What Type of Cory Catfish Should I Get?

What Type of Cory Catfish Should I Get?

Here are the various types of Cory Catfish with their features. If you planning to buy a Cory Catfish, you should know about their types.

What Type of Cory Catfish Should I Get? There are various types of Cory Catfish that includes Julii Cory, Panda Cory, Skunk Cory, Bandit Cory, Bronze Cory, and Emerald Cory. You can choose any of these Cory Catfish depending on the size of your fish tank and your budget. All of these belong to the Corydoras genus of fish.

What Type of Cory Catfish Should I Get?

There are different types of Cory catfish that provide you beautiful view of your aquarium. There are present in all colors and shapes. This breed of fish is diverse in all parameters, and you will love to keep them in your aquarium.

Their behavior is peaceful in comparison with the other species. They do not require any special diet that is different from others.

Different types of Cory catfish that we can use for our aquarium are as follows:

Julii Cory

It is one of the best types of this breed. They have small spots on their body by which they can recognize from others. They have a short head and a rounded nose that no other species has. You will see the head’s special shape in this type that does not appear on the outer surface. You should keep them in the groups, and their strength should be more than six.

You have to manage their strength because they have to perform their regular habits in groups. There is a sensory organ barbell that locates under the mouth of fish.

We have to save it by using some non-abrasive surfaces that may help you save from all types of injuries around the mouth. It is the most common type that people use in their aquarium. You can also go with it by looking at all its traits if they suit you. You can keep Cory Catfish together in an aquarium.

Bronze Cory Catfish

Bronze Cory Catfish is another beautiful type of fish that requires a natural environment to live in. You have to provide the natural environment to them by introducing hidden caves for them and all other necessities. You should also know the average price of a Cory Catfish.

You can also add some playing areas in the aquarium so that they can recreate themselves. Plants are also one of the aquarium’s major components while you are setting up the natural environment.

You have to arrange their aquarium by looking at the size and the number of Cory Catfish inside it. You have to continuously check the water’s oxygen level because you will not recover the fish when they start suffering from suffocation in the water.

Maintenance of the temperature is another primary requirement of these Cory fish that you have to manage.

They are present in all dark colors and can live with other Cory Catfish in the aquarium. You can think of making a group of all the types of this breed that can live with each other.

You have to look for all the traits before adding them to the aquarium. You should not try to add the fish with aggressive behavior in the water because it will disturb others also.

Emerald Cory Catfish

It is one of the beautiful types present in green color with pink strips under them. You can keep it in any situation as they do not require a special kind of treatment.

You can keep them at any place, and they will add beauty to that place. You should keep them in groups that are more than ten in number. The size of the tank should be more than 25 gallons of water.

They do not require some extra level of care from the owner, but you can manage everything in a short time. You have to separate the unhealthy fish from them.

The pH level of the tank should not increase from 8. You have to provide all the normal conditions to fish so that they can grow properly. All the types of this breed cannot live in the algae.

You have to change the water in minimum time when you see that it is grown underwater. You must not compromise on their health at any cost.

Bandit Cory Catfish

It is a medium size fish that requires attention from the owner. It is a sensitive type of Cory fish that wants a peaceful environment in the aquarium.

You have to manage the water parameters according to their needs. You ought not to keep them in less than ten gallons tank. They also want to live in a group rather than living alone.

Sinking pellets are one of the beautiful diets for these fish in the water. They will love to eat it. You can also give them fish flakes.

You should note every type of fish’s requirements and fulfill them for their proper growth and nourishment. You have to provide them a soft base for the fish by adding sand under the aquarium.

Skunk Cory 

It is one of the beautiful species that want to live in acidic water. You have to decrease their pH from 7 and provide some suitable water for them.

You should not keep other types with it because it requires different conditions from others. You should keep them in a group but of the same kind. They have a more aggressive nature as compared to other species.

They are present in large numbers in Brazil and exported to all over the world from there. This type is the least used in the aquarium due to its aggressive nature.

This type of Cory fish is present in white and yellow colors that look charming while swimming in the water. They have overlapping bones and have sharp spines that are not common in other types of fish.

Panda Cory Catfish

They are present in the states of South America and have peaceful habits. They have black patterns all over the body. The fish’s dorsal fins and tail are of excellent look that distinguishes it from other catfish types.

You should not compromise on the fish health because they are sensitive and will not manage any negligence from the owner.

They require filtered water in the water tank and require regular changes in the water. You have to manage the amount of salt in the water. When it increases in the water, you have to change the water at that time.

You should keep the lights dim of the aquarium that will help them to enjoy it. You should not add them to the new aquarium because salt is too high in the water.

There are different requirements for various types of Cory Catfish. You can choose the type which is easy to manage for you. You have to look for some special care that includes continuous temperature checks, water changes, and fish health.

If you can manage all these things, you can keep any fish peaceful and not disturb fellow fish.

Why choose Cory Catfish for your aquarium?

Different reasons compel you to choose this for your aquarium. A great range of colors and shapes allow you to select the species for your aquarium. They are easy to keep as compared to other types because they have a shorter length.

They are easy to breed in normal conditions. You will not see any problem to manage them in the aquarium. They have a peaceful nature that other species do not have.

They require only simple feed that any Cory fish can eat and does not require special care. All these reasons are enough to choose Cory catfish for the aquarium.

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