea creatures get plenty of space when they are in the sea. But the area is very less for them in your home aquarium or tank. 

When the tank is small, the conditions become worse. Those poor creatures can’t tell you how they are feeling. 

But they show their sadness in different kinds of behaviors like discussed above. Betta fish are aggressive for their space.

They start fighting with other fish until death. They need personal space to live and swim freely. 

Some of the other fish species are also very aggressive, and you cant keep such kinds of fish together in a small tank.

Final words 

Fish are known as the saddest pets because people don’t take proper care of them, and they get dead in home aquariums mostly. 

But if you are a sound owner, you can remove their sadness and convert it into happiness. 

You have to buy a bigger tank for them and nothing else. Just such little happiness things can take them out of sadness and depression. 

Give your pet fish some love which they deserve and get love from them too. They are also the loveliest pets you have ever seen. 

If you are buying a fish, then take full responsibility for it. Please read this guide completely and share it with your friends as well.

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