How to Keep Baby Fish Safe in Aquarium

How to Keep Baby Fish Safe in Aquarium?

How to Keep Baby Fish Safe in Aquarium?

Thousands of fish babies are eaten by other fish each day and even by their parent fish sometimes. Fish eat their own babies when they are extra high in number.

The reason mother fish eat her babies is that the other fish might not kill her babies, so they eat them their selves. The baby fish need safety and security in a community tank.

The danger for their life is always present if they are living with other big fish. Those fish can eat the baby fish when they get hungry or harm their delicate fins, etc.

How to Keep Baby Fish Safe in Aquarium?

There are multiple ways to keep a baby fish safe in an aquarium. The safety of a baby fish is a must to ensure, and you can do it by adopting the following things;

Move Baby Fish to a Separate Aquarium 

The first, most important thing that you should do when you see a baby fish in your aquarium is to move it into a separate aquarium without getting panic.

You should not have to take it hectic and worry about the fish fry for their living and food. Baby of a fish can even live in a small bowl.

So you can easily choose a living area for them either it is an aquarium or a small bowl, it doesn’t matter until they are small.

Keeping them separate eliminates the risk of attack on them or life danger etc. They become safe and healthy in an independent tank because no other fish is snatching their food.  

Keeping your little fry in a separate place can make them well-nourished and healthy. When there is no big fish around them, their fins and tail are safe from nibbling attacks.

They get all of their essential nutrients and sufficient food. The babies do not fight with each other, and there are nibbling and different types of fighting at all.

Use a Tank Divider 

If the baby fish has appeared in your home aquarium and you can’t buy a separate tank for them, then you must use the tank divider.

It should come between the baby fish and the other big fish in your tank. This will not allow the other fish to go in the territory of little fish, eat or harm them.

Your little fry will be equally safe by the divider like the complete safety in a separate tank. Big fish will not be able to snatch the food of small fry.

Divider looks perfectly fine in an aquarium and keeps the attractive look of your aquarium side by side.

Provide Hiding Caves

The provision of hiding caves is another temporary solution for protecting the fish fry from predators. Although it is not a perfect solution and other fish can harm little fish.

But temporarily it is a good idea to do. The cave should be small enough that the little fish can live in it comfortably, and big fish are not able to enter inside.

The small fish can easily hide in a small cave with no fear. It proves to be a safe zone for little fish to live comfortably.

Suitable Environment 

Give your baby fish an appropriate environment to live in with lukewarm aquarium water. The lighting must be proper, but make sure that they are not too sharp to damage baby fish eyes.

You should feed infusoria to the newborn fish kids. Then after that, you can give them small crushed flakes and, ultimately, the complete meal.

The pH and water hardness levels should be checked daily so that there may not any harmful things happen to your fish.

A suitable environment can save your fish from different diseases of parasites and bacteria.

Feed Fish Baby With Proper Food

If you want to keep your little fish safe from death, you should give them the right amount of nutritious food daily.

Please do not feed the little fish any bad food which can damage its health. There are so many people that do not provide proper nutritious food to a fish fry, and the baby ultimately loses its color and becomes sick.

No proper nutrition to your fish can lead it to death a well. Little fish need more nutrition than that of the adult one.

Soon after the fish get hatch from eggs, infusoria must be their first food, which you should continue for a week at least with the help of an eyedropper.

Then after that, you can go to flakes and some other fish food as well.

Conditioner Saves Slime Coat 

Baby fish need great protection from bacteria, viruses, and other parasite diseases. All of these diseases begin with fish skin.

In such a case, a fish slime coat is the main thing to be taken care of. If the slime coat is well established, then this kind of fish diseases will be less.

Adding some fish water conditioner in an aquarium can help to strengthen the slime coat of the baby fish. It will keep fry safe from different kinds of diseases. Your fish will be safe and sound in an aquarium.

Provide More Space 

If you are providing your little fish baby enough space to swim freely, then, believe me, your fish health will progress more.

Your fish will grow more in size and will be physically active and healthy. It will be more confident in a vast area to live a beautiful life.

Final words

Safety and protection is the basic need of every living organism. Your pet demands safety from you, and you can provide it to them by keeping them separate from other fish and delivering them the right environment and food.

If you are a true fish pet lover, then read this guide thoroughly till the end and share it among your friends so that the baby fish death rate can be reduced in homes.

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