How Much Does a Cory Catfish Cost?

How Much Does a Cory Catfish Cost?

If you are planning to buy Cory Catfish for your aquarium, you should the average price of different types of fish. In this article, we have added a comparison chart for the prices and features of Cory Catfish.

How Much Does a Cory Catfish Cost? Cory Catfish costs around $10 to $35 depending on its size, type, and features. On average the price of an adult Cory Catfish is $20.

Cory catfish is a fish that lives in the freshwater. You have to provide fresh water to it all the time in the aquarium. They cannot live in the germs and bacteria. It is present in small streams and rivers.

How Much Does a Cory Catfish Cost?

There are different types of Cory catfish. There is a great variation of the costs of Cory catfish according to its kind. There are various types of Cory Catfish and you can select according to your choice.

A large amount of this fish is present in the South American states. It is imported all over the world from this territory. They want natural habitat in the aquarium. You have to provide hideouts and plants in the aquarium so that they can get a feel of the stream or river there.

It is different from all other types of fish. Its lifespan is greater than others, and it is around eight to eleven years. They are small in size at the time of their birth, but gradually they grow to 2 inches in size. You should keep them in a tank that is more than twenty gallons. You have to look for all the results to improve their care correctly.

They have a great diversity of body shapes and fins. You will enjoy seeing it swimming in your aquarium. They do not require any particular diet. You can give them the food that any pet fish eats in the aquarium. You have to arrange a unique aquarium that will provide it proper space to move around in the tank. You have to keep it away from the algae and bacteria. They cannot live in the water that has these contents in it.

Price of Cory catfish

Types of Cory catfish Price of Cory Catfish Features
JuliiCory $10 They have golden skin and beautiful eyes.
Panda Cory $12 It can be kept with all types of species in the water tank with species.
Bronze Cory $14 They are present in black and albino colors and have beautiful fins.
Bandit Cory $18 They are sensitive in nature and require great care of water temperature and food.
Three stripe Cory $22 It has a beautiful head in black color that has spots on its head.
Skunk Cory $28 They are sensitive to nitrate and ammonia in an aquarium. You should not keep them in a new aquarium.
Pepper Cory $26 They love to live in groups of the same kind that has a peaceful nature.
WeitzmaniCory Catfish $32 They are one of the top types of Cory fish that are rare in the world.
AdolfoiCory catfish $30 They require less pH water in the aquarium and their life span is less than the average lifespan of fish.

Minimum and Maximum cost of Cory catfish

They have different beauty level and requirements that become the cause of variation in the temperature. You have to look for the traits of the Cory Catfish before paying for it. You must not keep the fish in the aquarium that has an aggressive nature because it will start disturbing other species also.

This price is not too high when you go to the market to buy mature fish of any type. You can get the fish at a young age at a lower price, and that will require significant attention because it will be in its growth stage. You can also keep 5 to 8 Cory Catfish together.

Cory catfish’s maximum cost is around $35 if you want to buy the Adolfoi or Weitzmani fish. They are rare fish that are not commonly found on all continents of the world. You have to look for all the traits to note the type of fish that you are buying.

The minimum price of Cory catfish is around $7 to $10. The cost of Cory Catfish fish is not too high if we compare them with the other fish. You can keep them having less amount of budget.

What makes Cory catfish different from others?

There is great diversity in this type of fish. This diversity is not present in other kinds of fish. They are present in all colors and shapes. They are shy and timid and does not have too much aggression in their behavior. You should know how to deal with a mean fish.

You have to keep them in a peaceful environment to grow them rapidly. Their diet includes fish flakes and pellets. You have to keep their continuous record because their movement is limited in the aquarium.

It is difficult to identify any disease in the body. You should pay attention to the level of ammonia and nitrate in the water. Cory Catfish cannot live in an environment that is full of ammonia and nitrate.

You should change the water when the ammonia increases in the water. You should not keep them in a new tank because the amount of nitrate is more in the new tank that is not suitable for these fish.

The timid and shy nature of the fish makes it different from others. They have a peaceful behavior and do not eat fellow fish at any stage of the age. The natural environment is one of the essential constraints you have to fulfill for them, and it is not compulsory for other fish.

You should keep them in the group of fish that is of the same type. They do not feel calm with any different type of pet fish. You have to understand all the fish’s living and eating needs before putting it in the aquarium. It will help you to understand the nature of the catfish and its requirements also.