Why Do Fish Spit Their Food Out When Eating

Why Do Fish Spit Their Food Out When Eating?

Why Do Fish Spit Their Food Out When Eating?

Every living organism love to have their food mainly three times a day or four times in small portion sizes. There are some reasons when someone feels irritated and does not like to eat.

The same is the case with fish; they do not like to eat their food sometimes or spit it because of so many different reasons.

The main thing which comes in mind is the poor quality or taste of the food given to them. But the reasons can be different. For getting information about this behavior of fish, read this article till the end.

Fish spit out of food because of different reasons, like the bad taste of food, or it also depends on the type of food given to them. Other reasons might be their mouth and gill problems; any infection and illness can be a great reason. Inadequate water quality, stress conditions affect a lot on their eating behavior of fish. 

Why Do Fish Spit Their Food Out When Eating?

Here we are going to share different reasons for fish spitting the food out of their mouth. Here we go;

Fish Dislikes the Food 

The first and most possible reason is the dislike of food by your fish. Some of the fish are moody and picky about their meals.  

They love to have their treats and snacks except for the daily routine meal. They are choosy about their food and like the one which is tasty and delicious.

When the fish dislike the food, then most probably, there are chances that they will spit the food out of their mouth. It seems yucky and other fish also do not eat that leftover food from another fish mouth.

The food remains present in the tank, and bacteria decompose it, then it only causes smell and makes a mess. So make sure that you are not letting your fish develop the bad habits of picking selected foods only from the very beginning.

Because it is we who sometimes become the reason for this kind of behavior by our pets, people are very interested when they buy a new pet and lose interest within a few months. 

In these early months, they feed their fish with the expensive tasty foods, and after that, they start giving them the routine diet (typically manufactured fish foods). I am using this dried fish food and the results are good.

Then the fish become strongly addicted to some of those tasty foods and do not like to eat the other healthy fish foods.  

You should give your fish a variety of foods, but that does not mean that you have to feed them with treats every time. Treats should be apart from the regular three times fish meal.

Food Taste Is Not Good

Sometimes the taste of food is not good, that is why fish spit such food so often. Make sure that the fish food is not mixed with any of the contaminants like some sugar, sand or salt, etc.

The contaminant can be anything that can discomfort your fish while eating. When fish do not find their food suitable, they spit it.

The Food is Rotting Or Soggy

When you overfeed the fish or add some extra amount of food in your aquarium water so that fish can eat it whenever they get hungry.

But it is not as you think, fish usually do not eat the food which is soggy and old. The meal starts rotting in a few days because of the decomposition bacteria.

This food stays as such in the water, and the fish do not eat it. This decomposing food is also harmful to fish health and creates a mess. That is why it is suggested not to overfeed your fish so that there are no leftovers and mess.  

Fish spit their food out when their stomach is full 

It is evident that when a fish is already full, it will not like to eat anymore. Everyone is sincere with their health, and fish is also concerned about their health.

When they are done eating, they do not eat further except for the ones who are harsh eaters and keeps on eating every time.

You must make a feeding schedule for your pet fish. So that fish also have an idea about their mealtime, and you also know about it.

When their meal timings are set, the fish wait for that time, either three or four times a day. There is no time eating and a proper gap between meals so that they can digest it properly.

Fish is Bore of the Same Food 

As you know, every living being needs change and variety in everything, especially their food. Feeding your fish with a variety of foods is very healthy and nutritious.

When you keep on giving the same food to your fish for months without any treats and some different foods, they become bore.

Fish take the food inside their mouth and spit it then because they are bored with their regular diet. 

Mouth Related Problems 

The medical reason for fish not eating the food is their mouth-related problems. You can feel the pain of fish because you also do not eat when facing any mouth problems, or we eat soft foods.

Mouth problems in fish can be complicated. It can be any allergy, mouth ulcer, irritation, tumor, deformity, or swelling.

These kinds of problems do not let the fish eat correctly. Even they take anything in their mouth, but because of no proper swallowing, they spit it.  

The severe conditions of fish mouth-related problems are red mouth disease and bacterial disease on lips. In these conditions, fish do not eat and starve, which can also lead them to death. You can feed watermelon to your pet fish.

Fish has Problematic Gills

Fish usually flex their gills while they eat so that the food cannot pass out. Like human epiglottis is closed while swallowing of food so that it may not come in the air passage.

In the same way, gills are closed while fish swallow their food so that it can go directly in their stomach and do not go out from their gills.

If the gills have any issues in it, they do not close well, and suddenly fish push out the food from their mouth.

Just Playing with Food 

When fish are just playing with the food, they take it in and out, playing with their food. Fish become naughty very often with their food.

Check out that either your fish is having some severe problems or just loves to play with the food. If it is just playing and eating in their regular meal times properly, then it is okay.

Suffering from Illness or Infections

If your fish is ill or has some infectious diseases, then it will not like to taste the food. They are suffering from stress in such conditions and are not able to eat.

Make sure that the health of your fish is perfectly fine so that it can enjoy its meal correctly. Sick fish is too tired to consume a meal properly.

A diseased fish is lethargic, swims slowly, and behaves strangely. You can identify such fish to make it quarantine. Treat your fish from illness, and it will be as healthy as before.

Bad Water Quality And Stress

If the quality of aquarium water is not right, either it has harmful compounds mixed in it or anything else, the fish will get into stress.

Fish have to continuously receive water inside their mouth to take oxygen from it, and if the water is not pure, then it can harm your fish.

Do not let your fish go into stress and keep it in a relaxed state. Provide a comfortable environment for your fish to live.

Final words

So these were some of the reasons that a fish keep spitting their food. Read carefully and take care of your pet fish.

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