How many Cory Catfish should be kept together?

How many Cory Catfish should be kept together?

Cory Catfish can be kept with other fish; however, you have to check their requirements in the tank.

How many Cory Catfish should be kept together? You can keep 5 to 8 Cory catfish in an average-sized aquarium. You should add 1 fish per gallon at the start and do not add multiple simultaneously in a new tank.

You have to find a suitable way in which they can grow without any mental or physical stress. They are sensitive and severe problems can occur due to slight negligence of the owner.

How many Cory Catfish should be kept together?

There are different numbers that researchers tell as the situations that you provide to them. The type of Cory fish also matters a lot in this regard.

You have to consider all these things while deciding the number. You have to pay attention while choosing it because it affects the health of the fish.

Can you keep just one Cory catfish?

Many Cory Catfish owners note that they cannot live alone. You have to keep them in groups. You have to make it two or three. You can increase its number as you increase the size of the aquarium.

Different problems arise in the health of the Cory catfish that can lead to its death. There are different adverse effects of stress on the health of the pets.

They cannot perform their activities in solitude. You have to provide a proper environment for them to play and performing other daily activities.

These activities are playing the role of oxygen for them because they cannot live without these activities. You have to provide a suitable environment for them to get proper nourishment in minimum time, otherwise African cichlids can have seizures.

Can you mix different types of Cory catfish? 

Yes, you can mix different Cory fish types if they are mature enough to live with others. If they are newborn, then you cannot afford any issues for them.

You should know their habits and nature when you are keeping in one tank. You should not keep the wild fish in the aquarium that can harm others by fighting with them or eating them.

It is better to keep the same type in one aquarium to resolve all these issues. Some varieties are identical to one another. You can keep them in one aquarium by treating them the same type if they have a small difference in traits. You should treat them for internal parasites for better results.

What Size tank is suitable for them?

You have to check the different sizes of the tank and note the number of Cory Catfish you will keep in it. You should use the thick glass of the aquarium that should not leak if the force’s exertion on it. You can choose any size between ten to twenty gallons depending on the number of fish in it. 

Budget is also one of the essential things that you should consider while deciding the size and type of container for the fish. You should not change the size of the tank after placing them.

If you fulfill all their requirements in the tank, they will not feel any problem. You should get a bigger sized tank for them; ideally, 10 or 20 gallon is a good choice. Fish sleep around 8 hours a day, so you have to make all the arrangements.

Cory Catfish in a 10-gallon tank

It will depend on the expertise of the owner that is keeping them. If the owner is a beginner, you can keep the 8 to 12 fish in 10 gallons.

Slowly increase their number when you think you can note their movement and environment are suitable.

Increase the capacity of your tank when the number rises from twenty. You should not increase the number from this limit because you cannot control their movements.

Cory Catfish in a 20-gallon tank

There is the same method to start the aquarium in this tank also. You have to start with the 20 fish in the 20 gallons tank.

You can increase their number when you note that it is easy to manage them. If you want to add the plants and rocks to it, you have to increase its capacity. You have to look for all the fish issues timely so that you can cure them before making them worse.

It is better to keep the available space of 5 to 7 Cory Catfish in the aquarium to add when you want without introducing a new aquarium. 

Benefits of keeping them together

There are hundreds of benefits while keeping the minimum of the numbers in the water tank. First of all, it is easy for you to monitor the activities of fish in the aquarium.

You can check that if any one of them is suffering from any disease. You can start its treatment on time, and this practice will save their life. You will feel relax that they are under your control.

You can add plants and other beautifying objects in the water also. 

You will see that you will not see any stunted growth, weak body, and less size if you follow this rule. All these issues will resolve if you follow this guide.

There will be no shortage of oxygen; it is one of the essential constraints for them. You have to look at this matter closely so that water will remain full of oxygen for them.

Risks in increasing the number of fish in the aquarium

There are different adverse effects in increasing their number in the aquarium. You will not be able to get knowledge of their problem.

Deficiency of oxygen is one of the most significant risks that many Cory Catfish in one aquarium provide to the fish.

The growth of the fish will not be proper, and you will face a lot of problems. Their size and weight will be less than others that can become a matter of great concern. You will not be in a position to cover all these issues. You have to put all your efforts into managing the aquarium wisely.

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